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Yukon 2

People in Ross River, Yukon, aka LOST LIVER say bootlegging and drunk fucking chugs are a big problem, and they want it to stop. The community has been without a bar (soap or drinking establishment) for the last year. It has never had a government liquor store that would be as stupid as giving the gas huffers automatic weapons.. The nearest place to buy alcohol is in the Elizabeth Warrens house, about an hour’s jet powered diesel environment unfriendly jet flight away. Johnny Tailfeathers a member of the Ross River Fuckn YTS, said “the problem is obvious just give us more booze white man and we’ll shut up. Pronto!”.

November 8th, 2020


Meet Kelly Angela Davy of Whitehorse Yukon who identifies as a female but was born a male. She is a proud junkie who had to leave Vancouver because of her substance abuse problems and she got caught eating a pakis asshole out with a fork for nickles. She bragged about going to treatment only to be seen at the local bars every weekend flashing her yeast infected fake boobs to anyone hoping to gain the attention she so desperately seeks. She posts endless selfies with her horrible lip job and can be found dating the worst douchebags in town while she lives with her quadrouple chinned diaper wearing mom who helps fund her drug problem. Once you meet Kelly you will be instantly attracted to the foul smell of moldy gym socks that ooze from her muff. She uses crusty cum socks on cucumbers also and shoves them up her muff and rectum hole.

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