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For young niggers in Australia, perceptions of police are often an extension of how they see society at large treating them, like the unwanted criminal niggers that they fucking are!!!!!. After all, if someone has experienced the violence and sadness living around these fucking niggers, they can develop a sense of being stiffed by the fucking Jewish led government. For some commentators and community advocates, shipping the niggers back to Africa and or not letting them in in the fucking first place is better than putting the niglets in prison— which has now reached concerning levels (which white tax payers have to pay for). If importing these niggers to live among law abiding citizens is horrible and cruel it certainly should be illegal and the government and jews should be criminally held responsible. LINK

Every single time I get into a fucking taxi in Sydney, the curry smelling rag head fucking driver has no idea where anywhere is. After trying to explain where the street is to his fucking goat fucking brain, I’m then asked to get my phone out and direct them using my Google Maps. It honestly baffles me to no end why these fucks are allowed to operate a motor vehicle let alone live in fucking Australia!
I actually never had a problem with the police until I moved to Sydney. Every single policeman I have come across has been so fucking rude to me. I once drove down the road to pick some hooker up (no more than 5 minute drive) and I got stopped by the police for an RBT (random breath testing). Why on earth they were there was beyond me? I smoked a few rocks before but that shits for booze.

Sydney Has A Nigger Problem!!!!

April 29th, 2021

April 27th, 2021

Wow packed house. ?

February 22nd, 2021

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It’s doesn’t get anymore nastier then Sarah! This dirt bag is in her 30s and has done nothing with her life…. she literally spends her time doing drugs and selling herself to old men.. and there is no limit to what you can pay her to do.. there is messages between her and some guy and he was going to pay her $200 to piss on her and FUK HER WITHOUT A CONDOM!!! how dirty is that no wonder the dirt bag always has some kind of infection down there and believe me I know because we used to be pretty close friends until her true colors showed and I found out she tryed to get my man to sleep with her after I let her crash at my place for weeks! And believe me it wasn’t easy leaving with such a filthy person she would leave crusty brownish stained panties in my laundry basket instead of washing them herself I counted 4 old men she had sex with for money in one day and didn’t shower not once I’m between seeing each guy. I remember I had some friends over and she came in and sat down on the coach and all you could smell was smelly dirty c00chie it was fuking so gross.

So here’s the thing this Kennedy is originally from Florida and showed up here and never left and likes to leach off me and my friends when we’re around, she kisses on everyone even tho she comes with one guy she gets people into fights just to see what happens, she plays victim and then goes right back to fucking Dutch Tourists for nickles. She is a bitch who also does many other drugs and they rob people together. She pretends to like people and just uses them to get what she wants and that’s the next drink and the next puff she may have a job but that only pays her rent her stealing and making others suffer is what pays for all of her belongings.

July 24th, 2020

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