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This bitch Elena has been sleeping with my husband for months. Both of these worthless piece of feces waited until I was away in the hospital & she was staying in my home sleeping in my bed with my husband WHILE MY KIDS ARE ASLEEP IN THEIR ROOM. She had left her bottles of wine in my fridge. Like this trashy street prostitute who has no morals AT ALL!!!!!! Тази кучка Елена спи с мъжа ми от месеци. И двете безполезни изпражнения изчакаха, докато отидох в болницата, а тя остана в дома ми и спи в леглото ми със съпруга ми, ДОКАТО ДЕЦАТА МИ СПЯТ В СТАЯТА СИ. Тя беше оставила бутилките си вино в хладилника ми. Като тази кошмарна улична проститутка, която ИЗОБЩО няма морал!!!!!!

September 2, 2021

Bulgaria 6

August 27th, 2021

August 10th, 2021

Jock Palfreeman is an Australian convicted of murder in Bulgaria. In December 2007 Palfreeman was involved in an incident during which Bulgarian student Andrei Monov was fatally stabbed. Palfreeman is alleged to have attacked two male Bulgarian students and stabbed them, killing Monov instantly. The other stabbed young man, Antoan Zahariev, was saved in hospital. In his defence, Palfreeman claims that he went to protect two Roma men from a group of thugs, and after the mob turned on him, he drew a knife for protection. His plea of not guilty based on self-defence was defeated partially due to Monov having been stabbed in the back. However, the location of the wound is disputed by Jock’s father, Dr. Simon Palfreeman. In his summary of the case, Dr. Palfreeman stated “the wound is high and towards the back of the armpit” as opposed to what he claims is the popularised version perpetrated by the Bulgarian media. It has been alleged that Palfreeman has a previous history of violent behavior and that he had stabbed another two young people in Australia in 2004. However, despite an investigation at the time, no charges were laid against Palfreeman in relation to that incident with Australian police citing a lack of evidence. Palfreeman has maintained that he was not responsible for the people being stabbed. There is a campaign in Palfreeman’s defence, claiming that he did not receive a fair trial, with potential evidence such as CCTV footage not being used. Friends and family of Jock have been passionately supporting his case since the initial incident and organised a rally ahead of his appeal. <SNIP> LINK

Greece 4

This hotel hopping gimmedick b1tch Ella is a new runner here . She has been ran through from neighborhood to neighborhood. She has so many enemies and she only been around getting dicked for a little over a year. She gave my homie them incurable sores that burn and bleed and smell like rotten fish in the sun!!! She ain’t too bad looking until she takes off her makeup and her clothes. She looks like a Zombie in a skin suite!! She plays the part of a sweet little charity case. But shes really a dope smoking leach that has grocery size bags under her eyes! To the ladies beware of this well known backstabber and to my fellow Uncle Jessie’s out there make sure you pass this one rite up!

This girl Sophia has got to be the grimiest person in all of Greeece. She will spread her legs for anyone that has money or can provide her next fix. She is a junkie low life that prides herself on using men and setting people up. She may have used to be “bad,” but now she looks like a blown out gremlin behind that caked on makeup. She is a straight catfish when it comes to social media, posting pictures that are before all the drugs caught up to her; her filter game is strong! She could have had a nice life long ago, but now she is a walking drd monster. While she pretends to be hard, she is really just a conniving wh0reb@g who is all bark and no bite. Guys, make sure you use protection because who knows what drd she has. Watch yourself and do not mess with her unless you want to get played or cheated on.

In May 1996, a 24-year-old, who obviously looks like he never did drugs in his life. He looks like Jesus. Would Jesus hurt anyone? Greek law school student Theo Sechidis (born 1972) confessed to murdering his parents, sister, grandmother and an uncle on the northeastern Aegean island of Thasos. Theo told police he murdered each one separately over a five-day period, hacking up their bodies and placing the remains in black plastic garbage bags and leaving them in a garbage dump. (Better than the side of the road) During his trial Theo said he thought his family members were plotting against him and he had to act in self defense. Or maybe they just wanted him to cut his fucking hair? On June 20, 1997 he was found guilty of five counts of murder. LINK

December 13th, 2020

Greek authorities announced on Tuesday that they had recently stopped a total of 63 migrants at the airports on the island of Crete. The migrants were all attempting to fly to other parts of the EU on forged travel documents. A total of 49 men and 14 women were stopped by the Greek security services at two different airports on the island of Crete after attempting to board a variety of flights to other EU destinations with fake IDs. According to the news agency dpa, the migrants were hoping to fly to Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland on the IDs and attempted to board flights in both Heraklion and Chania airports. The migrants were all stopped between August 3 and August 9, said Crete’s state broadcaster who cited police sources. In addition to those trying to use fake IDs, police said they had arrested three smugglers on charges of allegedly selling the forged documents to the migrants. They are parasites everywhere they go. No matter how shitty it is where they are. They also bring their problems with them for YOU to enjoy.

Bulgaria 2

Megen has been a long time sloot. Cheated on her husband for the entire year she was with him. Getting fucked in the barn on the family farm by her fathers friends. She has been messaging my husband for about 6 months now. She messaged him and tried telling him that the son she just recently gave birth too, was his when he hasn’t even slept with her. On top of the fact that she was continually sending naked photos of herself to him while holding her son. She continuously kept jumping from man to man while shes married to Boris Njdelksvic. So please, leave my husband Petr alone you skanky little b1tch. And thanks for fuking his dad on top of all this for your stupid vicodin pills too. Have fun running from your drug debts. Next time those fucking Russians come by your house looking for money your drunk brothers wont be there.(translated)

This bitch Mariya fucking cum dumpster went after my husband in a bar in Bulgaria. He was on a trip there. She told him all the right things and he decided he wanted to fuck her with no consideration for me. She KNEW he was married, and she still encouraged him to be with her. They kissed in several public places and eventually she sucked his cock in front of everyone in a public place and did have sex. Now he is in love with her. He doesn’t want to be with my stink ass anymore because she gave him all this attention and made him feel “special”. Mostly his fault, but she had a hand in it. She knows we have two kids as well and probably doesn’t give a shit and thinks I am a horrible wife because I don’t drink and party all the time. Well fuck her, he can have her (she’s 23, he’s 33!) She is so inferior to me as well; has health problems, is not fit and has no education or career. Wish her luck!! A Fucking loser, with a loser bitch, from a loser country, with a loser future. For a white country they sure are almost as poor as niggers in Bulgaria!!!!

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In Bulgaria, you nod your head when you mean no and shake it for yes. Fuck maybe if nigger found that out this would be their rape haven. But other than this confusing quirk, it’s a great place with a deep history of women in the pornographic industry and Jeff Epstein’s Island. 

The Cyrillic alphabet was invented here; its yogurt contains a special sauce that only exists in Bulgaria when there is a full moon and homeless men jerk off in the yogurt for soup kitchen tickets; Barack Obama says the country’s official calendar is the most fluffy toilet paper he used on his stinky black ass in the world; and they revere an old blind lady named Vanga who will wipe your ass for you if you sing.

Sofia’s main market above. 


October 7th, 2019 12:05pm

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