Nova Scotia 5

December 29th, 2020

This dumb homewrecker Adrienne thinks it okay to continually text pictures to married men that are her supervisors at work that she knows are married and have kids. She was told multiple times to stop but continued to send pictures and try to get him to leave his family, wife with twins on the way. She refused to take no for an answer and since my husband’s supervisor wouldn’t let him fire her he had to continue to have contact with her. He has since left the job and changed his phone number. We had to get security cameras because of how psychotic stalker she got. She needs to stop messaging other people’s husband’s and boyfriends. She sends them pictures of her shoving fruits and veggies up her vagina. Like fucking grow up Adrienne. Come on thats not cool. I can not look at a grapefruit the same after seeing those pictures of what you did to that poor fruit. You are a fucking savage!!!

So my husband met this bitch Krista through a friend named Rufus his he found her on Backpage she is a dirty dirty w**** she has a bunch of tricks and if she likes you she’ll try to make you her boyfriend what she did with my husband she also had him relapse and show f*** for Hennessy, weed, and some coke she made my husband leave me at Christmas time and my birthday he was out of his mind because of her she actually wanted her him to find me an apartment and let her move into my house can you imagine she has CPS cases on her cuz she’s a horrible mother if you go on her Facebook all it is is partying and drinking and clubs and spas and this and that men women it doesn’t matter if you could pay her cable bill and bring her Bagels she’ll spread her legs if your female and your friends with her I would not trust her as far as you could throw her which won’t be far because of her drug use and her drinking her weight fluctuates all the time

Natives are the most disrespectful people towards the environment. Everyone knows it even them. This chug here unleashes his dog to take a shit in a field where kids play. It is his way of getting back at the white man for taking his land. Pow wow wow wow Pow wow ow wow Lysol Love!!!!

San Francisco 2

October 21st, 2020

September 4th, 2020

Emma works in hotel and flirts with every man that comes in. Ladies god save you if she checks your man in… she builds instant connections to use them for jobs and even sleeps with them later if she gets that job or promotion. She slept with her manager draining his balls dry to gain a promotion knowing he is married and he lied about divorcing his wife for her. She cheated with this guy Other friends say the same. Highly manipulative lady and pretends innocent but is dangerous. She fought with all her friends after she slept with the manager who is also a cheater. She does not care about anyone or anything other than herself, selfish, repugnant, cold-hearted person, liar, cheater, Home Wrecker of a women who takes advantage of good people and talks bad about everyone behind their back. Do not check into hotel around south San Francisco… if you see Emma around at check in table boycott that place. She claims to work as social worker but is working out in Gym and getting paid and talks bad about people she helps for social work like they are fucking stupid.

San Francisco is a city famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, its long history of supporting faggot culture, and for being the epicenter of California’s homosexual escapades. Its expensive, full of yuppies, tech geeks, fags, dykes, Zipperheads (mostly Chinese and Filipinos), goths, crackheads, street performers, and worst of all, “artists” who consider themselves to be a second Picasso due to their sup3r 3p1c spray paint skills. Also, Burning Man started here, as if that were anything to be proud of. San Francisco has also supplied the entire world with LSD since 1966. It has been scientifically proven that every single resident of San Francisco is an unreliable flake who will eventually end up as ugly as Nancy Pelosi. San Francisco is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s favorite place to become an hero. It is red; it’s not fucking gold. To cross it in a car you must pay a $5 toll. However, it has been shown repeatedly that two persons driving with a large dog sitting upright in the back seat can cross for free by saying “carpool” to the toll booth attendant. San Franciscans get pissed off when they hear anyone call it “Frisco”. Do with that what you will.

This is Krista. She had an affair in workplace at Safeway transportation dept with a married man one of her bosses. She sucked his cock dry and spit his load in the cards that were sent out by the company for christmas. People were wondering why the fuck the cards they got were hard to open or were completly stuck together. She thought no one knew about it and when found out moved across street to human resorces dept with daddy’s help he worked In Safeway also when daddy given heads up on what whore doing. She blows every cock that her hands come in contact with. She is like every single resident of San Francisco when it comes to loving cock with one exception. She is a female with tits. Fucking whore just disgusting. I hope her yeast infections burn her insides so bad she rots away. Bitch!

