Colorado 8

January 24th, 2021

The body of a male was discovered on October 12, 2002, in Saguache, Saguache County, Colorado. He had been shot in the head twice at a minimal distance and left in a ravine. He had been wrapped in a handmade, antique quilt, and wrapped again in black plastic secured with duct tape. He is believed to have been asleep when killed. The victim was six feet five inches tall and was estimated to weigh between 235 and 240 pounds. Although he was toothless, no dentures were found at the scene of his discovery. He was estimated to have been between the ages of 30 and 40. He wore a motorcycle jacket with the words “Fort Washington, Maryland” and black shorts. It is possible that he was attending a motorcycle-related gathering at the time of his death. Its probably also very possible he owed someone money or fucked someones wife

January 8th, 2021

This FLOOZY Laura goes around Kremmling, Coloradothinking she is better than everyone else. She uses men and is abusive by way of throwing shade and making passive aggressive comments to pick a fight just so she can hop on the next flight to Vegas to be with one of her many sugar daddies. You block her on social media and she clings to your number bugging you for weeks on end only to come around and try to make you jealous! Stay awayyyyy. She is always high and always owes someone or someones boyfriend money for drugs. If you hang out with her there is a good chance you could be in cross fire. DANGER!!! 

January 5th, 2021

Tia has slept with married men with pregnant wives, and even joined a pregnancy pact to have her daughter and then lied about who the father was because she did not know! She is a self proclaimed sloot and Hope’s someone DRDs her because then maybe shed be happy again. She is engaged to a man who WORKS HARD AND IS IN THE ARMY. While he is gone she has “sleepovers” with other men and leaves her door open for men so they can walk in on her naked.. she helped my husband cheat for a year while I was pregnant and after I gave birth and lied and stole money from my family! She is a disgusting human being and ruins every relationship in her path. Watch out shell TRY to steal your man and wallet! but shes too high and stupid to actually succeed

So my husband cheated on me with this teenage homewrecker Kaycee. She just graduated high school may of 2016. They met at work and started and emotional bond. She knew he was married with kids and still continued to pursue him. This carried on for months until he finally told me that he was falling in love with someone else. We tried to work on things but he was still texting her. We separated for two weeks and he went and lived with her. He is back home now because he realized how immature she is and childish she is. He also realized he had no connection with her and that the sex was better than my pruny cooch. Fuck them!

Iowa 4

Famous People From Iowa

My husband went to a strip club with a few friends to have a drink and was approached by BAMBI to go in back for a lap dance. He said no and continued to drink his drink. So she stole his checkbook out of his back pocket and went to the back room. After she hadn’t come out for a while he went looking for her to get it. Well he got more than a lap dance. He continued to go meet her when she was dancing, having sex with her while paying for her room and all of her other bills. Can you say FLOOOZY! She’ll screw your man for money and or meth. She knew he was married with three kids but didn’t seem to stop her. Funny thing is he still talks to her after 8 months and is dumb enough to think he’s the only one she’s screwing and getting money from! She lives in Des Moines, Iowa and works as a Dog Groomer at Pet Land. So WARNING! Don’t send your husband to the groomer if it’s her. He’ll get more than he pays for! Her real name is Sabrina rumor has it also she puts on a strap on dildo and fucks dogs for film for all to see. And she still has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She may seem sweet and innocent . But if she if she’s got her eye on your man, even if he is twice her age. She will go after him as she pretends to be concerned with you. She’s not a trustworthy little girl. That playing adult games that needs to be to taught what happens when little slores mess around with grown married man. Sioux City becomes Sioux Slutty with 21 year old Brittany waiting for guys to open their wallets. Which in turns lead to drinks and drugs for her, which leads to the mans pants between his ankles and his cock in her mouth. Often times she will take a selfie of herself with the married man to bribe him for more money, get his wife to go insane, show his work, or people at church. Brittany also does babysitting on the side. She fucks the guys that hire there too. Good Job Brittany and yes she still lives in the red house basement suite 3 on 11th street. Buzzers fixed. Not that I know or anything I heard it around Sioux City.

July 6th, 2020

Beaner Burns Pride Flag.

Picked Up A Large Rock On A Gravel Road After
Fucking My Boyfriend and Licking His Jizz Off The Dirt.
Then crushed his penis with it and laughed about it

Basically, this bitch Willow pops pills and fucks and sucks anything with a pulse in Iowa City. She is known to take shits in the pool. The logs are big and brown. She also likes to take numerous loads of jizz on her face at once and save it for makeup. As she spends her money on pills and crack. Known to carry herpes from her endeavours. This girl will talk you into breaking up wit your man, so y’all can be hoes together, then fuck him on a gravel road while smearing her face on his jizz in the gravel and then crushing his dick with a large rock for shits and giggles. She’ll fuck everyone’s baby daddy and even the lowest tweaker in the crew. She has went as low as to fuck a nigger WILLINGLY so you know she will do ANYTHING thats free game for all animals and plant life. She thinks she’s the biggest toughest bad bitch out there at 98 pounds of meth and crusted jizz flaked makeup she crushed into powder on her face. She’s disgusting. 

