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This woman Jessica had an affair with my husband. I found all her information in his phone in some vault calculator… she’s a trashy crackheaded and she is out for your man. She finds most of her victims which are husbands out from their wives at male only condom optional fudgepack bathhouses. She works as a janitor there licking the shower floor of ass blood, jizz, and leaked shit. It pays like crap but she dropped out of school in the 6th grade. Jessica still comes and harrasses me when I am at work. She comes in with her nose stuck in the air and breath of fag cock. She flirts with all the old customers in the store then steals things. Beware she has herpes on her ass cheeks the size of grapefruits.!

Danielle and Mike of Lafayette These two hooked up while each of them were married. Both of them have children and they have been cheating with each other for over a year. He still lives with his wife in Bossier City and shacks up with this other woman in Lafayette. They put pictures on Instagram (where they met) under mike_nvr_gives_up and her under toribellajp. She is 40 and he is 34. They troll the bars of Louisiana. Due to all the steroid use Mike has a dick that is less than an inch HARD. So they grab drunk men in bars to fuck Danielle. Mike whacks off with tweezers while this goes on. If you don’t make Danielle cum or laugh at Mikes small pecker Mike comes over and beats the shit out of you as she beats you also. Beware!

Hacks Cum Coughs
On French Fries

Lauren Slept with my man in her car in the parking lot of where they both worked at the Spillway Cafe in Morganza, Louisiana. Lauren is the waitress and my man is the cook. They are fucked. They smoke crack and shoot H while they work, steal from customers, and mishandle the food. After my man would eat her asshole and stinky pussy out, (he would never wash his hands either) he would handle food items and spit in peoples plates. Lauren would cough hack his cum on peoples fries. My man would pretend to be watching the cafe. Then Lauren would go out and pretend to have a smoke and she would dig around in customers car for shit to fuel their raging drug habits. So remember this when you drive and eat in Louisiana at a cafe. Think of what Lauren’s tampons feel and see. That is your fork in your mouth. YUM Bon apetite!!!!!!!!!

Shame on my soon to be ex-husband, I tracked his location on a work trip. He went to Larry Flints Hustler Club at 225 Bourbon St, where Jessica  gave my husband a lap dance and grabbed his privates. She is from Zachary, Louisiana She was very forward, put her number in his phone, and for the next 9 hours they contacted back and forth and she eventually went up to his hotel room. She offered him sex for $800 plus $100 per hour. I called her she denied, he denied, I found the text messages and he finally came clean. Ladies beware when you husbands go to any strip clubs on Bourbon. I never imagined he would be this person but here we are. I am very disapointed that for that amount of money m husband wouldn’t of got a better looking less skanky bitch. I mean we aren’t poor by no means. But this Jessica bitch is worth a happy meal if that. I went down to the bar where she was working and then I tracked her down to Zachary. Bitch hid behind her dad who works at the Best Western. Tramp.

Jessica was sleeping with my husband and one of her teachers wieners dipped in mustard at the same time. And doesn’t take care of her son because she doesn’t care at all about anybody but herself and will f##k any man that will throw her money on the side after a good time in bed. She has also been all around northeast louisiana. Another friend of a friends grandpa took her out and wined and dined her in Monroe one night and gave her a nice check. It’s disgusting what she will do for any type of attention. She was suppose to do a hardcore anal fuck film for Bang Bros but when they gave her a fronted check she left and spent the money on crack. Getting so high she went on a racist rampage yelling at Jews with Mel Gibson and she got arrested. In Jail Jessica became a carpet chewing dyke. Her other hobbies include eating pussy, liking pussy, smelling pussy, and proding a chicks asshole with a fire poker that is heated in a kiln.

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