Estonia 7

I am going to have to figure out a better scam. By side bitch Darja. It was good while it lasted. Be careful while out if she tries to pull it I want my cut stupid skank. How it works: Situation: this is a standard bar scam commonly found in Eastern European countries. The good news for you (not so much me and Darja’s crack habit) is that the authorities do take this seriously and have shut down suspect bars over the years, though one still has to be wary. Opening: you may encounter pretty females who chat you up and then suggest going for a drink together at a nearby bar. Set-up: Should you take the bait, you will end up at a club where the girls’ expensive drinks are put on your tab. Other ways of exploiting you could including spiking your drink or skimming your card. Anyhow, you should be prepared to pay 5-10x what you thought you is fair. Should you refuse to, there will be burly men around who will force you to do so.

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