Yukon 2

December 29th, 2020

Calling this Chantel this bitch of a woman cold hearted is a compliment, she is completely heartless. She plays the act in the beginning claiming she loves you and your the only one for her but it’s an act. Once she had ahold of you she will bleed you of your $ in a hurry not bad for someone who just turned 19. She also claims to go out with friends almost every weekend and come to find out she was always going to see other guys, most likely the next poor soul she can manipulate. She has zero remorse for anything she does or the damage she does as long as she gets what she wants. She cheats and lies about it, manipulates every guy she can in the Yukon. Once she has got everything she wants out of you she will vanish without a word. Then a cpl weeks will go buy and you will start hearing rumors about yourself she spread to make herself look like the victim and you the bad guy. She’s just not a good person and doesn’t care who she hurts or takes from so if you want to keep your dignity I would definitely stay away from her…she’s a scam artist.

December 14th, 2020

I bet the local natives who are usually drunk or tripping on the effects of some sort of household cleaning product can not wait to hear these fine young American Mormon men tell them stories about how god burnt them. And some bigger dork found plates but didn’t tell people. Oh well at least they have comfy pajamas.

A 28-year-old woman is facing multiple charges after a bus was stolen from downtown Whitehorse Sunday afternoon. Police say the 20-passenger bus was reported stolen from the downtown area around 2:40 p.m. Sunday. A short time later, police got calls about an erratic driver on the Alaska Highway travelling southbound from Porter Creek, in a vehicle matching the description of the stolen bus. The bus was hitting drunk natives down the highway and it was making a mess. The bus was found in the parking lot of the Kopper King bar with meth pipes, shit covered jizz full bloody condoms, and heroin needles, off the Alaska Highway. Police arrested a 28-year-old woman on foot squatting behind a truck taking a massive shit, and trying to reduce the swelling in her asshole from all the cock and other objects she had in prior. The woman was to appear in court Monday, facing charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, impaired operation of a motor vehicle while high as a fucking kite on meth, theft of a motor vehicle and failing to comply with conditions, and charged with and billed for missing some drunk natives with the bus that the officer got after.

December 2nd, 2020

People in Ross River, Yukon, aka LOST LIVER say bootlegging and drunk fucking chugs are a big problem, and they want it to stop. The community has been without a bar (soap or drinking establishment) for the last year. It has never had a government liquor store that would be as stupid as giving the gas huffers automatic weapons.. The nearest place to buy alcohol is in the Elizabeth Warrens house, about an hour’s jet powered diesel environment unfriendly jet flight away. Johnny Tailfeathers a member of the Ross River Fuckn YTS, said “the problem is obvious just give us more booze white man and we’ll shut up. Pronto!”.

November 8th, 2020

Quebec 8

Indecent Abby comes off as such a sweet kind woman. In reality she’s a cold hearted b*tch who had no problem sleeping with my husband to try to get ahead in her aesthetic business. She didn’t care that we had young children . All she saw was opportunity. She smiled and fucking laughed in my face knowing what she was doing behind my back . My family would often go to her for aesthetic services and she pretended to be so caring and even talked about her “boyfriend”. She was RUTHLESS. My husband told me the truth and she continued to lie and deny. Pathetic. She didn’t care the pain and destruction she caused me and my children . Abby has NO morals. If she sees a chance to get ahead in life financially , she will go after your husband. Beware!

Chantel stays right by the sunrise hotel because she sells herself as a floozy. She has been sleeping with my kids father for the past 8 weeks or longer everytime i catch her she always comes back while she was sleeping with my man she even slept with my other friends man from a completely different area she is like early 20 somehting years old at tops .. now i told my kids father he will never see his kids again because he has allowed her to disrespect them .. she will make sure she ruins your life .. she doesnt care she is dirty and she tries to sell her ass for drugs also .. she is a horrible person who yells at niggers just for being black, ignorant slore who she works at a daycare and fuks all the husbands .. watch your husbands if ur in Dolbeau .. she has been on this before by her boyfriends ex who she broke up another family with children involved and she is so proud and now she lost her boyfriend because of AIDS and she was fuking my man this other dude and prob a 100 other dudes !! She is a discusing disgrace of a woman and i hope her children know what kind if slore she is ! And how many fathers she took from their children.

