North Macedonia

Beware of this hurting women Jana who will gamble all her money away and she doesn’t have any left to buy her kids things she goes flashing her enormous fun jugs to get her next spin at the casino she even steals from peoples yards just to gamble and her so called friends she only uses and she even steals from them she will go to great lengths to steal your stuff so she can pretend she bought them just to give to her children and will blame everyone from stealing from her the one who points fingers there is three pointing back at her she stolen shoes and phones, underwear, perfume, makeup, clothes and even tattoo kits to sell this women can ‘t be trusted….. 

November 6th, 2020

May 8th, 2020

Here we have Jasmine. Kumanovo loosest bicycle. Married with triplets but that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with all her coworkers at the pig farm and anyone else who looks at her. She cheats on her husband while he works or is at home with their kids. She laughs while she gets fucked and spends her husbands families money on drugs. She wont use condoms as she wants STD’s and or more children. She was kicked out of a function in Skopje last month as someone thought a nigger or muslim was around as her snatch smells so fucking bad. Careful ladies take it from me if your man has talked to her chances are they’re already banging. Do yourself a favor and dump him like I did before you catch something.

Her Husband Was murdered By
Jewish Gypsies

Bethja began sleeping with my husband a few years ago for money. She had been my best friend for 7 years. She was married and her husband got killed by a wild pack of Jewish Gypsies for a nickle. My husband and I split up after two weeks we decided to work things out. He swore he would never see her again. Two months later I found out I was pregnant with some random dudes kid. . He flipped out for some odd reason and left. I found him three days later with her at a meth house fucking each other while sharing a pipe.!! Two months go by and he doesn’t see me or our two kids. He wasn’t helping and blaming me for everything. Well I don’t know, I took him back. One month later he took off with her to the beach leaving me with his kids with no money. This woman Bethja knew I was pregnant and knew we were trying to work it out but yet he still saw him. He never came back after that beach trip. My third child was born and is now almost two and he has never seen her!! He doesn’t do anything for my child. 

Yugoslavia left a bunch of countries in its path of destruction in the 1990s, when it was broken up during a period of extreme political upheaval. And perhaps no nation is worse off now than the crappy North Macedonia, which you’ve never heard of and will never visit. Among many lingering issues, corruption and Jews are a huge issue here and it’s one of the most polluted countries in Europe but that little bitch Greta is too scared to tell them. 


A 28-year-old Slovenian woman has been arrested in Serbia on suspicion that she attempted to smuggle more than 24 kilograms of marijuana across Batrovci. Batrovci is a border crossing between Serbia and Croatia. The police said they found a total of 24.6 kilograms of the drug in possession of the suspect, Ivana. The narcotics were hidden in specially built spaces inside a car with Slovenian license plates.
Ivana is now in police custody and will be charged and taken before the Higher Public Prosecution in the town of Sremska Mitrovica within 48 hours of her arrest. She laughed and told the cops to fuck off as she was untouchable. The police laughed at her, then tased her and boot fucked her, and put her in a cell with a bunch of fat dykes for a few hours.


Slovenia, hundreds of migrants stopped in police operations Seven human traffickers arrested as migrant numbers increase along the Balkan Route and police step up controls. Police stopped 257 migrants in a huge operation that took place in recent days between Ljubljana and Novo Mesto, while another 35 migrants were stopped in the Slovene coastal region during routine border inspections. The Ljubljana central police said in a statement that since Tuesday, August 18 in the evening, special canine units, along with drones and state border agents, were at work concluding seven different operations in areas of Ljubljana and the capital of southeastern Slovenia, along roads that lead to the borders with Italy and Croatia. The statement said the goal of the operations was to prevent and to detect illegal border crossings in the areas with the highest traffic. <SNIP> LINK

September 13th, 2020

Stacia’s been in multiple relationships the past years and will literally drain a man for what he has and off to the next. She will wait until someone else’s relationship is in shambles, to only move in and do her dirty work. Also, there is another young lady she would party with and guess what, this girl caught him messaging Stacia and screenshot everything to Stacia’s boyfriend at the time. I honestly don’t know how she hasn’t been beaten yet. It started when she decided to date the ex-husband of a friend of hers. But to top it off, this same guy is also the friend of her ex boyfriend. Talk about messed up. DRDs are involved and she does not disclose that information at all. She cheated on her latest beau with this local, broke comedian. She is known for flaunting her saddlebag a55 and for also only being able to obtain a job as a waitress and sucking off Italian tourists for meth money. Stacia your a real piece of work.

