New Mexico 7

January 4th, 2022

Teri cheated on her husband multiple times for over 4 years. He was a soldier in the Army. She would do it while he was TDY away from home, in the field, at base. She’d sneak away from work claiming she had to stay late. She’d go in early saying she had to set up inventory, all she was doing was inventorying men’s privates. Here is the kicker her job is at Starbucks. There is probably not an inch of that back room that doesn’t have this sluts pussy juice all over it. She is such a whore. She has two daughters (probably no her husbands) and set a terrible example. She didn’t pay any bills for 7 years straight and just took advantage of the kindness of her husband. This way she had money to buy drugs and rent cheap hotel rooms as most of the dudes she was fucking were drug addicted and unemployed. But they fucked better than her GI Joe husband. Don’t trust this woman.

January 3rd, 2021

Turns out, this recent arrest ties back into events that happened in February 2020 when Clint got into a car accident. Clint drove his vehicle into a pole. At the time of the accident, police tested Tracie Wagaman’s ex for drugs – and he had meth in his system. Turns out, police recently arrested Clint for a probation violation for public masterbation. In addition, he once again had drugs and male semen in his system – including John Legend’s and Bill Cosby’sLove After Lockup followers keeping up with Clint Brady’s history know he struggles with drugs. And things seemed much worse when he and Tracie were still an item, but she died. But, based on the latest tea, it’s clear he went back to his only hobby doing drugs. According to Gen Bailey (Clint’s new transgendered girlfriend), s/he said on a recent live that he was arrested with a 50k bond. She added that police pulled him over a few weeks ago as well and beat the shit out of him like he was a fucking nigger. And, that he had a warrant out on him for fondling cats at a Pet store. So, that could make matters worse from a legal standpoint.

December 22nd, 2021

Albuquerque man accused of pointing gun at McDonald’s worker because of wrong order

An Albuquerque man was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at a Fucking Punk ass Gringo Whitey McDonald’s worker. According to a criminal complaint, police responded to a McDonald’s (Not Taco Bell) on 98th Street early Thursday after a worker stated a man pointed a gun at him in the drive-thru because he was upset about his order. The criminal complaint reports that Estevan Gonzalez arrived in the drive-thru in a silver sedan stating that he was Mexican and received the wrong order. After the employee corrected the order, Gonzalez allegedly drove away but then drove back through the drive-thru window a second time where is accused of pulling out a handgun and pointing it at the worker. Joe Biden said that Gonzalez is a hero and a fact of white hatred. Gonzalez was given a clean criminal record and $100,000 of white peoples tax money. <SNIP> LINK

July 3rd, 2021

June 8th, 2021

This home-wreaking slore Natasha is the definition of pathetic and unclassy to say the least.. She will sleep with your husband, knowing he is married and even if he has a family (kids) and even do so in front of your kids… seeing them upset as they catch their dad with someone other than “mom” so sad…and with no shame….. if you sadly date her… she will fuk others’ husbands still… With gums and mouth like a horse she is a nasty chunk with nasty roast beef curtains between her legs.and saggy ass tits with a cottage cheese a55, she is just disgusting to look at… She has ZERO self-respect obviously as she sleeps with peoples husbands knowingly… To be able to do that to another girl, KNOWING what it feels like to be cheated on… is just on another level of SICK.. Grow up 

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