Brandon and Julia Hate Living At The Faggot Farm

Every reality show has a villain, and an unlikely figure emerged early on as 90 Day Fiancé’s most talked-about character. Brandon’s slut mom, Betty the cock gobbler, has become one of the leading faces Brandon blasts his dick goo on of Season 8 simply because fans can’t stand her yeast infected ways. Brandon and Drug addicted adult entertainer Julia are a young couple testing their sexuality in America. Julia just moved to Brandon’s family faggot farm from Russia where she worked as a prostitute. Now, Julia is required to suck off Brandon’s dad nightly, something she definitely didn’t sign up for with his wrinkly dick and ben-gay stinking depend diapers. If the lifestyle shift wasn’t enough to stress Julia about her new routine in America, she’s moved in with Brandon’s perverted parents who steal her drugs. They have their own set of rules, including the engaged couple is not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom: ever (Julia has to sleep with Brandons dad and Brandon gives his 3 inch man meat to his mother nightly). Julia was given a second room in the house to turn tricks in, which fans quickly commented on all the used bloody shit covered condoms, vomit, feces, and used needles around the fucking room. The separate bedrooms haven’t stopped Brandon from fucking her either, he just drilled a hole through the wall and bangs her while she sucks off customers for drug money. And generally people think Betty sure does know how to handle a cock and is over-involved in her son’s life, and Brandon doesn’t seem ready to break from the family mold, either. It’s left Julia in an odd position, adjusting to life in an American partnership without the stability of a close, unsupervised relationship.

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Brandon’s Love of Man Ass To Hard For Him To Control. Trouble Brewing In His Relationship and His Rectum

Russian 90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina has revealed she may move to San Diego to pursue a career in porn and live with her new lover Big Ed. It would only change if her season 8 relationship with Brandon Gibbs can ever sexually satisfy her. It’s the season of wedding bells and double penetrating anal sex on 90 Day Fiancé, and there’s no escaping from it for Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina assholes from Brandon’s elderly perverted father Ronald. Since turning her life around for Brandon and coming down from meth, Julia has been on her best behavior with his parents Bam Bam Betty and Ronald as well. But while Brandon’s impotency was always a red flag for most KKK viewers, he’s being upfront about his disinterest in the upcoming wedding with Julia and his weekly hobby of window peeping in senior citizens homes.

While Brandon and Julia are undoubtedly the couple with the most white supremacist views on 90 Day Fiancé, he did show a different side to fans during the church reception. Apart from taunting nigger store clerks when Julia picked out her bridal dress, Brandon shockingly pulled out his pecker and whacked off in front of everyone. With the goo pandemic brewing in his little nut sack, his elderly mother Betty swooped in with her mouth open to catch his load. Plotting to cause more troubles in their ceremony, Betty and Ron have started pushing Brandon into taking harder drugs. “the crack you be getting is whack,” mentioned Betty as Ron recently asked Brandon if he could have anal sex with his slut bag wife” But the faggot-faced 90 Day Fiancé star nonchalantly replied with “i think im gay,” as his dad Ron got a boner and started juggling his nuts like dice. Could it be that Brandon may want to get a gay lover?

90 Day Fiancé fans were enraged during the now-infamous gay male bath house scene when a sobbing Julia caught Brandon and his father showering with multiple men. As he told her he cannot be someone he’s not. Julia’s doubts about Betty having planned the wedding were confirmed when Brandon revealed he got erections from watching episodes of Danny Tanner on Full House.” However, fans have come to think that the reason behind Brandon raining on Julia’s parade is simply him not being able to get his dick hard over women. The first red flag was Brandon spending on expensive vacations and running into a debt of $10,000 while knowing that Julia was going to come and stay with him. Although Brandon had spent the money on Julia (and gay male hookers), his doing it despite having low savings showed he was selfish or wanted to appear straight..

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90 Day Fiance Mega Thread 20

This person always posts this. You would think they would just make her a mod but she is probably really ugly. She defends niggers and faggots in posts too. That explains alot about her horrible character.

Brandon & Julia

With a new season of 90 Day Fiancé comes a new crop of fucking losers getting scammed and laughed at from afar and trying to make it in the TV game because Maury and Jerry are booked solid. Season 8 of the trailer trash show — which has spawned numerous spinoffs and given viewers so many moments of disgust and hatred for faggots — starts airing Dec. 6, 2020, and one of the newest couples is Brandon and Julia.  Brandon, 27, hopes to marry Julia, 26. As with all the 90 Day Fiancé couples, though, distance and drug money are the biggest concerns and time is tight (unlike Armando and Kenny’s assholes) when it comes to making a marriage happen once the couple finally links up. According to the KKK press release, Julia is based in Mother Land Russia and Brandon lives in Dinwiddie, Va. It was actually one of Brandon’s friends who was responsible for introducing the two originally. Julia was a hooker in Russia when she caught Brandon’s friend’s eye. All it took was one quick video beat off, a pack of socks, and some hand cream with Julia and a goeey love connection was made! (like the jizz crusted his sock to his little wiener).

Their love story was a whirlwind of daily trips for Brandon’s mom to buy new packs of socks at Walmart to say the least — after their first video chat, the two met up once and then, mere months later when Brandon had enough crack and cash, the two met up again in Iceland, where Brandon proposed. The long distance has been hard on Brandon’s wallet and socks, though, so both of them will have to live with his parents for the foreseeable future while they save up. According to a KKK press release, Brandon’s been working and living on the family farm in Virginia. The payment is Brandon’s old dad grabs a camcorder and films Brandon having raw bareback anal sex with his elderly mother. Julia will have to service the old mans balls with ben gay cream also. The food and roof is earned. Plus, Brandon’s mom is good in the sack apparently. Brandon’s parents are hoping Julia will want to pitch in on the farm, which might be a whole new learning experience for this city girl!

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