Trucker Convoy 2022 #4
If You Support The Mandates And Enforce Them You Deserve Worse. I hope they make all politicians so uncomfortable they quit and try to get real jobs like the rest of us.
who the fuck is going to take orders from that ugly troll looking thing on the right.

Trucker Convoy 2022 #3


Twitters deleting shit left right and centre.

People Against Truckers For Freedom: These Are The Jew Puppets Destroying Canada

*Since most of these people support Trudeau it is safe to believe that almost 100% of them are child molesters. I am shocked people like this exist in real life. I thought they were only on Jew TV. Check out a lot of these losers profiles😂😂🙄

Oh wow surprise surprise another homosexual. And you have to be vaccinated to be his friend lol Matthew Poirier from New York Is a prime example of what is wrong with society and the liberals get away with the shit they do.
Notice how this truck thing really seems to irk homos faggots and trannies? Well Trudeau is their leader and idol Of course almost every profile has a faggot flag LOL

“I have a Butt Buddy Whose Dad Is A Trucker” Whaa Faggot. My Neighbor WAS a trucker who got jabbed too. died of a heart attack at 45. A few months after the jab. This idiot is a GRADE A ASS PACKER. Check out his shitty profile for a laugh. I think it is real and not a parody one. Scotty has some issues.

It is safe to assume here Clay sticks with Trudeau for his pro LGBT policies. He may be a drug user as most assume he is counting local turban tops doing local deliveries. Trudeau brought them in. But eh I seen a shitload of Turbans protesting this shit too. Clay should leave the country with Trudeau. He does not Love the country. He is a terrorist traitor.

Old Fucking Bill Here should worry more about if thats a fart he made in his pants or if he shit himself. What a rocket scientist this fuckwad is. Vaxxed 3 Times TOO!!! What a jew puppet.

He also thinks all you truckers are idiots and should stay in the states with Biden. You can get a hold of Bill at his twitter account here If you have people like Bill in your family there are homes for these people Justin Trudeau rams Covid patients full of them too. Seniors Centres. Fuck off Bill

I am pretty sure this guy ate his lunch in the bathroom by himself in high school. Merlin is very anti Canadian.

Trucker Convoy 2022 #2


This Dude Below Is A Lady? Probably Upset Because They Have Erectile Dysfunction. It affects most dudes their age.

This is awesome. Everyone helping out to stop this bull shit and hopefully as a bonus get that piece of shit to resign.

I still do not know how they fucking can censor this the whole country can see these guys and the numbers are HUGE.

Trucker Convoy 2022

South Carolina 7

January 11th, 2022

 Charity Bangs was born on May 16, 1992 in Columbia, South Carolina. Bangs was a cheerleader and ran track in high school. Charity worked as a hostess at several restaurants prior to deciding to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry in 2010 at age eighteen (someone Charity knew who was already established in the industry helped her get started in the business).  She has had such important roles as Teen Glory Holes #2, Girls Love Girls #2, Big Tits At School, Baby Got Boobs, Cum In My Gapping Butt Hole #5, Too Small To Take It All #6, We Tits #2, Teens Talking Trash #2, Teenage Cock Suckers #2, I Wanna Cum Inside Your Mom #37, Cock Sucking Challenge #12, Cum Blast City, and Real Slut Party.

January 8th, 2022

Buxom and shapely 5’3″ brunette knockout Eva Lovia was born on May 29, 1989 in South Carolina. Of mixed Spanish and Japanese descent, Lovia has two younger sisters. Her first job was working at age fifteen as a cashier for the retail outlet Target. In addition, Eva worked for the Hooters restaurant chain as well as was a bikini model who participated in competitions prior to doing her first hardcore shoot for the adult website Reality Kings. She has starred in such classics as Slutty Wife Happy Life #4,Horny Housewives #6, Threesome Fantasies #4, Baby Got Boobs, Share My Boyfriend, Porn Stars Like It Big, Filthy Fucks, Fuck Me Silly, Knockout Knockers, Kill Bill XXX, Moms Bang Teens, and Teens Love Huge Cocks.

January 4th, 2022

Marvin Latimer was a housesquatter in Big Brother 5. He was known for becoming the first player in Big Brother history to rob a liquor store while in the house and also known for coming up with the up the ass strategy that has been used on many seasons afterwards. He was evicted during the first half of the double eviction for stealing purses and wallets from houseguests, placing 6th and becoming the fourth member of the jury. Marvin is the first houseguest on parole (but not the last). Marvin was the first negro to win HOH twice in Big Brother 5. Marvin is the second Jigaboo in Big Brother history to win HOH twice. He is also the first contestant who could not read or write. Marvin is the first houseguest to be evicted during a Double Eviction Week. Marvin only voted once during the jury phase mainly because he just wrote down “Muthafucka” on who he wanted to evict. Marvin is the only houseguest in Big Brother 5 (US) to shit his pants and sit in the same pants for 2 fucking weeks!!!!!!. In all fairness one of the more entertaining to watch in the history of the show though.

January 3rd, 2022

September 12th, 2021

Ontario 17

In his land it is common to jerk of in Public. It is not acceptable in Canada. Shame on you APU!

Sudbury man caught masturbating in public facing more serious sex charges. Two female employees of a Paris Street business who went outdoors for a lunch break back on April 1, 2020, got quite an eyeful: a man sitting in the reclined driver’s seat of his parked vehicle masturbating. The two women immediately informed their manager and Greater Sudbury Police were called. By the time officers arrived, the man had driven off, but details about the man and his vehicle were provided. Two days later, Greater Sudbury Police received a similar complaint and this time, they located the man sitting in the reclined driver’s seat of his parked vehicle, pants down. He had eight methamphetamine tablets on him. On Wednesday, the man – Who only gave the name APU pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice via Zoom link from his mansion in India to committing an indecent act and methamphetamine possession. Justice Billy, accepting a joint sentencing submission from the Crown and defence lawyer , issued an 18-month probation order that includes no contact with four people, thathe stays away from the Paris Street business, and that he take recommended counselling, therapy and has a fucking shower he fucking stinks. <SNIP> LINK

January 1st, 2022

December 30th, 2021

Two women (Quite possibly dykes) are facing charges in connection with a stolen vehicle investigation. The vehicle was located Wednesday, on Ottawa Street South in Kitchener, by members of the Central Community Oriented Response and Enforcement (CORE) Team of Waterloo Regional Police. Police followed the vehicle to Chandler Drive, and that’s when the arrests were made. A 25-year-old from Kitchener, and 35-year-old woman from Owen Sound face charges including theft of a motor vehicle, possession of identity documents, and possession of a Schedule One controlled substance. They were both high and drunk as fuck. One of the women took her top off and offered to suck the officers dick if they let them go. The officer took the blow job and arrested the bitches anyway. LINK

December 24th, 2021

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