This girl Kaycee is the easiest girl at seaboard foods. She’s messing around with married men and men that are in relationships. She does such things as stick her tongue in their assholes while the masterbate to gay porn in the lunch room. She wrecks families and she doesn’t even care, she goes as far as to laugh about it and spray paint dicks on the wives cars. If you want easy this girl opens her legs for everyone. She doesn’t think about who she hurts because she doesn’t care… as long as she gets the d. She gets around so much that she gets banged every night by the people she works with and random guys… Sometimes both. Best times is Thursday on cheap beer night. Her pussy and asshole look beat up more than puked up oatmeal.

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California 5

This female Kaycee had the audacity to flirt with my boyfriend. I confronted her about it and she told me she was going to fuck him better than I could and proceeded to flirt and hit on him! So I shrugged it off..until I found proof they have continued to talk..on Facebook and I confronted her again and she laughs at me calling me a skank! I tell her I have proof they still talk and she blocks me on Facebook..well I had blocked her from my boyfriends Instagram and conveniently they are friends again and still talking! Be careful girls she will try to get at both of you!! So when I got them fucking for the millionth or so time. I hit the bitch in the face with an iron. Then grabbed my now ex by the cock and balls and rammed his dick in the fucking toaster oven. Fuck them both they ruined my life.

Melissa doesn’t care that she’s married to a pathetic faggot, that her husband is locked up for raping old women, that she has four kids, or that her mom is a drunken pastor. All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one. She goes to the bars and gets shit pounded in alley ways. I talked to some guy while we were smoking crack and he told me that her underwear is stuck to her crotch like glue. Probably due to all the cum in there and the fact the bitch never showers. Melissa is cheap too she will steal all your drugs and booze. Which is not only bad for you but it is bad as you need that shit in your system to even consider fucking this bitch. Her pussy is dirty as mud. Everytime my buddy blasts his load in her he steals her glasses and places them on his fire place mantle. His fucking living room looks like Lens Crafters.! #WINNING!

So I been married for 3 years have known my husband for 4 years we have a two year old girl. He confessed he cheated when I was 29 weeks pregnant he had told me that he had met Mikaela while working at Walmart that she was better in bed than me that he had lasted longer with her that she looked better than me. I was fucking angry so I found out where this bitch lived. I went to her shitty trailer all high on crack with a baseball bat, gasoline, and my piece. As I was pouring gasoline on her fine rusty trailer shack. Her fat fucking brother cousin came home in his shitty truck. I chased his beaner illegal ass through a lettuce field with a bat. Then lit the field on fire. I seen Mikael run out crying then she got into a black lexus and her fat fucking spic friend Carlos “Little Dick” Gonzales fired shots at me for some reason as they fled off almost hitting a bunch of niglets stealing hub caps. Its on now bitch. I live at 346 Hilltop Ave, Strathmore, CA. Bring IT Bitch I am waiting!

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy Tony Vlachos that is a cop in a different city ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time… then she screwed my fiancé Colt in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! She is known to find humor in going into gas station bathrooms. Making a mess with her shit in the can, on the floor, smears it on mirrors. Taking pictures of it for her website. And then laughing. She also fucks with the toilet plumbing so it takes longer to fix. Just gross.

This chick Sarah has been messaging my husband and won’t stop. I finally found a message from her to my husband and called her out on it, she lied and he told the whole truth. So I went over to her house, grabbed the rake on her front lawn, rang her doorbell, and when she answered whacked her over the face with the rake. Then when she hit the ground like the sack of shit she is, I rammed the rake handle up her fucking ass and broke it off to give her slivers. She’s married with kids and her husband doesn’t even know. He says they never met but I call BS on that part. She is disgusting and a home wrecker. Sarah get help you skank and go buy a new fucking rake!!!!

This girl has always been a loose person, ever since we were preteens and Ashton tried to sleep with everyone’s daddy but time sure has not improved her. I have three friends who’s husbands have had her drunk ass come on to them the past year and she tried to ask my husband for a threesome. What I want to know is where does her husband think she is all the time? One time also a few years ago people made her go into hiding after a huge secret came out. She made a movie where she brushed her teeth with toilet water with shit and piss in it. She likes to smoke crack in the bush with her aunt ruth too. Watch out for Ashton she eats her shit crusties that she pulls from her ass hairs once they are hard. Like gum.

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