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Mother Fucking 1984 Dude! Radical. I am 40 years old and live in my parents basement and play duck hunt on Nintendo all day Party On!  Lester Balls(real name) likes to think he is a badass because he believes in slavery, sometimes sports a faggot rat tail hair style, and “Eugenics”. In his midst of his parents curfew set apon him even tho he is 38 years old. he races bmx bikes His dream underaged eleventeen year old girl that he is Looking for has to be white racist into screaming death metal farm animal torture/rape music and sodomy if you could call it that. You can hear him play in his shitty skid row/poison cover band at the opening act at Black Forest Bar in Eugene Oregon him and his trench coat junkey friends like to pray on drunk girls by druging there drinks and taking advantage of them on karaoke night In their el camino cars or alleys behind the bar

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Sadly Gene went out of business. Rumor has it too much jerking off in the meat. Dick sauce on everything.

THE HIPPO SISTERS OF POWER OREGON These 2 super sized grease slores right here are Both sisters. They have multiple children with multiple farm workers and barnyard animals. Melissa doesn’t even have custody of 12 of her 14 kids. They both have been sleeping around like slores and just getting pregnant by which ever guy they are with at the time. Melissa recently thought that having a relationship with an engaged man would be what’s good for her and her kids. Because she was lonely and hurt in her past relationship. So what does she do? O I’m gonna Fuck your man wearing your shit crusted panties in your sleeping blanket make shift bed with a large pink strap on dildo stolen from walmart. That’s right. Hide yo kids, hide yo man! These bitches out there are some nasty nasty people. Stay away. When these girls have their periods it is like rotten sewage water oozing from their pus filled crusty wart infested flaming baginas. The fatter ones belly roll hides her yeasty flaring gutter stench muff well. When you lift her fat fold up it reminds me of opening up a hot tub cover in the winter. But stinkier.

Let me start off by telling you some disgusting details about our little cock slut Zarina here. First off, she has three little girls, and all three have a different now homosexual dads. Yes you heard that right! Hard core ass lovers now Apparently she skipped sex ed and the part about birth control and dont have kids with a faggot especially 3 faggots. Gross. Well anyway, let’s start off with her roach infested house. Ever seen herpes infested cockroaches in every nook and cranny of a house? Including Zarina’s loose pussy. Well, if not, just mosey on over to her whorehouse, it is like a cockroach bar and grill. On top of all that, there are moldy cum stained clothes on the floor and black mold coming out of places black mold should not grow. Her sink is full of dirty dishes and her poor little girls are in the house playing in the disease infested funk. Their latest toy was a piece of frozen dog shit found at the local cafe where Zarina sucks on the elderly mens testicles for her morning coffee and baileys.

Now, Zarina the person isn’t that bad if you don’t mind a compulsive lying meth addicted stripper. Yes almost 30 and still stripping for Kraft Dinner money. Guess she is making a career out of it. When she isn’t having dollar bills stuffed in her moldy underwear and crotch, she is sleeping with really old dudes for their food stamps. We are talking old men with saggy old rubber balls. I guess spreading her legs comes naturally since her it is one of her job requirements. I mean I guess all of this is why she never left the state of Oregon. Time to make a new life for herself and her poor girls. Hopefully she took the roach infestation with her. Zarina of Pilot Rock loves the old man cock.

Sally  of bumfuckers Community Agency is an elderly scam artist. I went into this bitches office yanked her dentures out of her mouth, rammed them up her ass, plugged my nose, anal fucked her anally and pretended she was giving me head. With the help of some KY jelly and mayo from her sandwich. When you meet her to think she’s a sweet old lady looking for a young guys warm load in her face. But after having banged the bitch in every position possible in her office without a condom. I then find out she illegally sold me car insurance and I wasn’t covered at all. She also farted when I found this out and her fart smelt like my uncle Joe’s sperm. (just saying) When confronted she yelled at me and told me and started flossing her teeth with her bloody tampon string. Very unprofessional & dishonest. After I stopped paying her for sex. She then texts me asking me where my finding nemo dildo was. Why Sally? So you can pocket my money for your own finding nemo dildo, or maybe you want a duck tales one? She may easily be mentally ill, or just forgot I figured out her scam. Please don’t be fall into her trap. Don’t let her age old loose hanging vagina, and religious name fool you. She is just another scammer with a wart in her rectum the size of Oregon.

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