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Romania 4

November 7th, 2020

September 18th, 2020

Anja is a whore who sucks dick for bus fare!! Too bad where she lives doesn’t have the bus. She sleeps in a barn with her dads fucking cattle then gets all dolled up on the weekends and goes to Budapest to fuck American Tourists for cash.  She’s been using drugs and claiming a brain injury to get pity. She targets old, impotent men who have nothing but disillusionment to offer. She thinks she’s gonna fight Darcy Silva in a whore battle when she gets to America one day. True psycho.  Anja is a drunk idiot who sells her body for drugs and alcohol. She prowls the streets in the afternoon and late at night drinking booze and attacking people randomly mostly those of Muslim and Gypsy backgrounds because like every single Real Romanian no matter how normal or fucked they are Hate Islam And Gypsies. Those are creatures that do not belong in Anja’s land or even her holes. She hasnt needed drugs that bad…..yet..

June 15th, 2020

Hannah Lays Brown Biscuit Eggs For
Romanians Pride and Heritage

I have watched this girl Hannah go from person to person for almost a year now. I have seen her cheat on at least 14 different people in that time. She’s dated groups of friends. Broken up couples just so she could be with one and eventually the other. She has sent countless inappropriate pictures of her playing with her mud flaps to so many people. Loves to get high on meth and crack grabs a baseball bat and goes onto farms and clubs cows in the head for shits and giggles. She takes such Romanian pride taht on weekends she loves to go into capital city of Budapest. She marches onto the main plaza. Pulls down her pants and lays a fresh big brown butt biscuit, a poop pile on the ground. She then stands up and demands this is the stinkiest and darkest thing allowed here. Referring to Romanians official motto “The Country of No Niggers”.

Texas 7

Beware! Ashley is a bartender who likes to get men drunk and then later text and send them nude pics knowing they are married and have a family. She has no class and apparently no respect for herself. The only jobs she can land is being a bartender at Twin Peaks & Hooters. She smokes crack and throws drinks at niggers at the places she works. She beat the shit out of another waitress for dissing her hair one day. Ashley pulled the bitch by the hair and smacked her head against a juke box and made her eat her shit and maxi pad. Ashley is a cruel bitch.

This woman knowingly slept with a married man and destroyed a marriage and family. Sad part is, this wasn’t the first time! She has destroyed other relationships including her own with Loser Trump Lover George Lopez! She Does not care about any of the children involved and sleeps with pretty much anything with a pulse. Her bed is like a revolving door(actually its a sack of dry lettuce she is too poor to own a bed)! She is disgusting scum of the earth!! Her name is Gennelly she is a beaner border jumping bitch. She hangs out by the San Antonio River and goes camping by herself. She grabs little Alligators like this feller her out of the river and lets them munch on her vagina taco. She will build a fire make smores and put the melted chocolate and marshmallows hot on her snatch so the little Crocs nibble on her clit. She is a winner!!!!!

This is Tammy and she rams lemon Jolly Ranchers up her fucking twat!!!, the women who my husband had an affair with while I was pregnant! The woman who would store her period juice in vials and give them to my husband as a necklace. My husband wasn’t the first married man and will not be the last married man she sleeps with. She fucked Jeff Probst. She isn’t the only one to blame but she damn sure didn’t put a stop to it. On Aug. 16th my husband posted something on Porn Hub in which she messaged him talking about it. She was flirty but he wasn’t. On the 17th she messaged him again starting the conversation up again and I then blocked her from messaging him because I knew her intentions. Tammy stay away you rat tailed vial trailer trash hooker slut.

Boner Garage Yoyi

This is Yoyi and she’s married with 3 kids. She says she’s single but she is not. She is part of RGV pullers McAllen, TX. She has tattoos all over body (including a bullseye on her tramp stamp to aim your cum when she is bent over complaining about her loser husband). She has one right above her vagina with an arrow pointing to her snatch that says “BONER GARAGE”. She says she’s busy but she has a family. She doesn’t like taking off her t shirt because of all the swastikas and kkk tattoos she has. She won’t let you see her naked and fucks only so she can videotape it to watch later. She’s short, Puerto Rican and a crystal meth freak. I fell for her hard and I let her string me along. I found out she was married because her husband chased me down the street with a chain saw. She tells you all these stories but they don’t reveal much about her. I tracked 2 guys down when I was trying to score crack at a bar. They both seen my video of her taking a gooey load. They liked it.

