Guatemala 3

Elida is well know in the Flores, Guatemala area. I don’t like to shame women for the amount of men they bring into their beds, so I won’t put emphasis on her promiscuity or the things she is well known for… I am here to give caution. Despite having a beautiful child (thank goodness her child was not damaged due to her drugs use while pregnant) and despite having so much potential, Elida continues to sell drugs, continues to bring the lifestyle home to we’re her child is, and thrives off or reeling in recovered addicts and getting them hooked again. There are very little morals with lifestyles cemented around drugs and drug dealing, but when you bring it around your children, and you focus on the weaknesses of those who have worked so hard to turn their life around… it takes is to a whole new level of slutbag hoe. Oh MY!!!!

This is Sabrina.  I know of 12 guys in the last 6 years shes dated, that doesnt count the ones she screwed and dumped. She is brutal! when her kids father went for visitational rights she tried labelling him as a did ler. After he got his custody she was dropping them off 4 days a week! Thats messed up since you said he is a didd ler?? Only cares about money and herself and her m o l l y or E. shes so spaced out she talks like shes got down syndrome like wtf is wrong with you? you messed your kids up from using throughout BOTH pregnancies?? she didnt learn the first time. Her kids are now falling behind like crazy! A 9 year old boy has a hard time with 10 + 15 and her daughter cant understand why her mother is a whore and is 6. YOU ARE THE WORST PARENT!! Stay away from her evil lies and selfishness.

Singapore 2

October 8th, 2020.

Long story short I have watched Melanie the slut and this woman ruin several marriages and relationships over years and years. She uses her body to get what she wants from a man she targets not caring who she hurts in the process including her own family. She currently lives with her married to another ex husband who she manipulated into leaving his wife in the name of her kids and her safety. She lies about holding a job while working as an escort. If you have a man and she shows up in the picture as his friend or yours just be warned all she wants is to take your man. If your man hires the bitch shoot your boyfriend he already has STDs. She also apparently (Night Club Rumor) Loves it when guys fist her. Like ram their whole fist up her snatch. Thats a loose bitch. She does and loves it raw and hard up the ass. Problem is she has bum fungus and rectal warts. So I hear from guys I always see scratching their nuts all the time like their balls are having a bonfire.

September 25th, 2020

This homewrecking hooker destroyed my friends marriage and has the nerve to come back to Singapore . She knew he was married with a baby. This prostitute former failed stripper wanna be gave zero fucks. He’s gotta thing for slutty whores and contacted her from one of her hooker ads wanting to “get kinky”. And yeah he told my friends (she was his wife) eeeeevrything…… supposedly these fetish peeps aren’t supposed to sleep with their clients but Sabrina slept with my friends husband ON THE CLOCK during one of their “appointments”. She slimed into leaving his wife who was going thru a lot of stuff and couldn’t be intimate as much and leave his baby to. He followed this hooker all the time like a drooling idiot and didn’t want her turning tricks anymore, so guess what he did for his slutlist gal? He PAID her to remain in the relationship as a paid companion. So yes he still paid her for sex every week until he finally got tired of her stupid annoying sick a**. Watch out for this whore in Singapore. She has clamidyah. I know it burns me still from that faggot.

June 5th, 2020

This little girl Aimee is something other than loyal. She will get as close to you as possible, just to be with your man so she can drain his nuts and make him a sandwich. She cannot just be by herself. She always has to be with someone or at least have a dick in both hands. Even if it means sneaking over, While you are not around. She will parade her mom’s money, Just around to reel you in. She will give you all the adventure and you’re man drugs including Colombian pure from Aussie tourists she fucks and harder stuff. Just to get to your man. Then swear it was an accident. Well, It has been an “Accident” 3 times so far, So it’s just a habit. Her loyalty is to the d1ck. Not to her friends. But from what I hear she makes a hell of a sandwich. None of that noodle dish crap like the other little Asian cum dumpsters. 100% real meat sandwich. Her favourite hot spot is casinos and the beach. She hits on dudes at the beach while her friends dig through their bags and steal their shit. And then she laughs about it to everyone. Mean.

