Niggers Ruined Bachelor Just Like America And Everything Else Their Monkey Paws Touch

For almost 20 pathetic fucking years, Chris Hitler Harrison, longtime host of “The Bachelor” and its dork franchise of reality television spinoffs, has made a career by selling niggers as slaves to the China and Israel. Now it’s his turn to be treated like a nigger. Following selling really lazy (even by nigger standards) slaves” Harrison announced that he is done with dealing with Niggers, Jews, and Homosexuals. It is said that he said “No one wants to watch ugly niggers and faggots on tv. This is too sci fi for me”. Harrison, who is of the more superior and better looking white race, appeared on “Some Jew Lie Show” to discuss allegations against Rachael Kirkconnell, a good looking white finalist (Not one of the ugly niggers) in James’s ongoing season who has been accused of racism. Among the bevy of alleged offenses are never wanting to have sex with a nigger (as beastiality is wrong and should be a crime and she doesn’t want AIDS) Before these claims gained traction, Kirkconnell was by all accounts a well-liked personality an still is by sane minded people. But so many people are brainwashed by Jewish Television and believe Jew fed Lies. This show is now filth. It use to have good looking women on it. Then nigger females who are ugly got upset and society had to mend to pretend they are good looking. Which everyone knows good looking nigger women DO NOT EXIST. Society is lost. Lets watch ugly gorillas on TV that are suppose to be females. Now that is NOT cultural appropriation right fucking there!!!!!

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Chris Harrison Goes Into Old Folks Homes And Shits In The Oatmeal

Chris Harrison Says His Proudest Moment In Life was Laying A Big Stinky Nigger Egg Shit In Wilford Brimley’s Food!

During a time when filming of the bachelor is not going on and with the whole world in quarantine due to the Jewish made Coronavirus. Chris Harrison has a lot of time on his hands. Instead of staying at home and doing the one thing he should he goes out and does the lowest of the low. This is even worse than the time he blindfolded Peter Weber and rammed a rake up his asshole in the barn.

Christopher instead of avoiding seeing the elderly he poses as a caretaker. Sometimes in drag dressed as a woman. He goes down into the cafeteria and masterbates and poops his liquid shit in their food. This is unhealthy and just as sick as shoving playdough up his asshole. Which Chris is famous for doing.

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Stop Racism It’s Just Flat Wrong: Bachelor 24

Chris Harrison Busting Nigger Jokes At The Tupac Memorial Nigger Museum

Peter Weber’s journey to find a hooker on The Bachelor is soon coming to a close. Season 24 has been quite the rollercoaster of emotion, and that includes the infamous “Women Tell All” episode. But this season’s contestant reunion wasn’t just about the cum swapping between cast members. Former Bachelorette lead Rachel Lindsay joined the “WhineyNigerTamponBitch” episode to talk with Bachelor faggot godfather host Chris Harrison about a serious topic: online bullying. Lindsay and Pilot Pete’s contestants discussed how brutal it can be, especially for niggers And the whole time the niggers were bitching Chris Harrison was trying so hard not to piss himself laughing.

When Lindsay joined Harrison onstage at season 24’s “Niggers Pull The Race Card because they lost due to being ugly pigs” the vibe of the episode turned suddenly to hilarity.“I’m never at a loss of words, or opinions as we know, but I’m really nervous right now,and wish I was white” Lindsay said. She explained that the issue at hand was something everyone on that stage has dealt with: big bootlips, nappy hair or as she called it, “foulbodyodor”

Stuff like this is unacceptable on the internet. Shame on Who ever did this.

“It’s so unfortunate because people have become so aware now of how the niggers are ruining society,” Lindsay ooked and eeked. “And meaner than ever on the crack and foodstamp fever.” She also talked about why she wanted to bring it up within the context of a Bachelor episode. And smoke some crack out of a watermelon. “By not bitching about racism and committing more violent crimes, white people might expect us to get real jobs. I think people feel empowered that they can continue to say certain things to nigger” Lindsay said. “If we’re ever going to fix this problem, we have to just give us niggers everything we demand for nothing” Many of the Bachelor contestants plugged their noses along as the reality TV niggers spoke.

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Bachelor 24 Final 3

Despite having to use a vibrator to compensate for Peter’s small Penis. Hanna Ann Still wants to win over the other whores.

