Singapore 3

Threats to keep niggers out of Singapore. Hence all niggers do drugs.

They never do shit. I got through the security checkpoints in Singapore with bricks of H visible in my suitcase. The zipperhead border guards are easy to buy off just buy them an hour with a white hooker.

January 26th, 2021

This is Alysia, she might look nice but in reality is a lying, cheating sloot who sleeps with men in relationships, knowing the situation fully. She pretends to be spiritual and into Buddha, and know the patch when in reality this chick is psycho and would constantly desperately msg my friend’s ex bf. I know 2 people boyfriends this b1Tch has opened her legs for and then her mouth to spit out the proof in a jar she keeps in her purse. How can people like this pretend to be a life coach when in reality your a mess. Stay clear – this b1tch has some karma coming to her and why you ever take advice from someone with no morals? A joke. Who has huge inflatable ta tas and is still sleeping with other people’s boyfriends and opening their legs for anyone who asks or will give her the time of day. She loves fucking tourists and claims to model for money but she is really sucking cock for it. Other womans mens dicks. Bitch.

This woman was caught red handed since she moved back to Singapore. she she will sleep with your husband not caring if you have kids. She ruins lives destroys families. Won’t leave them alone after. She should go back to Australia with her junkie self. She destroyed my family. All she cares about is sleeping with my husband. At raves doing meth in everyway imaginable and jumping from tourist oil tycoon to the next. Bambi is a slut times 1000!!! Things also tend to go missing when this kitten gets her paws on them dicks included. She will bribe people with their families and then make videos of her ramming cucumbers in her snatch with chop sticks. Its pretty filthy but she keeps walking around with her fake tits out like she is walking through a dick jungle gym.

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