Watch out for this whore Heather. She will steal your man! She prefers a man that doesn’t belong to her. She has no morals and doesn’t care who she hurts in the process of getting what she wants. I was with my boyfriend for 6 years and then comes along Heather. She knew he was taken but she didn’t care. I know it was his fault as well but you don’t interfere in someone’s relationship. She is always licking the shaft of Jean-Yves. Jean-Yves is a 64 year old is a womanizer and pedophile. He likes to go on MySpace and pick up young 14 year old little girls from the Philippines. This one has some issues. Jean Yves pays for everything for Heather and I mean EVERYTHING. I have talked to guys who fuck Heather also (there is a lot of them) just to use Jean-Yves for his money too.

November 17th, 2020

World meet Connie, too many last names to list, Matagami. This Northern Quebec nightmare has made a career out trying to destroy marriages, which includes her own. Her main goal is obvious, money, status, and lots of drugs. She seeks and finds married men who pay her just a little of attention and then starts sending nude photos. Once she is caught, she suddenly becomes a Christian to escape any punishment. You cannot throw a rock without hitting 5 men she has tried to shack up with. Ladies, when and not if but when she shows up on your spouses Facebook, please be concerned. If you step foot in Matagami she will bounce out and rape your ass. Every cock in that shit hole town has been drained beyond further use for her. God hopes she stays there in Matagami. No body wants here anywhere else.

November 8th, 2020

October 19th, 2020

Queerbec Ass Bandits Joe and Michel

August is a busy month for Joé, a dairy farmer and cattle fuckerr in Thetford Mines, in Quebec’s Chaudière-Appalaches region. It’s dick sword swinging season, when nut sacks hang heavy and Swiss chard grows dark and lush in his anal cavity. It’s also Pride month in Canada, which means that for Joe, the president of Fierté Agricole, any moments not spent in the garden or with the herd he raises with his “Ass Bandit” partner, Michel , are spent at LGBT pride festivals across the region sucking dick and bending over for numerous strange men for money.. These ass hacking bandits aren’t just stopping at sucking and giving fame animals hand jobs for dairy products. They are soon opening up a brand new bed and breakfast in Thetford Mines Exclusively for faggots called “Bonjour Boner”. John Legend will be there.

Wyoming 3

Sydney is one of the biggest skanks in Cheyenne, she fucks her step dad who is a cop. She made it her life’s mission to destroy marriages and relationships. She tried to be a friend to my friend all while trying to sleep with her husband. She succeeded. Well we know it’s his fault too, but it’s her fault as well. Once my friend found out about the affair, they decided to try and save their marriage for the sake of the kids. Fine. Sydney didn’t stop there. She continued to text him AND my friend. She would send him dirty pictures, try to say thing like “you need to leave that b1tch”, Etc. She kept using fake numbers to text them from and when she would get blocked she would create a new one. She would create fake profiles on social media to harass them as well. Sydney is bad fucking news. Plus she never showers and has a big yellow skid mark of shit in her welfare store bought granny panties. Skank bitch.

This is an exfriend and colleague Chantel from Casper. We were friends for over 2 years and ever since I met her she has got involved with married men. Most of them give her money to spend time with her or buy her things or take her out. She pretends not to know about the wives and uses the men and then threatens to tell the wife. They all think they’re the only one but she’s had up to 5 men at once before. She just had another abortion and she didn’t know who the father was… again. I have seen her ruin 3 marriages and she always came to me pretending to be annoyed with them and laughing about this lady or that lady but I’ve had enough now. The last guy didn’t even know that she had something and he gave it to his wife who is 7 months pregnant. One of our friends had sex with her 18months ago and he’s only just found out that he has it too. Hopefully they go to the police because I’m sure this is illegal?!

Laura is the bitch on the left there. And for 3 wine coolers this bitch is yours for the whole night or until you want to leave. The girl on the right is Stacy she watches while you fuck Laura and usually operates the video equipment. They have a shitty apartment in Casper. I met Laura on tinder. That is all true what she says. What she failed to mention in her tinder ad is that her mom and dad also love her dildo. And love to watch videos of her using her dildo. While I fucked Laura up her fucking ass. Stacy filmed it and fiddled her pussy with her dildo. She sent the video to Laura’s parents and they seen it and said that they couldn’t be prouder that ty have such a a lovely cock sucking whore for a daughter. They are so excited to share the video with her grandparents and her uncle Chester who is serving a 5 year stink for sexually molesting old women at the seniors center where he worked. It is a great film. Tinder is by far the way to go for snatch when in Wyoming.

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