North Macedonia 2

Carrie is the craziest type of girl you’ll ever encounter in the online dating world. With just less than a month of her late fiancees passing – she searched on tinder for casual sex. She ended up finding a man who she would invite and have intercourse with on the SAME bed her deceased fiancee slept in. If that’s already not screwed up enough, for someone to be able to do such a thing than one can assume shes easily cheated on her deceased fiancee by the name of Grant. How someone can so easily sleep with another man on the same bed her fiancee laid in is beyond disgusting. Oh Yeah plus she has took so much cock up her ass she shits blood.

This Bimbo home wrecker Brandy met my husband and I at a bon fire, then decided to pursue him, after he met my husband at that time at a bar and slept with him, she decided to continue the relationship, and tell me that she refuses to stop seeing him “that it’s nice to wake up to my husband in her bed and I’m gonna wish I never gave that up” to throw in the mix we have a baby, that had to go through this divorce with me while my husband saw this woman.. and ladies this isn’t the first man she’s done this to.. she has no morals or values.. she’s true trash with a record so watch out, your man could be next. 

Watch out for Jocelyn, she’s looking for some guy dumb enough to take care of her. She’s basically a homeless couch/dick surfer and useless person living with any guy so she has a place to live. She intentionally messages guys knowing they are taken and low life enough to not care if she’s breaking up a home cause she’s looking foe the next guy. She supposedly “cleans” houses for old guys and sleeping with them. All she’s looking for is someone guy to ne b1tch enough to support her lazy a55.

This 24 yr old cashier Annette likes to flirt with your husband at check out. Shes super friendly, and reals them in. She writes her number on the receipt, and Bam she’s in. She texts them, send dirty pics. All the while talking about how hard her and her son have it. Wanna meet up, can’t call in to work unless your gonna give me the cash I would have made. Oh, she’s gonna sleep with your man. She’s gonna hook him and bleed him dry. Trust me I know. My husband had her 3 times in a month and gave her over $600 towards her bills just to help her out. She just transferred to a downtown location now, so watch out. She also works at a donut shop in Provetce.

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