Serbia 3

Two Novi Sad., women Annie and Candy were arrested last week as part of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation in the city. According to the Serbian Police Service, as part of the investigation, officers on Aug. 5 executed a search warrant at a rural residence. Police say investigators seized a large quantity of methamphetamine, crack cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, and Tylenol 3 laced with super crack and krokodile codeine along with $6.8 million in cash, a weigh scale and a cellphone, and more weapons than most militaries in the world. The Serbian police will tag team them anally and then let them off with a warning.

Meljina knew my husband was married, knew we were trying to conceive, and yet constantly messaged with my husband. She sent him many erotic fantasies and video after video and photos after photo of herself masturbating for my husband and calling him Daddy. She’s a third grade teacher in the public school system. Apparently she doesn’t care about kids enough to give a sh!t how their affair would affect the 3 children we already had, or to give a sh!t about the two other pregnancies I went through while she was cheating with my ex. She is also a photographer, so she spends pretty much 100% of her time around families either at school or capturing their memories forever, but apparently none of what she sees ever showed her the value of a family, and she needed to dismantle mine. She sent videos of herself masturbating to my husband the day after he and I had gone to the first ultrasound for our last baby, and couldn’t find a heartbeat. Thanks for always being available for cheering him up, Melanie. 

January 12th, 2021

Dunja is a racist , homophobic , lying , theif who does nothing but sit around doing drugs and robbing people , including her friends and family . Neither her , nor her boyfriend have actual jobs or do anything productive in order to afford things and survive , besides stealing money for drugs . Her only methods of income are selling drugs , mostly fake; and as mentioned before , robbing . She has claimed she was raped and assaulted by multiple different people . Specifically one of the people she claimed had raped her and assaulted her , was a situation that happened at my house . She was drunk , they were making out and she passed out , he then left . The person is bosnian . She is EXTREMELY racist towards bosnian/muslim people , not only saying sh1t about their nationality but also their religion . She is constantly using Racist and Homophic slurs , like nigger is the second word out of her slut mouth when she sees black people. . She also got ran thru by a whole Skin Heads with swastika tattoos group of guys within a less than a month long period

December 16th, 2020

Max Joseph that grey haired flamingly can not hide the fact he is a fucking homosexual From The MTV Show Cat Fish got caught shitting out his boyfriends cum in front of that sign. Barrack Obama told me that once when we were smoking crack with Anderson Cooper so it must be true.

BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbian police say they have arrested two people for beating up a fat lard ass man because they thought he was a fucking faggot. Police said Sunday the two are suspected of hitting the 69-year-old man on the head after calling him gay in a restaurant in central Belgrade. Michael Moore says he was attacked Friday because he was carrying a pink dog transporter bag that the attackers viewed as proof he was homosexual(He was also flashing old ladies in the park reports say earlier). Moore says he lost three teeth in the attack and suffered cuts and bruises all over his fat fucking blubber ass. He has written on Facebook that “despite not being fully open about being a faggot homosexual, tonight I am proud to ‘be’ one of them and would love my asshole penetrated by a solid vieny throbbing boner.” Link to a similar story that happened to another faggot.

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