Ireland 3

Cammi loves to suck guys off with hairy dicks so after they blow their load she can use the pubes to get the shit chunks out of her teeth. Cammi lives in Cork and is in the bar every fucking night spreading her whore 20 year old ass for cocks as old as 93. You have to see this bitch on St Pattys day her yeast infection crust on her ass, vag, and underwear is green so it matches the stupid leprechaun hat she wears when she takes it in the ass on the patio at the bar.My now ex boyfriend went to one of Cammis slut grounds. He was one of the dudes plowing her. He came home and gave me a nice gift on valentines day of red burning flame herpes for my crotch. So I set his fucking car on fire and fucked his dad and boss for film to show him. I also made sure that his whole family seen me being fucked along with the whole town and I had a ruler with their cocks and a picture of his little wiener so now the whole city of Cork knows how small your dick is Richard!!!! I had 22 years of marriage 3 kids all wrecked due to the need of Cammi’s ass hunger to get fucked raw by stiff shafts. Fucking home wreckers I hope you fucking losers get hit by a bus FUCK YOU!!!

This is Emily. Dublin’s Dick Dobbler. She will dunk your dink in a coffee if you give her a bite of your doughnut. She is a homeless hooker who will sleep in the park or any dudes house she can find to blow. This girl started working with my homosexual lover and partner of 12.5 years about 10 months ago. I suspected their affair about a month after she started working with him. I confronted her after finding ample evidence of an inappropriate relationship developing and even after being made fully aware of his relationship status she actively worked to break us up. He insists that they are just friends but she has intentionally and in hurtful ways made sure that I doubt him. She’s divorced and her ex seems to have moved on into a healthy relationship so she made it her mission to break us up. Bitch. She openly calls out British People calling them as bad as niggers!!

Me and my husband have been together for 7 years and married for 1 year. We have 2 kids together. This gutter slut Donna is his ex booty call who is one of his moms friends (a year older than his mom too). Well we got together in 2012 and she was non stop calling him. He finally picked up and told her to fuck off old hag she started laughing and said she wouldn’t do that. She started harassing both of us on pornhubfriends and even pretended to be nice to me (I wasn’t falling for it). A year later we had our son and she went crazy! She started stalking his family and both our places of work. Then one night she got all high on crack and drunk, got on her pink pedal bike. She got a big rubber dick and started chasing everyone around Longford. Donna is a crazy drunk old Irish ginger hag with herpes. And yeast infection crust that is older than I.

Ireland 2

Malaysia 3

Tia and Cammi Malay whores who go around bars looking for western men to fuck them. Age ugly as fuck doesn’t matter they are cock hungry sluts who want to get out west. I nailed them both and it cost me a drink. Not a drink each just 1 they shared it and I jizzed on the ice cubes the first time after I took them to my hotel room second time they just drank the load as the ice melted. Malaysia is awesome! It is like Turkey or all arab muslim countries but in Asia. Just like Arab countries the women here are disgusted by all the Malaysian men. And I mean all the women find them gross as fuck. Tia speaks a bit of English Cammi in red doesn’t know a fucking lick. When you blast it in her face the shit that comes out of her mouth is hilarious “oh ching chang chong. It hurt, cum ching ping pong gook goo”. Its awesome and funny shit.

Ran out of Rice part way through its sex change.

Lam Ming Covid Snatch is what happens when someone gets only half of sex change surgery done. She likes to flirt around with guys especially those in the late 30s. Her husband is not aware she was born a man and the whole time when she is having affair with guys during office hours at the toilet cleaning company she/he/it runs. She is a really horny and love guys who claim to be millionaires. I have caught this homely looking fuck bitch digging throw garbages to prepare to eat her/it snake/bats/dogs/cat meal. All so it can spread its ass cheeks and spray people with coronavirus through anal ass spray mist.

Made her husband watch her fuck tourists

Cass “The Malay Ass” Hui made her husband Chang Lui become a cuckold, she made him watch me fuck the living shit out of her screaming loving it then she made him lick the cum off her face and eat a shit log she laid on the floor and then pissed on him and blew me again while I had a beer. She is a home wrecking whore so many guys in Malaysia jerk off to tourists gang fucking her. It is the biggest hit in all the mosques across the country. Since Malaysian Muslims have no goats to fuck Allah recommends porno and to use the Koran as tissue to clean up your jizz and or wipe your ass with it. Like the Koran is a multi purpose tool. Cass goes as far as to use it as a Maxi Pad or tampon. Almost a form of birth control for her sometime to to remind her never to touch a stink muslim. She will instantly start filming another movie with her new co workers from Bang Bros Kual Lumpur and Slutworld Asia. Hopefully through this website, her co worker and everyone can blow some good quality loads and witness such a promiscuous womans doings!

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Malaysia 2

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