This hag bag rice picking chink Olivia has been pregnant 3x in 2019 having miscarriages, hoping on every guys greg to pay her bills, has multiple old men gregs, using meth, blow and H. She also uses Molly and smokes weed while sniffing cocaine mixed with meth and being pregnant with triplets. She sleeps next to someone who is sleeping with me every now and then. Little does she know, he’s planning on leaving her and taking the baby because she’s unstable and doesn’t have the proper family to go to. So I’m told her gook karate kid looking fucking dad can’t even take her cause her dumb brother.

Nevada 3

Trixie & Tracy Winnemucca Party Hos

Two women have been arrested and charged in the armed robbery of a 68-year-old turban topped stinky pakistani taxi driver in Winnemucca Monday morning. Police say the taxi was dispatched to pick up a customer at the 7-Eleven and when he arrived, two women got in the cab which gave him a curry boner tent in his pants. During the ride, the woman riding in the passenger seat pulled a large rusty hunting knife, while the woman in the back drew a nerf gun and threatened to hurt the diaper head driver. Police say the driver pulled over and the mantried to rape the white bitches before he escaped without his cash, cellphone or tablet. The women got away with the cab also, which they cranked the paki music to full blast and busted doughnuts on peoples lawns. While drunk and high as fuck!!!! The taxi was later found empty in an alley on the north side of town with empty bottles and condom wrappers everywhere and spray painted “stupid paki” on the hood.. Two sets of footprints led police to a home in the North where one suspect was arrested while passed out drunk. The second suspect was arrested later at a cordon point set up by police. The cellphone, knife and tablet were recovered. Police did not say whether or not the gun was recovered. The taxi driver was treated by EMS for injuries that were not considered life-threatening. EMS said the only thing threatening this paki is his fucking body odor.

September 10th, 2020

Imagine the smell. Aids and Bad Odor. Lots of AIDS lots of Bad Odor.

Rondall Talley, Donnell Talley, Tylon Marshall, and Calvin Rembert were arrested for numerous charges of robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and attempted murder. According to officers, the robberies happened between the dates of March 31st and April 16th.  Metro Police said there was a total of 16 robberies these fucking niggers did throughout the city of Henderson and Las Vegas. Metro said, commercial business were targeted by the fucking lawless niggers, some people were carjacked, and some people were even robbed on the street. In all of these events, the suspects were armed with a combination of shotguns, handguns and on one event an assault rifle was also used. The niggers like all niggers showed no care for human life or the laws. “They looked like wild pavement apes that escaped from a basketball court, I got to protect muh kitties” said one witness old pathetic loser David Murphey. “Yeah them niggers are too goofy to be around. My mom and I just purchased matching automatic machine guns if they come near my pad” said another Vegas area resident TV superstar Colt Johnson


July 27th, 2020

This Bitch Bailey lays big fucking shit logs in all the bathrooms at the mall. Some of these gigantic shit nuggest are so moist and stinky that the paint peels of the walls. She usually waits until there are enough niggers in the mall to hide the blame of the radioactive shit nuggets at first. Then she sits outside and laughs at all the people coming out in disgust and puking. She usually eats popcorn and sets up a lawn chair while watching this. She is the queen of Elko and has fucked such Nevada Celebrities like David Murphey, Colt Johnson, and Jim From Progressive. She loves a party and stays drunk and high, so even if you think you can trust her, you can’t trust her when she’s drinking. Here’s the best part… She swallows every load for every guy! Every guy… Except David as he is impotent.