This homewrecker Rocio brags that she has been a mistress for eight years and the scars of the porcupines she has rammed up her fucking asshole prove her story right. She delights in the fact her asshole gaps to items she rams in it and she is not good enough to be a man’s priority other than to be a cum dumpster that is kicked to the curb after a load is expelled. She uses the sympathy card to keep dudes around with her in the middle of the circle jerk on her knees with her mouth open and her begging for goo. Because they feels sorry for her they huck pickles and beer cans at her after their cocks go limp. She srounges for scrapes her lover drops off the floor and licks his cum off the floor. She is a needy b1tch who can’t find a man who will leave his wife for her. Rocio is nothing but a load dump. Plain and simple.

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South Carolina 4

Danielle is a hardcore slut of a bar whore that gold digs her way through town. She shattered a marriage w/children. Has no guilt or shame in her game. Everywhere she goes everyone knows of her skanky ways. Pretends to be innocent and sweet. Charleston knows her as a dirty whore just like she was in high school and college. Poor old man who fucks her and the family dog before his welfare check comes in has no clue that he is gonna be taken for everything he has. Go riding w/your buddies while they talk about you…stay on your wave runner w/a slut on the back. Keep it up buddy. Danielle will be off to get her a young man as soon as you run out of cash or die…lol good luck getting people to spend money at your business-after a while all will know the jokes on you idiot. As for Danielle she will just suck everyone else that has money. As you can tell by Danielle’s phot she doesn’t waste a single drop of your gift.

July 17th, 2020

Fucked My Husband And Fled. Left
Used Shit Covered Condoms in My Kids Toy Box.

This nasty piece of green haired hefty bag garbage is the lowest of the low. In December 2019, she stayed in my home to visit her mom for Christmas. During that time, she flirted and managed to get my husband to start fucking around with her so she “could try out how good” he was at sex. She went back home, my husband and I were on marriage repair and things were looking better. A month later, she was fucking another married man (Bill Clinton) and the wife found out and called CIA to try to get her daughter taken and make her commit suicide for revenge. Chayenna called and begged for me to give her a place to stay until she got on her feet and got drugs out of her system. I agreed as a favor for her mom. I told her on the first day she came back that what happened in December really hurt our marriage, but that we were good and she swore she would never do it again and she was drunk and high before and that she wasn’t even attracted to my husband. Over the next two months, things started to go missing and I found used shit stained condoms in my kids toybox. When I went to confront her and my husband with my newly purchased 9mil they fled with my SUV and Credit Cards. Watch out for this bitch!!!

Jessica is a married women who cheats with married/single men and women, massive amounts of cocks get rode by this bitch miles and miles of dick inserted in her holes daily!!!!. No ethics, morals or concern for anyone but herself. Do not take your husband with you to any appointments. While she may act interested in bringing babies into the world all she is really after is assuming the baby making position. She posts her information publicly on FB so it is easy to find her. Her husband is hot so why she feels the need to sleep with other people’s partner’s is anyones guess – maybe karma will come her way and someone will start screwing her man – maybe me. Payback is a b**ch. I am going to cold clock her in the face with a turkey I steal from Walmart. Get her husband to fuck me in the ass popping my ass cherry. I will rip that fucking lockett off her neck. The the A is mine for MY ASS GOT FUCKED!! \Dumb bitch!

Bitch stealing my profits

Krista is one my hoes that works the corners in Charleston. She is destroying my friends’ marriage and my wallet by skimming her profits. This sloot met my friend’s husband of many years while working with him on 3rd shift by the cop shop. She refuses to leave him alone and give me my mother fucking money. Claiming she needs it for cream for her herpes infected rashes. Newsflash whore, his wife got pregnant while he was professing his love for you and your ass can let the shit burn. I needs to get paid so if any of you seen this bitch Krista at a shelter or soup kitchen call me up. I want my 20 bucks hoe. She keeps 50 cents a dick that is it. Nothing more EVER. I am telling you this crop of hoes I get are lucky. Wait until I cut their wages down to a quarter a cock. Then they will start to show some mother fucking respect. I don’t care if Krista comes back a little bruised at all I just want my money. Drag the bitch by the hair if you have to.

