Burkina Faso

July 30th, 2019

Only 2% of adults in Burkina Faso have received some form of secondary education, leaving 2/3 of the country’s population unable to read. That formula sounds high for niggers it must mean just read basic things with pictures on it. With an economy that’s heavily focused on raping women (over 85% of the country is employed in the sector), the country is predictably fucking poor. Still enough to make Burkina Faso Home of the Super Hero Niggers. The 7th worst country in the world to live in.


Burkina Faso is one of those nigger countries like Mali where they are home to niggers in sand. Literally. The land that these sand coons inhabit is so bad to grow crops that it is a good thing that they are too stupid to do so in the first place.  To the left here is a typical street scene in the amazing land of Burkina Faso. This place is so pathetic that I ALMOST feel bad making jokes about how shitty and niggerish it really is in Burkina Faso


What did you expect those shit skins to welcome him with open arms? Maybe buy him some flowers and take him out to a hockey game?
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