January 9th, 2020

Slovenia is one of Europe’s greenest countries due to the fact niggers are not there to dirty it up…….. and that’s about it. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this former Yugoslav republic except that it’s near cooler countries and its legal to whack off and smoke crack in public places here— its neighbors are Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, which must give it an incredible chip on its shoulder. 

Slovenia is the country where Trump’s wife was born. Thats a second foreign first lady in a row. Michelle Obama (who has a penis) was born out of a gorilla’s asshole in Africa along with her husband.

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Feeling “mentally scarred” by racist abuse, England defender Danny “The shit skinned nigger” Rose said he never wants to play in Montenegro again in a rebuke to UEFA for only ordering the country to play one game without fans. Rose was among the nigger England players targeted with monkey noises by Montenegro supporters during a European Championship qualifier last month in Podgorica. UEFA on Friday ordered Montenegro to play in an empty stadium for the June 7 home game against Kosovo, and also fined the fined the country’s soccer federation 20,000 buckets of fried chicken($22,000). “I’m lost for words a little and I am not surprised,” Rose told broadcaster Sky Sports. “I don’t think it is a harsh enough punishment for someone to learn from in the future, just a one-game ban and 20,000 euros. It’s a bit shocking but there is not much I can do now. I want more and more whitey hand outs”

Careful girls, Sophia act like your friend but really she’s interested in your boyfriend. Given the chance she’ll sexet him or send him nudes of her massive fucking jugs. Then tell him how she wants to slap him in the face with him as she motor boats him. She prides herself on taking gooey loads on her chest. Fucking slut of. Had a boyfriend who she consistently cheated on then turns around and says he’s the one cheating one her. She’s been seen downtown Podgorica smoking meth, drinking and God knows what other bullsh1t. All while strange dudes play with her boobs like they are medicine balls. If you call her on her sh1t.. she’ll try to start rumors about you. She a drunken soout and will sleep with anyone.

The coolest part about this small Balkan country is how fucking tall everyone is — the average height is more than 6 feet. Plus it smells nice here as all the people are white which means they shower and don’t have natural body odor that stinks like shit like black people do.

Otherwise, Montenegro is mostly known for its extremely aggressive shit faced hammered drivers, who have rightfully been described as “fucking super cool.”  

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Nadja is the biggest liar of all time,,, attention slore,,, whines about working a full time job at a brothel where her services go as far ass to lick old man jizz off the floor. Also to suck the jizz of out of used condoms, dry them then have them ready for re use(Some are used up to 40 times each)… this girl lies to guys says she a virgin on line to get American men, when really shes the shady one going around sleeping with men acting like she into you so you… once you sleep with her,,, she runs back to her boyfriend and pretends she doesnt know you. People at her work can’t stand her, her pu55y is loose , says only been with 4000 guys.. yeaaa right more like the country 

Serbia isn’t for everyone especially blacks and jews. Oh, poor uncultured soul. If not for its abysmal nationalist politics and icy relations with neighbors, Jews would flock at the chance to destroy this great white nation. Its just what Jews do best. So come to Serbia and have a plum spirit and the national beverage, and everyone has a family member who makes it. So have a drink and watch some football and bask in the great culture the Serbs has. Before it gets infected with dieversity.

Says that it is warm when she sleeps with a diaper full of poop and pee.

Thank God you’re very unlikely to run into this ugly whore LjilJana and a teacher-in-attempt, who has allowed herself to be used as anal jizz dumpster by several of her superiors AND her students, both men and women, while married and having a son jerk off to nude pictures of her taking a big dump! But if you do happen to run into her in this backwards country, please spit on her for me! She came over to my hotel room left a big shit log in the toilet with out flushing and left brown poo marks all over the bright white tile floor of my hotel. I had to get really fucking drunk to fuck this bitch too She heed and hawed like a fucking horse the whole time while talking about feces as she was deepthroating cock. Just nasty and gross she had flies around her pussy too stunk like a goats fart with AIDS. She pissed herself (in her defence she was methed out) and slept in her human waste for a few days until the meth high whore off and the shakes stopped. She is sick.

Geoguessr this one was tough but finally came close.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian war criminal sought by Bosnia and Herzegovina was detained Thursday in Turkey’s southern coastal province of Antalya, police officials said.
According to the General Directorate of Security, 64-year-old Dusko Dabetic arrived at a five star hotel in the holiday resort province at the beginning of this week.
He will be deported back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as he is “wanted by the judicial authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina for prosecution to serve a sentence.”
Interpol has released an advisory for his arrest on charges of “war crimes against civilians.”LINK

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