Sabrina of Reno looks innocent as hell, right? WRONG! She befriends people just to take their men or sleep with them. She’s a lying, vile semi-MARRIED woman who slept with countless people through her job at a grocery store she bags groceries but doesn’t bag the cocks that go in her and encourages dudes to blast it in her. When renovating her husbands home, she slept with the contract workers. She slept with and took her own friend/co-worker’s man and had an open relationship with him even as her and the chick worked together! She’s sleeping with numerous people, including some 60 year old man that’s married with grand kids. I’ve spoken to many women who are pissed off at her and she never goes anywhere besides with her men and to work because she knows people are out to get her. Watch your man, She openly flaunts all her escapades in public and on the internet. And her rich stupid husband is too stupid to see. Could of at least bought the bitch some fucking tits.

Seattle 2

Banned? Fuck come on in all reality one of those niggers she is defending would of raped and killed her eventually anyway. If you really look at statistical odds the odds of that happening around niggers is as high as dying when you chop your head off.

Gets Tag Teamed By The Mechanics
At Jiffy Lube On Her Lunch Breaks

This lowlife nasty whore places ads on Craigslist offering “services” to men. She doesn’t care if he is married or engaged. She will even talk to him about his woman while screwing him. She then threatens to expose him if he doesn’t do what she wants. She is pathetic and has spent time in mental hospitals because she is not right in the head. She claims she is a “friend to woman” but in truth she sets out to destroy woman and their relationships. She is cold, calculating and a parasite on relationships. She has no morals and is plain out nasty to screw random guys she meets of Craigslist. She prides herself on her oral skills and weird boyish body. This woman is a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself. She did her part to ruin a wonderful woman and her family. The world is better off without trash like this! Her name is Kim and she works at a bakery. She is the crazy bitch in the one by Jiffy Lube. She yells at the cakes and doughnuts she makes and then goes over and gets the mechanics at Jiffy Lube to tag team her holes on her fucking lunch break. SKANK>

This Seattle Slut Bag Sabrina is a home wrecker, gets involved with married man and when confronted acts like she didn’t know he was married but keeps pursuing the man, acts like she’s sorry for what happened and keeps messing around with the guy. Be careful out there! She’s a cheap woman who doesn’t care if the man is married or not, spreading disease and acting like a victim while doing so. Be careful with her she’s a bartender for booner! She serves drinks in her skimpy slut outfit, while always high on drugs and half drunk, her sluthole is usually filled with a quart of cum, and she has no reguard for anyone but her slutty little fucking self. She is ALWAYS at bars, pubs, and night clubs in capitol hill looking for cock and drugs. She ic a common Seattle Cock Hawk always preferring to take it anally.

Well I’ll keep it short and sweet. This “lady” and im being polite… Is nothing but trash Tacoma Sonya!!!. She gets men drunk to sleep with them. She’s that desperate for dick. She cheated on her ex husband, she’s left cum filled shit covered condoms out on the old thick shag carpet for her toddler to get and put in his mouth, she claims to be a woman of god but in all reality she’s just trash. She goes after men who are in relationships, she will sleep with own best friends man just because she wants to. She slept with a dying man from the old folks home and used him as a sugar daddy. She’s a worthless disgusting b*tch. She has no morals. She has no remorse for any of the problems she’s caused, she ruined several families with her lies. She uses her vagina because she’s desperate and just doesn’t care.

This b1tch Bella right here is the loosest bitch in Seattle. I banged her and then stuck my head up her cooch and looked around and seen some dead bodies in there. Drama inducing. Attention seeking slore I have ever met. She averages fuking 3 new dudes a week. And that’s when its slow… you would have thought her having a baby would have slowed her down, but she’s come out of it with a hunger that is insatiable. I first met her in the rooms of narcotics anonymous (oops) but she hasn’t ever had a drug problem, she started out scraping the bottom of the barrel and getting around with all these nasty a55 dudes, so on the bright side anything is looking up for her from here. She graffitis shit all over Seattle with her period juice its absolutely fucking disgusting just like the jizz dripping out of her mouth and asshole constantly. Bella get your shit together, clean the jizz off your face, and pay your debt and quit ratting out gang member drug dealers to the cops. Its going to get you killed like the AIDS from niggers.