Three skanks left for Peter to choose. Last week, faggot bachelor Peter Weber survived a round-robin of meet the fucking parents, and chose to continue his journey with three women: Madison who although fucking every guy all through high school and college claims to be a virgin), Hannah Ann Sluts (who he fucked and she had to use her vibrator to get off) and Victoria Fuller (who is just a nasty cum bucket altogether). After sending Kelsey Weier home because she gave shitty head and he already fucked her sisters and mother, Weber was both upset by the elimination and excited about his final three. However, the moment was short lived because Madison pulled him aside to tell him he better not fuck the other sluts. “So what are you saying? If I were to stick my shaft in Victoria’s asshole for a few hour, that’s not something that you would want to watch on my iphone later?” Weber said. Madison stayed silent letting her coke high mellow out for an uncomfortable few seconds before Weber piped back up to say, “I won’t fuck any other women just men?” as his fingers were crossed the whole time behind his back.

Is Madison a Load Spitter?

Weber didn’t give a shit what that bitch Madison had to say, he didn’t want it to get her in the friend zone as he still wanted to fuck her skank ass soon. Weber did ask Madison to clarify if she would join in with a threesome with either Hanna Ann Victoria or both. Peter even said he would bang Maddie with his father if she would like. To this she replied that she “in no way” would her pussy ever touch his little noodle dick unless he bought the GOOD kind of Viagra.

Reflecting on how the other two women have already swallowed his load, Weber questioned if Madison was a load spitter because she has not said as much to him thus far nor gave and indication of preference. This made the impending trip to Afghanistan all the more anti-semetic — especially when it was revealed that, for the first time in recent ‘Bachelor’ history, one of the contestants may actually have a small ounce of respect for a jew. Just a little bit like .0000001% But it is still the most in world history and quite a weird feat for the show.

Weber wasted no time diving right into his first piece of ass, though — with Sluts. First she rode his pole and then they sat down in a restaurant and sat by a nigger couple so that when the bill came they could blame the niggers for theft, At which Sluss said she could not stomach food with the sight of niggers around her. She said “they are so fucking ugly(niggers) and the stink” (as she shivered). The two retired to the penthouse suite together where they fucked but Hanna wasn’t that satisfied as her vibrator ran out of battery power to compensate for Peter’s shortcomings. while Fuller and Madison discussed how big the coke lines are that they snort off of their dealers cock is. Madison admitted she is a massive cock loving cum slut and just lying about being a virgin on the show. She also said she would never let a fucking loser like Peter penetrate her for anything.

Peter fucked Victoria next. He fucked her in the ass as the condoms kept slipping off and he is worried she may have some non white in her so he didn’t want mud kids. This made the next part awesome. Victoria walked into the room after fucking Peter. And Madison and Hanna Ann were sitting on the couch. Victoria ran up to Madison Spread her ass cheeks and pussy. Stuck them in Madison’s face and danced and laughed and said “Smell my ass and pussy” Then she did a fist pump and yelled “Winning”. Then sat in a chair looking all proud of herself and then Madison stormed of crying.

Madison and Peter then went on a shitty date and Madison said she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal if Weber had fucked with the other women. “I just can’t wrap my mouth around that faggots cock, in a week from now, if it tastes like shit from Chris Harrison’s Asshole,” she said. Weber then returned the honesty and told Madison that he frequents male bath houses with his father. “I 100% can see you and I together at the end in a bath house,” he said. “But I have to be honest with you, coming into this week I could see that with other dudes too, lots of other dudes like a cock forest of trees that I run into and my asshole is a dart board for their penis’s, too. I hate that you don’t want to get a penis and have fun too.” Madison walked away from the table. But Weber soon followed her and asked her not to walk away. “I know I’m gay too — I’m an hairy man bumhole assaholic,” he said, but he could still see them “together forever i his gay male bathhouse with his dad.” When Madison left Peter went up to the Suite by himself. He rented gay porno on the video box and jerked off the whole fucking night until his wrist was too sore to go on.

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Victoria F From The Bachelor

Victoria use to fuck her dog all the time but got rid of it because the dog was black and she is racist.

Bachelor Nation is spiraling over Victoria’s many cool controversies, and if you’re feeling left out of the faggot cross dressing homo loop in your Bachelor Nation group chat, it’s cool, we know your a pathetic loser since you are watching it and have time to read this shit. Here’s what’s up with Victoria, and why she is known for being better than that faggot Pete in every way possible.

Victoria Caught A Rare Form Of Anal Herpes While In A Sexual Relationship with Dwight Yokam in China last Summer

I mean, this alone isn’t a bad thing, but the way this info came to light was…not so great. On a stupid episode of The Bachelor, Peter took Victoria out for a quick fucking shag date so she could be serenaded by a special musical guest to moisten her dirty crotch up. And who does that guest happen to be? None other than Dwight Yokam, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. Dwight the fucking stud Yokam! Pete was left out of the loop that night and we thought Victoria F would get booted. Especially after Pistol Pete seen her Riding Dwights Long Wiener in the sunset all night long. But Pete is determined to keep her so he could explore her gaping vaginal canyon.

