South Sudan

September 7th, 2021

May 4th, 2021

May 28th, 2020

Lets play a fun game. If that falls of your head we all get to shoot you as target practice. GO.

Since winning independence from Sudan in 2011 in a hip hop battle, things just seem to go from bad to worse for South Sudan. Like all the homies have been trippin’ mad dawg. Like many of Africa’s poorest countries, South Sudan niggers face brain development issues compounded by an extraordinarily high population growth rate. Basically in easy terms they are fucked until some liberal white idiot saves them as they are clearly to stupid to do it on their own. Hence why they are the 3rd worst country to live in the planet.

Uruguay 4

Pablo José García Cejas (born 1982), known as The Maldonado Murderer, is an Uruguayan serial killer who killed three acquaintances in the Maldonado Department within two months in 2015. He was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, the maximum penalty available under national law. After García’s arrest, the murders sparked outrage in the community, with the media calling it one of the most impactful criminal cases in the department’s history. In an interview with Noticias de Maldonado, Police Chief Erode Ruíz expressed his disappointment that they couldn’t catch the killer earlier, saying that the officers lacked the necessary information to prevent further casualties. At his later trial, Pablo García Cejas was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, which he’s serving at the Libertad Prison. LINK

Bangkok 2

Kittipong Kittikachorn, the deputy general manager for Operations Group 1 at Suvarnabhumi airport, said that Hannah was arrested on Monday as she and her crack head lover Dillon were about to board a flight out of the country. The arrest followed a police investigation into thefts at the baggage claim counters at Suvarnabhumi airport on Aug 27. Hannah was seen in security camera footage of the airport’s arrival hall taking other passenger’s luggage and scratching her pussy violently like she had crabs. Police then tracked her movements and waited for the couple checked in for their flight to North America before making their move. When taken to the back room the two had been found to have stolen over $20,000 in luggage. For not sucking the border security guards cocks Hannah magically got caught trying to smuggle tons of drugs and is missing now.

Gambia 2

These nigger sows are in heat and are going to the market to buy/steal bananas to find mates.
Niggers loiter in Gambia much like in America. Only problem there is less to steal in the Gambia.

August 3rd, 2021

Like all nigger areas Gambia especially Banjul have tons of niggers roaming around aimlessly looking for people to rob. I got swarmed by niggers the whole time I was there. It fucking stunk. These niggers here are a special kind of stupid even for niggers.
The Gambia has limited natural resources and relies heavily on agriculture, with wood, brazil nuts, and cashews accounting for 80% of its exports in 2017. Less than half of The Gambia’s population has access to electricity, and over a third of the country’s urban population lives in slums. The rest live off of white country donations.

The Gambia’s leader Yahya Jammeh is the smartest and coolest nigger to ever grace the face of the earth dog. Even doper than MC Hammer. These are some of the cool things he claims. He can cure AIDS!!!!! He also decided to kill all the niggers that were on death row in his shitty country because lets face it, they were going to die anyway. Jammeh hates faggots. He really, really hates them. Sure, he’s hardly the only Nigger leader to be anti-butt pirate. But his rhetoric about faggots even having rights is among the most strident. In 2008, he said he would “cut off the head” of any gay person found in Gambia, prompting an international outcry. Undeterred, he made these remarks in 2013: “Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffaloes from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other. We are ready to eat grass but we will not compromise on this. Allowing homosexuality means allowing satanic rights. We will not allow gays here.” LINK ???‍???


I have met many Syrians and most are weird muslims that stink and all say the same thing. They loved Syria too until the fucking Jews hucked bombs at them for the only reason to relocate them to our country and ruin our economy. Even they know the Jews use them as weapons.

Regrettably, few details are available in the rare case of a Middle Eastern serial slayer, 19-year-old Ali Marjek. Convicted of raping and murdering three young Syrian boys, Marjek was sentenced to death and hanged, in Damascus, on March 27, 1977. Announcements of his execution branded the case as the only one of its kind in Syria’s history. Classification: Serial killer- Characteristics: Rape – Pedophile- Number of victims: 3- Date of murders: 1976 – 1977- Date of birth: 1958- Victims profile: Three young boys- Method of murder: ???- Location: Damascus, Syria- Status: Executed by hanging on March 27, 1977 LINK

May 9th, 2021

January 27th, 2021

September 22nd, 2020


January 30th, 2020

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