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I found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me with a new client of his from landscaping named Mila. little did he know his phone was connected to mine. so i found her on my whatsapp contacts. asked him he denied it. a couple days later i checked his phone, turns out he’s been talking to her on snapchat. i confronted him he lied obviously so i showed him the messages. i went bat crazy on him. i confronted her she sent him a msg on snap saying he got himself caught. i also found he sent her a 50 dollar giftcard to starbucks. to shorten the story i was trying to contact her via msgs calls she was too scared to answer me. then finally said she was fucking him. She then laughed at me and flooded my phone of pictures of her slurpping on my husbands nut sack. She is evil watch out for Mila. She is a whore! She knows it! And she is FUCKING PROUD!

My friends wife caught him having sex with Kiana in her own apartment. Apparently they had been talking for a couple months and they worked together at the local tavern. Kiana knew my dude was married because his wife had texted her number to stop contacting him and she still did. He wasn’t in his right mind due to other circumstances prior(like a lot of crystal meth). He would never have entertained her if he was in his right mind he loves his wife. But Kiana wouldn’t stop and then had the balls to laugh in my friends wife’s face when she caught them. I wouldn’t have been so brave if I was her I woulda ran out of that apartment naked she’s lucky nothing happened and his wife had self control. She’s a 31yo and lives with her drug dealer brothers who also pimp her out and bang her when they are bored or the cows are out at pasteur.

January 2nd, 2021

This girl Lana is as about as low as it gets. She’s always been a hoe. Grade school, high school (which she didn’t even graduate) and now. She has cheated on every guy she has ever been with. Her first baby daddy was cheated on almost daily, and if you ask me, his daughter isn’t even HIS. Her next baby daddy, same situation. Except for that one, she up and skipped town and left both kids with second baby daddy to care for. Wasn’t long until she lost BOTH of her kids, and is basically a never ending POS. She jumps around from city to city, state to state, sleeping with anyone that will put a roof over her head and drugs in her body. Watch out for this one. She specializes in being a home wrecker, she’s so good, she wreaked HER OWN.

October 29th, 2020

September 16th, 2020

July 18th, 2020

Hanja is a home wrecking sloot. She pursued my husband, who by the way is 16 years older then her 40 year old ass!!!!!, for months. They had an affair for several months and she knew he was married with three children. She loves old man balls slapping against her ass. Old, wrinkly, saggy nuts just dangling in her face.. Fucking Loves it . She is money hungry and continued to try to call and email after he told her he wanted to work on his marriage. Hanja or Hanja Ho Přitáhne si šálek a nalije ho do sklenice. Uloží sklenici prdů tekutými výkaly, aby hodila na všechny muslimy, kteří vstupují do Česka. Dobrá práce Hanja. pro skvělé odkazy na všechny její a další velké děvky, jako je její kurva, jsou obrázky na odkaz v náhodném f6 klikněte na tajný obrázek tam ..

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