Jessica or known as on instagram and cumswallowing whore on porn hub loves married men & men in relationships. She is married herself to her husband, Drew who is a juice monkey with a small dick. He has found out about her slut ways and took another one of her sex partners (Charles) to the Weird Al Yankovich concert without her. Then Drew and Charles started doing roids at the gym together and having lots of manly raw ass sex in the shower to get back at her. It was tragic, the whole thing is all over the internet on gay sites and famous Hollywood man John Legend is still jerking off to the men having ass sex in the gym shower. But this is John Legend and he is quite the piece of walking talking dog shit himself. Keep an eye out for this one. She is sneaky. Oh and I’m pretty sure she is in the Klan. So at least at 26 she still has many years of being a whore left in her..

Australia 8

Heidi is from Forbes, NSW and she seems to always have a dick in her mouth when its not on a bottle of vodka. Heidi gets so fucking drunk its funny. At almost 25 she still falls down and pukes and yells at people she doesn’t know. She is scared of all the Sudanese niggers though that roam around her city of Forbes so she tries to avoid them at all costs. She hates them as they are ugly and stink like the shit that comes out of her bum hole. She loves to lay big shit bricks in the outback and let the sun make them hard like a brick. Then she takes the shit brick in town and waits outside a liquor store. When she sees someone come out with booze she sneaks up behind them and hits them in the head with her “Shit Brick” and then steals their booze. Good Job Heidi Ho Australia’s Finest Piece Of Ass!

Christy the crack head hooker runs around Harden beating the shit out of drunk abos. I seen her beat one fucking shiby with a boomerang so bad petrol started spewing out of its fucking coconut head like an oil well exploded and other abos were on their knees on the ground licking up the fuel! She prides herself on stealing and thinking she is tough at almost 25 you think the bitch would grow up but she is a bad ass. Last week I seen her steal a box of tampons and then stuff them up her nose and ass and chase immigrants down the street with a burning stick. White Nazi her and her whole family. I jerk off with her dad under the bridge on sunday nights while we talk about x box and the scabs on Mel Gibsons balls. Christy you bitch you still owe me for staining my grandmas couch with your yeast infection puss crust from your stinky Box! Bitch!

This is Stephanie who also goes by “Whorebag2400”. This woman knew that my cheating  fiancé was clearly in a relationship with me but yet chose to continue to pursue him and send him nude pictures and videos through social media. I found out about this infidelity by looking through my significant others phone while he was asleep. He forgot to delete his Snapchat app, he had been using it behind my back and then would delete the app when I was around. This woman is 30 years old with no direction except to a cock. After this incident I got my baby’s father to pretend to flirt with her to see just how easy she was and to no surprise it worked. On her Snapchat messages to my significant other she clearly identifies herself as the side piece which still blows my mind because what respectable woman is ok with being a side piece???? 

This woman Krista of Blackall in Queensland had the nerve to message my fiancé, complimenting his “beautiful family,” and then try to engage him in an affair. She is single with 3 kids (all different fucking dads) but obviously has no qualms about intentionally trying to break up a family. She knows that my fiancé and I went through the devastation of 2 stillborn babies this year, but she still had no regard for her actions. I tried to confront her about it when I found the messages on my fiancé’s phone, and she blocked me. This woman is the absolute lowest piece of trash I’ve ever heard of. Next time I see her I am going to club her across her fucking face with a monkey wrench to see if her fucking head gets the point.

Sarah is 36 going on 20 and lives in Adelaide. She cheated on a friend and lied to his face for months about severing contact with the guy (Dog The Bounty Hunter). She claimed to be working on her bail bondsman skills and claimed to of wanted the fame of being able to say that “She rode the big bad dog’s pole”. She is a pretty brutal woman. Bold face lies. No remorse. Blamed her husband for a lack of sex for a few months. Closes most bars and night clubs she goes to and then hangs out with 20 year old college kids snorting coke and doing other mystery drugs. What a winner. Sneds nude photos of herself doing anything to anyone who wants them. Aspiring porn star at almost fucking 40!!!! It is time to grow up. She use to strip but got fired for one show she was so high on stage the owners of the strip club had to call the cops on her.

