Turkey 7


February 8th, 2021

People from Turkey stink and their country is a fucking joke. It is rumored that if you live in Turkey and make fun of the government there the King or Prime Mayor or what ever McCheese Mohammed he is comes over to your flat and rapes you. In the ass. With a rusty metal strap on. Have you ever seen the new directors cut of Midnight Run? 28 non stop additional extra footage of rusty metal going into Turkish mens assholes. It is almost as gay as the people there. Almost.

February 1st, 2021

Turkey 2

Turkey actually doesn’t look all that bad of a country for some stinky muslim fucks. So really why do any leave to go else where. Probably better welfare. I still hate how Turks think they are European. Even though a chunk is considered Europe in all culture these are sand niggers to a T.

Take that you camel fucking Turks. I sure told you #winning

Turkey who names a country Turkey?

Future Jihadi Brides. Like when I was in school all the normal children would call them stinky and laugh at their dress. Do you think they laugh at white people and call them clean and mock their western clothes?

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