Nebraska 5

Lincoln Police arrested five useless fucking niggers Thursday who were linked to an armed robbery and burglary in the capital city. Taban Rik, Kiehl Gold, David Atem and two underage niglets were booked Thursday. Officers responded to the first robbery on Wednesday. Shortly before 11:30 p m., two victims reported they were robbed at gunpoint by two shit skins near SW 1st and West A Street. The victims were on their bicycles in the area when a white Buick pulled up next to them. Two savage niggers got out of the Buick and one of them pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded his shit. The victims said they recognized the coons or it was their shit in the toilet they both look and smell the same. The victims turned over their phone and cash and the men left the area in the Buick. A second robbery was reported around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Officers responded to the 800 block of Hartley on reports of a burglary by two ugly foul smelling niggers with guns. A 16-year-old reported he was playing video games with friends when two violent monkeys with handguns entered the unlocked back door of the home. The jungle bunnies walked into the 16-year-old’s bedroom, shoved him to the ground and struck him in the head with the gun. The two other victims were also struck in the head with a gun. Police said the suspects took approximately 20 grams of shitty marijuana and left the area in a white Buick. LINK

March 19th, 2021

This hotel hopping gimmedick b1tch Missy is no new runner at 43 here in Nebraska. She has been ran through from neighborhood to neighborhood. She has so many enemies in Nebraska over the years. She gave my brother and father and step father them incurable sores!!! She ain’t too bad looking until she takes off her makeup and her clothes. She looks like a Zombie in a skin suite!! She plays the part of a sweet little charity case. But shes really a dope smoking leach that has grocery size bags under her eyes! To the ladies beware of this well known backstabber and to my fellow farmers out there make sure you pass this one rite up!

Not only is this girl Jocelyn the biggest drunk skank known to western Nebraska…she goes home with almost anyone who will take her… Shes also a rat. This is known as she takes on Dog The Bounty Hunter and Tony Vlachos so she can get two dicks in her ass at the same time by them (SLUT)!! Be careful guys she will switch on you and threaten the cops if she knows any of ur personal business. Shes obsessed with my boyfriend Jim From Progressive and she really needs to stop threatening him before something bad happens to her tits like me popping them with a pin!!! Bitch. Balloons..

January 18th, 2021

This fucking dumb bimbo boobed sloot Savannah will fuk anything that walks. She has been fuked by 70% of the guys in her company, her boos- when he had a fiancé and another guy who had a girlfriend. She has no morals is relentless in her pursuit of taken men and needs to be found out. She has no values and will spread her legs and text your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband to come meet her at the wee hours of the night. Please stop this home wrecking dumb sloot. she acts like a good girlfriend and a girls girl but will fuk any TAKEN man in a heartbeat- don’t be fooled. Hacks up cum balls in her fucking frosted flakes in the morning too!!!!

This girl Amy throws up constantly at least 5 times a day to make herself feel better then everyone else. Think she is out of everyone league and can have anyone. Gotta watch this one, she always say she is out working while she is sleeping around. She will tell you everything you want to hear while she has multiple d1cks on the go. Becareful she Carrys a drd! Not just mentally if you know what I mean. She will take you for everything she can. She is literally a gold digger. She talks stuff about all her co workers. She also steals needles from a hospitial to pop pu55 in the back of her throat and her teeth are falling apart from all the puking cause by dry mouth. Let everyone see your true self instead of that mask you portray. Literally do the world a favour and go get help. Stop pretending to be real and face reality.

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