Manitoba 3

This is Amanda. I dated her for 3 years and then took her out for a nice diner in Virden. Then I told her I fucked her sister for years and fathered her child. Also and that I might of fucked her mom and even her dad. Then she fingered me with out thanking me for the meal. Which she forgot to eat all of it (If I were to of had to pay for that meal out of my own pocket that would of been more than she is worth) So I stood up took this picture then I punched the bitch in her fucking face, stole her purse which had money and crack, then got high and went over to her parents house and opened my asshole up for her grandpa and great uncle to ass fuck me for gay love Butt Bucks!!!! I hope we can work this little problem out. I love Amanda.

This one here oh boy can tell you alot about her she likes to claim everyone’s jealous of her gangster ways claiming shes with her kid slinging fat wads of dope!!! everyday!!! everytime she gets a new crack head boyfriend she lets them smoke drink and have guns and drugs around her daughter she lives in the east side of Brandon Manitoba (So eah its all worthless chug scum there).. sloot sells herself downtown praying on pensioners that’s how you get a beer right ? (or just walk out on the tab! There is a reason no one trusts chugs and makes them pay first. Chugs like you and 99.999999999% of the rest) (The other small percent is for margin of error)Claims she has a fat a55 and tits and I’m like okay where poser where ? Has no life either CFS should take her kid away she’s a no good mother anyways always yelling at her girl .. her girl tells her dad’s family that is why her kid is never allowed too see or meet her . Your welcome Krista you pathetic dumpster

This girl is Eternity  aka the bitch that will blow your dick and steal your wallet in a single slurp.. Now this girl is such a Satan. She cries wolf all the time and plays victim. She is a true Satan. She lies about other ppl to try ruin their lives because she’s jealous and has nothing better to do than obsess over girls she hates. Meth Satan calls cfs on ppl crying wolf and making up lies. So she can ruin families because she has none and her little daughter was already in and out of the system. Poor little girl will turn out like her meth addict mother if cfs doesn’t take her away again. Words out there that this meth Satan takes her kid on drug pickups or when and doubt leaves her alone for drugs. Eternity must be Satan’s sister because her horns come out when ppl are doing better with their lives. She walks around Brandon like she is queen shit all high throwing old french fries and yelling at drunk natives calling them chugs. Hello!!! Last time I checked you were part squaw fucking skank.!!!!

Sierra calls herself a girl, will lie cheat and steal all day every day. I use to meth with her in the park in Portage la Prairie and she would always be on her knees tugging wieners for mystery goo. She loves it when you eat proteins. She texts video msgs and snapchat is her favorite usually of her taking a manly dump in a public bathroom or of her ramming one of the items she stole from walmart up her stinky asshole. 6 years of lies deception and fake love to the native guy that lives under the highway bridge. Nobody deserves that treatment. She will screw just about anything if you tell her she’s pretty or like niggers do spike her drink or hold a butcher knife to her throat. Well she has rotten teeth from meth use and eating out fat native woman’s assholes with rotten silverware. When she smiles you can see Chief Betty’s shit stains in her teeth and her breath reeks of a natives armpits and isn’t a looker lol. I have never met a bigger h0e that slept around as much as she did. Enjoy your life on the reservation with your chug husband and or soup kitchen kid.

Jenna  is a gold digging slore who walks around Thompson shit kicking natives for you tube bum fight videos.. She uses guys to pay for her shitty slut tattoos that everybody even notices and laughs at like the penis drawn on her back blowing a load. You scrawny bitch go eat a fucing burger and lay off the meth, not to mention she stoled my grandmas shit stained lingeries and leggings from her shak on the reservation. Don’t trust that ho. Watch out for your manz in Thompson  She yells at natives all day calling them chugs and stealing their hard earned welfare money on check day. She is cruel and racist.

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