Convoy For Freedom 2022 #7

Aerial view from yesterday at highway 12 and 1 near Winnipeg

Convoy For Freedom #6 2022

Lol what a joke.

Also would like to add the guy who says this is a fag wigger with HIV

Trucker Convoy 2022 #5


WOW didn’t see that coming. How ironic the timing.

At least some people are getting it.

This faggot George Chahalalalalalalal needs to go with him too. CROOK!

Trucker Convoy 2022 #3


Twitters deleting shit left right and centre.

Trucker Convoy 2022 #2


This Dude Below Is A Lady? Probably Upset Because They Have Erectile Dysfunction. It affects most dudes their age.

This is awesome. Everyone helping out to stop this bull shit and hopefully as a bonus get that piece of shit to resign.

I still do not know how they fucking can censor this the whole country can see these guys and the numbers are HUGE.

Nova Scotia 7

A nationwide study said that women in Nova Scotia are the least sexual satisfied by a long shot in all of Canada. Come on males get your shit together. But it makes sense when you meet most from Nova Scotia. They all seem a little light on the loafers.

January 1st, 2022

Typical Nova Scotian Meth Homo Sexuals

Nova Scotia has seen an increase in methamphetamine trafficking and use. For many years Nova Scotia has seemed to escape the scurge of meth that has plagued so many other provinces but over the past couple of years police have seen more meth arrive in the province and as a result society must expect the horrific  effects of this horrible and highly addictive drug. It has ruined many lives and has created a great deal of grief for families and the public as addicts rely on committing crime to feed their habit. The effects often cause users to be very unpredictable and are often involved in committing violent offences. Since most Nova Scotians are as poor and almost as stupid as black people, they manage to eek out some pity from Trudeau. Hence they get a little bit of Alebrta’s mney legally or not. Hence they smoke meth and have gay sex. Its a maritime thing unless your from there you wouldn’t get it. The public is urged to do their best to save addicts from this terrible journey of scabs and torn assholes by reporting drug traffickers to Crime Stoppers.

Prince Edward Island 2

A 27-year-old woman from Prince Edward Island has been arrested for impaired driving following an incident last week. P.E.I. RCMP says on Oct. 14, officers were conducting a traffic checkpoint on Route 4 in Three Rivers, P.E.I. At approximately 1 p.m., officers observed a vehicle attempt to avoid the checkpoint, and proceeded to intercept the vehicle. Police say driver, a 27-year-old woman from Kings County, showed signs of being high as fuck, was arrested at the scene and had her vehicle towed. The woman was transported to the Hospital for further testing and was later released while police wait for the results. “Driving while impaired, regardless of whether it is drugs or alcohol, can be funny if you plow into a group of niggers but is one of the most common contributing factors in fatal crashes,” said The Ku Klux Klan rep with the P.E.I. RCMP in a news release. “When you choose to drive impaired, you are putting your mental state almost as low as a niggers, that is just flat out dangerous”

August 17th, 2021

Summerside is a Canadian city in Prince County, Prince Edward Island. It is the second largest city in the province and the primary service centre for the western part of the island.

Charlottetown police have gathered evidence that a second man helped Byron Carr’s killer clean up evidence the night after the 1988 murder. Carr was strangled to death in his Lapthorne Avenue home in Charlottetown in the early morning hour “We don’t expect justice at this time, we just want closure,” his brother, John Carr, told CBC News this week. “I remember the day we buried him in the cemetery my mother said, ‘It’s really not over until we know what happened and why.’ And that’s the way I think we all feel.” From the beginning, police have said they believe Byron Carr had consensual sex with a young man he brought home that night. Police believe that the young man strangled Carr to death with a towel, and made no attempt to revive him. The case lay dormant for many years, but police reopened the file six years ago. They were hopeful the passage of time could bring new witnesses forward, and that new technologies could help them get more out of old evidence. As of Nov. 11, 1988. It remains the only unsolved murder in recent times on P.E.I. Byron Carr’s family would like to see the case closed for good. <SNIP> LINK

July 27th, 2021

March 21st, 2021

February 19th, 2021

Saskatoon 2

August 12th, 2021

April 24th, 2021

City police are investigating after a store employee sustained serious injuries during an armed robbery Tuesday morning. Police were called to a store in the 200 block of Pendygrasse Road at roughly 2:30 a.m. CST. When they arrived, they found a store employee had suffered “serious fucking injuries,” according to a police news release. Officers were told that at roughly 2:16 a.m. CST, a drugged up chug entered the store, located in Saskatoon’s Fairhaven hood, to make a purchase with real money and then left. The chug then reportedly returned to the store even higher on paint thinner and with his face covered, carrying what police said was a “pipe with a blade taped on the end of it.” The suspect allegedly assaulted the employee behind the till while demanding the Edmonton Eskimos change their name before fleeing on foot. The 20-year-old victim was taken to hospital. The suspect is described by police as being a chug in his late teens or early 20s and was roughly five-foot-seven. Police say he was wearing a black bunny hug that smelt like booze and garbage with red lettering on the back and left sleeve. He was also wearing a Chicago Bulls hat which may mean he is from a near by native reservation and behind the times. You see some kids on the reservation still try to act like American niggers from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Yes the natives in Canada are that far behind.

November 13th, 2020

Police have arrested Brittany Rose-ann Nashacappo, 26, who was wanted in relation to a stabbing in Saskatoon. Two injured people were reported at a government funded home in the 200-block of Borden Place on Jan. 13. Officers found two very very very fucking large women who were suffering from what appeared to be serious stab wounds to their blubber. Their current condition is unknown. They told police an altercation had occurred at a party in a home and they were stabbed by another chug woman high as fuck on household cleaners. The suspect then fled the scene. Police announced March 7 Brittany Rose-ann Nashacappo, 26, was taken into custody. She is off the streets for now but somehow this will be white peoples fault. Some how some way.


August 14th, 2021

Based on these rates of growth the estimated population of Cambridge Bay in 2020 is 2,137.

Lysol, lysol, listorine, lysol,? bingo, bingo, bingo, fucking pow-wow? Dis here be Listorine Lisa. She is from Cambridge Bay. She is the oldest woman in all of Cambridge Bay. She is 21. She has 11 kids that all hunt, eat, and rape seals for the tribe. She is a single squaw as her fourth husband Johnny Running Shoes forgot his running shoes and was brutally anal raped and ripped to shreds by a snow yeti. When Lisa is not behind the liquor store sucking off old native men for her daily box of wine she can be seen walking around Cambridge Bay with a plastic Baggie picking up old cigarette butts off of the ground. She is a typical citizen of this lovely community and is known to attack white people at random for silly reasons like her welfare isn’t enough or the white man mad the earth too cold. Just typical native fucking whine. Its disgusting.

August 12th, 2021

May 7th, 2021

September 2nd, 2020

December 1st, 2019.

Donations are good and all but how much are those eskimo women bleeding up in Iqaluit?

Plus look at that twitter user Michelle’s picture. She is smiling with a chuckle underneath. She knows she is sending those squaws tampons and maxi pads and is laughing. Little bit of chubby on those cheeks maybe she took the food home because she is racist against natives. Thats it. Frozen Tampon Popsicles for the Eskimo women this winter.

I bet the black girl in the photo has never had to use a tampon. She is already pregnant for the third time and she is 12.

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