Victoria is 25 and from Virginia Beach. It’s not…totally clear what her profession is? Some say she steals Unicef boxes from local stores others say she sucks cock others say Yokam is still fronting her bill.

Victoria F was under rumor that she did modelling for a clothing line called “White Lives Matter” Which enraged the Jews and Niggers as much as sending a nigger off the show. Victoria F said she wasn’t sure if she did anything like that. She also added who fucking cares what a bunch of niggers think?

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Peter Unhappy With Plantation Operations

Pete had to remind Natasha that White People Pay For their Meals And Don’t Run Out When The Tab Comes

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ are not happy with its latest break up. Peter Weber sent that useless ugly nigger that never spoke home after finally giving her just one piece of fried chicken throughout her entire time in the mansion. “I think Natasha got lost going to the cotton field. He waited way too long, put 2 other girls before her and literally just kept her around to make niggers think they are equal in society to real humans” said a fan, adding, “I honestly believe he kept her just for someone to blame his farts on and wasn’t serious about her at all. That’s acceptable. Sorry not sorry #TheBachelor. We have to remind niggers they are niggers right away and not let them get their hopes up” 

Another fan agreed that it was because Peter was actually never into an ugly piece of broken farm equipment. “Let’s be honest, Peter was never interested in Natasha or any other jigaboo for that matter. Why must #TheBachelor keep recruiting niggers to be on the show for men that aren’t interested animals and only want human being mates?” tweeted another. A third one said, “Why string Natasha along if he was going to buy a brand new John Deere 9000 Tractor to pick cotton anyway? Yikes. I even saw that coming. That was so pointless, the new tractors are so nice I can’t fucking blame Pete. #TheBachelor” 

Natasha’s time in the house has been riddled with stolen silverware, banana peels left everywhere, and her negro stench. She was the voice of Watermelons and always talked about Black Lives Matter, leading her to be one of the laughing stock niggers this season. While fans had speculated that she was a ex convict who escaped jail and wanted to plant the drama to get the black votes, fans seem to feel she was treated like the stupid nigger she deserved to be treated like.. 

Pete Gave Natasha A Type Of Super Crack/Cocaine Which He Thought Would Make Her Run Faster And Steal TV’s Better. No It just still made her a useless nigger.

Peter picking up the watermelon slice then not giving it to Natasha was one of the funniest fuckkking things I’ve ever seen. This guy rules. #TheBachelor #KKK #MAKAMERICAGREATAGAIN,” tweeted a fan. Another said, “I knew Natasha was going home to Africa. The sheboon gorilla ape lady hardly ever makes it to the hometowns #TheBachelor”. Tweeted another, “Color me nigger. Peter is sending Natasha home to Africa #TheBachelor”

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Things You Need to Know About A Few Skanks on the Bachelor

He is holding in a fart in that picture.

It’s the world of the Internet we can find out anything about anyone. Here are some tid bits I dug up while doing some research on three of them.

Megan the 26 year old flight attendant from San Francisco…….Not Exactly

Its been a rocky battle with addiction. Step by step. Day by day.

We all know they build people up a little bit on a show and they did that just a tad with Megan too. Flight attendant not quite. In reality she has never been on an airplane or an airport. She is from San Francisco but took the greyhound. She was shooting up meth, speed, and heroin a few weeks before the show started. One of her prostitution clients is a Mexican janitor named Jose at CBS studios. Megan needed money and these reality shows are desperate for contestants. She is using methadone while filming the Bachelor and with her winnings wants to move into an alley or under a bridge in the Bay area or Fresno.

Kylie is a 26 year old entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California. Not exactly

Kylie depends financially on the income she gets from tampon commercials.

Kylie’s lie isn’t all that bad as she is in entertainment to an extent. She did never specify but she is an out of work commercial actress. She specializes in products for feminine relief. She got the gig from constant visits to her doctor and all the flaming itchy shit that goes on in her sewage box. She likes playing softball and wants her dream vacation to be in Africa so she can get AIDS and Ebola before being gang raped by some stick nigger with a bone stuck in its nose.

Courtney is a 26 year old make up girl from Florida. Not exactly.

Lori Loughlin needs to check her white privilege at the door. How did she pull this off. Make up does alot and she caked it on her lying fucking face. This is a new fucking low. First she scams to get her kid into school. Then she scams to win Peters heart. I bet her whole goal is to have a bunch of babies with Pete and get them all into school with fake grades. Doing stuff like that is as much an addiction as gambling, crack, and global warming. Shame on you Lori! Shame on you! Greta will see you soon you liar.