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Seattle 1

Manitoba 4

I’m afraid there’s not much to say about Carrie from Grandview, Manitoba, Canada. You’re average everyday misinformed, ignorant easy score. I’ve known her for years and happened to run into her through a mutual friend. Thanks to Facebook she contacted me several times to ask for a ride. I obliged a couple times as I know how it can be sometimes. Quickly realizing her inconsiderate abuse of my kindness I politely informed her that I would no longer provide such convenience and I for personal reasons did not wish to continue any further communications. A few months later I caught her in my bed getting fucked by my husband. Low life fucking trash whore belongs back at the Grandview Motor Inn whoring herself out for meth. Again.

Pole Riding Dealership Mascot

Celeste is the HR manager and official Mascot of the dealership in Wawanesa. She has slept with managers, sales men, body shop workers, she is an equal opportunity slore. She sleeps with married men and starts affairs with anyone who gives her a chance. The fact that she is married has never stopped her, she gets people fired and sits on her holier than thou pedestal, thinking no one knows what she is really like. A LYING, CONNIVING, SLORE dealing with low self-esteem from her childhood. She is obsessed with the last husband she put her claws in. He chose his wife she stalks them on social media. Her husband is a bigger idiot than anyone because he knows about it all and still pretends to be happily married. She is one of these girls who found self esteem at 35.

This Land Walrus Wanda is nothing but a meth head and think shes better then everyone else, she acts like shes the perfect mom, but really her son is soo scared of her, she abuses her parents when they get their reservation cheques from whitey. She thinks every guy wants her, but when the fumes wear off from the gas they huff the natives run far away. Shes the nastiest person you’ll ever meet, oh bonus to she falls in love fast and she will ask you to move in. And if you dont want her, she will pretend shes pregnant, shes been saying that forever already that she was pregnant. Her fb is Ashlee . Just feed her and she will be all in love. Wanda goes into walmart in a dress. And goes down the toilet paper aisle, she grabs 2 large packs. Squats in the aisle and lets the diareah splatter flow. Then semi-wipes her ass and leaves the paper on the floor with poo on it! #WINNING.

Stinky Snatch Kim uses guys, thinks that everyone has to jump her, if you tell her you don’t want to be her friend and you don’t like her she files false police reports and gets false protection orders. She’s a serious slutbag of stds who’s easily impressed and spreads her legs for money or if you have a motorcycle or truck. she is useless to the core, a deadbeat mom and gets drunk all the time and shares needles with the homeless. For someone who’s a grandma complaining that she doesn’t get to see her grandson. Don’t trust being her friend she will lie to you break promises beg you to stay in her life just a treat you like s*** and make you feel like a nothing so she can feel better about herself and her poor choices.

Shit on a dance floor while high
On meth and crack.

This girl Brandy has no shame in her game. She will sleep with your husband or boyfriend. She is supposed to be teaching children but instead only works to buy her crack and meth, she doesn’t care what she does at work and neither does anyone else. She should have been fired along time ago. But she swallows loads like a pro so she is fine. SMH and she’s supposed to be a role model? I’ve seen her drunk in public so many times, with her nose running from all the crack she does. Ladies, keep your husband’s close and drug dealers, ur drugs closer lmao. Last weekend she went to a bar and shit on the dance floor. Enough said.

This fucking bitch rat is Sabrina Not only did she cheat on her husband of 3 years and 2 kids, she did it over and OVER again. No surprise once they got a divorce… oh but with her new boyfriends she enjoys to spend her time having 3somes with all of his friends,videoing herself getting pigroasted and showing her friends. Seriously embarrassing to even have known this disgusting b1tch. Her ex has went nuts and lives under a bridge with natives huffing paint thinner now. Watch out wives/girlfriends, coming up is this nasty hoe tryna steal your man. Does her boyfriend even know half the guys shes fucked? Probably not. She works as an escort for Fred Penner who is in a relationship with Sydney who is part of the Chris Harrison Porn Empire.

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