This bitch skank Jenifer here knew my husband was married but yet she likes fucking him everyday in the morning and afternoon before he comes home! They both are to blame and I know this! Keep this bitch away from your husbands! She lives stealing men! This is her second one as far I know! She stole her fiancé from his wife and children! Sad excuse for a woman!! So give her a call, she’ll probably suck your d!ck! Jennifer is mean she goes around El Paso and area making fun of niggers. She openly talks about how slaves should be owned and shot. And she also is for public hanging of gay people. Where she gets this from most people don’t know. Some assume it is from the years she went to Hillary Clinton’s Private School in Arkansas and she learnt a lot from Bill. She was one of Jeff Epsteins original bitches but he kicked her off the island as she never douched her box and she was too old for that jew.

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Brazil 9

Maria sucking as much cock as she can until someone buys her some real tits.

My loser husband and I had been together for 13 years. Last year 2019 it was a very nice starting year for us. We had a vacation just the 2 of us and so many plans for our family. Then he left for work abroad in Chui, Brazil for 6 months. During 5 months we are really ok, we are planning our house but I had no idea that he is having an affair to an 19 year old Brazillian nurse named MARIA with 1 son from some smart guy who ditched her brace face ass. . Then December came, which his contract ends. 2 days before Christmas, I discover him in the garage sniffing her maxi pads. I ask him to choose between me and Maxi Maria. He chooses me of course because I have more money. We try to fix our marriage by bringing in hookers into the bedroom with crack and meth, and promise that he will let me fuck his grandfather with a strap on dildo. He was just tempted to let me do him right there. Watch out For Maxi Pad Maria in Chui Brazil.

Brazilian Nanny by Day, Country Side Yeast Infection Spewer By Night.

Livia has massive spewing yeast infections all over the Brazilian country side. She has no morals and no regard for the Brazilian Yeast Infection Standards Code. She started sexting my boyfriend of 6 yrs on his work phone with pictures of her yellow mucus crusted Mickey Mouse underwears. He hired her as a nanny for our young daughter and he kept Livia in a barn and fucked her as much as he fucked the cows and horses. We came to Brazil from the UK to help these shitskin spics not fuck them. I only fucked the pool boy on weekends for fuck sakes. This bitch pretends she doesn’t speak English and is so innocent but is just trash trying to get pregnant to move out of her drug dealing dads house and stop sucking little spick pricks! Nothing happened cause I found out about her but she still tries to contact him and it’s been 3 months! Watch out if you’re looking for a nanny, she’ll sleep with your husband in a min and bring strange men into your home! Dirty skank with legendary Yeasting Skills. She puts the Yeast in Yeast Infection Whore.

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Build the Wall

And the fucking idiots that want them in and defend them will also be the first to complain about taxes, high crime, and health care problems. Basically bitching about the problem they caused. Trump’s Wall is a must.


July 31/2019
The US needs a wall between its border and Mexico. Israel has a wall, Spain has a wall, Even Mexico has a wall with the south. I bet if Obama said build the wall Liberals would support it. Fuck they are so stupid.

Sorry Manuel No Entree Compadre.
They only kill and rape other citizens. Since the people who want them here sit on their ass and watch CNN all day and never leave their house. CNN said they were good people that should make them okay right?
It is probably because in the US they get welfare faster than REAL Americans. They will die on welfare just like their children or until the US goes bankrupt from all the welfare given to them. Also why not move to the US? more and better stuff to steal. Also you can commit crime and get sent to jail which is probably better than the shithole they lived in in Mexico or whatever scum of life country they are from. They aren’t proud Mexicans or Hispanics. If they were PROUD they would go back and reside there. They did not come to the US for a better life or opportunity they came to use the system. Cut the welfare for immigrants most if not all would leave.
No fucking Comprende just kill the fucking Mexican.
Make it as miserable as possible for Jose and his family to want to come over and leach off the system. Treat them so rudely that they turn around and go back.
And in America they have these places called food banks. Your fat ass can get all the food you want for free on top of your welfare. Remember in the US and A being a fucking lard ass is considered a disability. Although sometimes hereditary, Your problem I believe is ramming your face full of doughnuts for the last few decades. And in other news Krispy Kreme just opened up 4 new restaurants around her hut.

Ciudad Juarez Problems

Just south of the border and a major drug hub.

On the bright side these beaners never had a chance to make it across the border into the US. Get welfare or die trying. Sorry Jose.

Must of been one wild party.

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