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Champagne Gate

Hannah Ann’s on the right. That is her reaction after finding out what she was drinking was yeast and quim from Kelsey’s vagina. I thought she would of liked it more.

What a Monday it’s been in Bachelor Nation! It’s just the second episode and sluts are already acting like well fucking whores. This week on the ‘The Bachelor’, something that has been dubbed as ChampagneGate has come into existence.

After their date went shitty in the last episode thanks to Peter Weber’s ex bitch Hannah Brown showing up, Kelsey from Des Moines decided to give Peter a blow job with a bottle of champagne from her pussy juices and moldy yeast crust. She sets up a cute spot near the used shit covered condoms box is in the Bachelor mansion to surprise Pete when the two spend time together. However, what she doesn’t anticipate is a mix-up when she went to change her diaper after she pooped her self again.

Hannah Ann goes to spend time with Peter to try to sniff his juicy fart. Then at the same spot that Kelsey had set up the bottle and with just one pop, sends Kelsey into a period like rage. She actually perioded all over the back room and dressing room in anger. As it turns out, there was another bottle of champagne somewhere in the mansion for Peter and Hannah Ann but she went and conveniently popped the one that belonged to that Iowan Slut bag Kelsey. 

All the emotional upheaval has also taken Kelsey from being a someone Peter just wants to Fuck and Chuck to “unbearable”. “Not sure I can take another week of Kelsey’s anal leakage all over the floor here. But I’m sure they will set up #ChampagneGate for an elimination 2-on-1 date with Hannah Ann,” said Vladimir Putin the shows biggest loyal fan not only from Russia but anywhere. Another Famous fan OJ Simpson said”Kelsey deserved the champagne in her face like rape from me after her reaction to Hannah Ann opening it”

Kelsey is going to be drinking Hanna Ann’s liquid shit with corn in it out of that cup like soup eventually. Hanna Ann is pissed. Hanna Ann Slutts is 23 and from Tennessee. She says she is a model so I assume she lives with her parents and dropped out of college.

Kelsey Queer is 28 and from Iowa. It says she works in clothes so I am assuming she is a walmart employee.

Bachelor 24: Pete’s Shit Stinks. But it Glitters Also

In this picture Pete made poop in his big boy pants after eating pills that make your shit sparkle pretty.
Pete Weber is a commercial pilot as a hobby and joke. He smuggles these pills in from Ecuador.

Peter Weber is a fucking faggot who claims to be a pilot and he also sells sex toys to senior citizens on the Home Shopping Channel for meth money. Pete was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 9. When he stormed off set after all the girls laughed about his small penis that is covered in Cauliflower warts. He got it from a nigger hooker while barebacking her over a dumpster in Atlantic City when he was drunk with Hannah.

He was announced as the Bachelor for the 24th season of The Bachelor on September 17, 2019. The Jew producers main goal as having Pistol Pete as the star of the Bachelor is he is such a fucking loser. Liam Steinberg producer said “Even Jews know they are better looking than Peter he is an insperation”. Another producer some nigger named Jamal Washingtonchicken said “Pete’s raunch Body odor makes us brothas smell like spring breeze, Pete be cool to the African community” Jamal also added.

While filming in San Jose, Costa Rica, on October 7, 2019, Chris Harrison “split Pete’s face wide open” after talking shit about his mom while holding two cocks in his hands. He was immediately rushed to a hospital that was two hours away. At the end of the ordeal, he left the hospital and Chris Harrison laughed his fucking ass off.

Airline pilot impersonator Peter Weber caught the attention of Adult Film Starlet  Hannah Brown and all of America the first night they fucked, stepping out of the limo with Pete’s load still in her mouth. While Peter seemed like a homosexual at first glance, it became clear this charming man in uniform could lead and host the next gay pride parade in Hollywood. The passion between A mans hairy sweaty asshole and Peter was undeniable.

Hannah fully supports Petes homosexuality and will be ready to help him when he gets his surgery to become Rebecca.

After expressing his love to transgendered people everywhere, all of America was left shocked and heartbroken with Hannah’s reaction of enjoyment in watching Pete take long stiff rods up his asshole for money and pleasure. Returning home from a gay bath house, Peter was forced to confront his parents and to their surprise they loved his movies and jerked off to them frequently. Now, Peter is back with HIV to take his revenge outon all the bitches that laughed at his warty cock and balls. The Bachelor, premiering in January 2020 is premiering on the Faggot Channel at 9.

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