Zimbabwe 2

This is a cartoon! Its not real. Niggers never work in real life.

In the 19th century, the British came to Zimbabwe and imposed economic and social organisation within the territory as all the niggers they found living there for thousands of years before them were out killing, raping each other, and even eating each other basically clueless that they even existed. The niggers had no inventions not even a wheel or a written language. The nogs were so stupid they never even had fire until the white people showed up. The whites tried hard to help the niggers in every way they could, but alas the niggers were too stupid and smelly to do anything. The white minority in Zimbabwe had no choice for the existence of them and the niggers to exert disproportionate control over the economy, own the majority of arable land in Zimbabwe, and maintained racially segregated social circles (mainly to not get raped or stolen from). White settlers were protected by generous provisions established by their great knowledge and work ethic, something the niggers did not have even to this day. White people had really no choice but to continue to exert significant political and legal control over the niggers as they would most certainly be extinct today if the whites weren’t there to help them. Then some Jew stepped in and fucked things up and lied to the niggers, telling them such far out lies as they were just like normal people. Which we all know is a lie they are stupid useless niggers even the jews knew this!!!!!! Dissatisfaction with the slow pace of land reform led to the illegal seizing of white-owned land by wild nigger peasants. The niggers got the farms from the jews. Jews got their money and left. Now farms are shit. Niggers cant do anything right. Now they starve. I laugh at them because they got what they deserve. I hope it happens to the niggers in America too. It will if this shit keeps up.

April 23rd, 2021

Africa home of the……….

I love how liberal celebrities think they are making a difference.

Update: 2020-01-05 1:43pm

The Internet is fucking racist. Just another way the evil white man is holding niggers back.

The white man wants to make it hard for black folks to get the intuhnetz. If niggers figure out how to use it they will become smart like those apes sent into space. Then they will over take the evil white man and his inventions.

After all the nigger will just say fuck the farm and let the crops wittle and rot away. To the nigger mind, the food doesn’t come from a farm it comes from a grocery store. If white people never came around niggers would still be picking UN corn curds out of their feces when they got hungry. After all its less work.
Zimbabwe unemployment rate at 95% while most Whites have left
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