Will The Greedy Nigger Tries To Murder his Nigger Faggot Cousin Carlton

Prom is nearing and Will begins to feel the effects of being a nigger pretending to do white people things. With much between prioritizing his crack habit, jacking liquor stores, making gay love to men in parks, and raping elderly white women. Carlton, however, panics upon getting AIDS from old love flame Colt Johnson and is desperate for vitamins to get rid of it. At school, Will’s co-worker and classmate notices his slacking and gives him speed to help him steal TV’s better, but Will keeps them in his locker. At prom, and high as fuck on crack Will knowingly tells Carlton to check his locker for vitamins when he begins to freak out about his HIV status. Laughing while his nigger cousin leaves. Carlton finds the speed which will told him were vitamins, since Carlton is a nigger and can not read, he started overdosing on them where he passes out on the dance floor. At the hospital, Carlton vows to slice his faggot cousin Will‘s throat and tells Phillip and Vivian to get his fucking gun.

Phillip the fat stinky nigger he is begins to praise Will for his actions, calling him his favorite nephew and giving him a ball rub in front of the family. Will begins to feel horny and admits to Phillip and the family that he wants to ram a shovel up Carlton’s ass and light him on fire.

Project Nigger. Is a Jewish test to make people think niggers are human. That way the masses dumb down to nigger levels.

Carlton: Will, how long have you been on drugs? And where is the Chicken mother fucker?

Will: I smoke crack rocks the size of Uncle Phil’s fat ass homie! I just roll like that.

Carlton: Will, you’re not the only person who’s thought about taking drugs and raping Aunt Jemima.

Will: You’re kidding. I thought it was weird I also jerk off to the Cheerio Bee on the cereal box.

Carlton: Hey, I’ve got a wild side I shit in the aisles at wal mart and tell the pigs to fuck off because of Obama dog..

Will: I can’t believe we as a race of niggers stink worse than feces from an elephants ass. Live is racist word dog.

Carlton: Yeah, but after last night I get to stick it in your ass first. Black Lives Matter..

Conversation the two had while Will was fucking Carlton from behind while they watched the Cosby Show.

White people tried to act like role models to niggers in the 1980’s. Society figured if they added normal nigger problems like drugs. in to commercials with white people the niggers might relate. By relating others thought they would contribute to society. It was a failed experiment.

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