Ukraine 6

February 20th, 2021

After circles and circles of nothing but ugly shit and having the map cut out before signgs I just gave up said fuck it and got my worst score. So when I am done all the officials as of now Ukraine will be coming back soon. Fuck this place is so ugly but has good lookig women. Strange.

I fucking hate the Ukraine its fucking ugly and as hard to figure out where you are from as those zipperhead countries.

This is Mandie . She lives in Odessa, Ukraine and has 3 kids. She just ended a 4 year marriage with her soon to be ex-husband (yes she’s still married too) in January of 2019 by the middle of February she was already “in Love” with my husband. She seen his profile on Facebook and randomly messaged him something along the lines of “hey let’s cut the bullsh1t… You wanna fuk?” (So that right there should tell you she’s a slore.) Anyways I found out that she was seeing my husband for a couple of weeks through a mutual friend who was just as surprised as anyone and she was stick to tell Mandie that he was married. Mandie simply said “yeah I know” so I then confronted her about it and she swore to me that she was done with him and has him blocked on everything. She also told me that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage. This slore needs exposed ASAP. She is still trying to get with my husband and will not leave him alone. I know it’s his fault too and he is not perfect by no means but for right now I will NOT divorce him so she can get her way. b1tch is going to pay real soon!!

Yulia has at minimum 15 different profiles on FB, she goes by She has approx 1300 men she communicates with on FB on all of her profiles, which ever profile strikes her fancy on a particular day, she will make herself out a victim with her posts and will ask for someone to adopt her or PM her where she will look for any man (does not matter age, looks, cleanliness, married or not) all she is looking for is a man to let her come stay and lay in there bed if they supply Meth, feed her and fuck her, till she gets sick of them and moves on. She has ruined marriages and countless relationships and is a chronic liar, she is COLDHEARTED, selfish, uncaring and evil, she gave her first baby up for adoption because it got in the way of her lifestyle, she is currently 4 months pregnant from god knows who the father is, I am one of many possiblities. She has had sex with soo many men of every age, weight, race and has included women. She has left a trail of emotional devistation and broken relationships and broken hearts due to her selfishness and lies, please be aware of her, she has no morals or character, she is very manipulative, if you do decide to allow her in your life/home, my prayers are with you!

This 31 year old homewrecker Valeri thinks she is the sh!t….little does she know, she is SH!T. Maybe she should spend more time taking care of her 3 kids and less time taking selfies and getting drunk! My man of 6 years and I had been on the rocks for the last couple months and she swooped in and showed him a little attention. He kept the roads hot for 10 days running back and forth to her work, Amazing Smiles Kiev and her shit house in Zhulian. She must not be too good because he has begged me for another chance everyday for the last month! Real women get their own man… and I didnt need you to tell me I could have him back… I knew I could have him back! Do not let your daughters grow up to be like you!

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