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West Virginia 3

Load Licker Lydia

This woman Lydia is married with two children. She’s 33 years old and works as an aid. She’s been sleeping around with a man who was engaged to be married and with a baby on the way. Her husband pays for everything in her life, so with the money she earns she buys the guy she’s cheating on her husband with shoes, weed, hotel rooms, etc. she’s been having an affair for a year now and even after being told to stop communicating with the guy. She lies to her poor husband and he’s so old he can be easily fooled. She even came to the guys house and threaten his fiancé. She try’s to pretend to be a good person, but she’s really not. Her fucking muff apparently smells like an old chicken tuna sandwich and she has dingle berries hanging in her ass hairs.(Thats crusted shit caked in the hairs by her rectum). Just a pig and she also owes almost every drug dealer in town. And they are all sick of her payinfg off her meth debts with chipped tooth blow jobs.

West Virginia 2

This guy hunts niggers in the wild.
Then uses their pelts for wallets.

West Virginia is a huge grease splattered mine shaft located west of Normal Virginia. The entire state is an inbred infested shit hole, where it is not uncommon for a women to suck off their brothers attend church, smoke a shitload of meth, then go to a KKK rally all in a 24 hour period. West Virginia is also the lardass capital of the world, and most of its population has appeared on the Jerry Springer show in between collecting welfare checks. On political matters, the entire state is made up of Obama hating democrats who cling to their gods, guns, and diabetes testing supplies. Most West Virginians are METHodist. Even though the movie Deliverance was filmed in (and filmed about) Georgia, one should take great pains to avoid certain places when vacationing in West Virginia. No, really. People have been known to disappear into the woods and never return. A recent documentary series, Wrong Turn (and its many sequels) has shed light on the fact that West Virginia backwoods areas harbor inbred mutant cannibal psycho hillbillies.

This is Chelsea age 25 from Wheeling WV. She is a stripper but was fired from all of the local strip clubs when it was ousted that she was the head of the group Keep West Virginia WHITE!. She slept with her best friend of 10 years ex boyfriend of 5 years only a week after her best friend was with him. He took naked photos of Chelsea on a cell phone that his ex gave to him. Chelsea has also slept with dudes so they would pay her $50 rent or so they would take her to get her nails done (good priorities, right?) she posts very provocative photos for everyone on social media to see so she can get attention. She will do ANYTHING to be the center of attention. Did I mention she had a boyfriend at the time she was sleeping with her best friends ex?? She has last been seen down near Charleston sucking old dudes cock so she can buy some real titties.

Kayla likes breaking up families then cry rape when she don’t get what she wants. She gets back at men by raping their dogs. She rapes dogs all over West Virginia. She goes into the yard and yanks them by the tail, puts on a metal strap on thats sharp as a nail, its her life long mission she will never fail. Kayla is horny for Fido’s asshole. She gets carried over the top when she goes by the pound. She buys puppy chow in fucking bulk and hucks it on her fucking pussy and strap on. Fuck you Kayla you whore. Now everyone knows how evil you are towards animals. And that you piss your pants all the time.

Kim gets bum fucked by old men by a campfire on weekends and has slept with most of the guys she works with at the prison (State of West Virginia Pre-release Center and MCTC). And the inmates. But she particularly enjoys going after married men. She’s ruined several marriages and the stupid men keep falling for her sob stories about how she’s a victim. Please. She’s nothing but a skank slore who gets off on attention and drama. Once she gets her hooks in a married man she does everything she can to convince him to leave his wife and kids for her. She also thinks it hilarious to send the wives friend requests in social media while she poses as a friendly coworker. She also finds humor in posing as other women and telling the wives their husbands fuck other men. She thrives on the drama and chaos she creates while pretending she hates drama. She manipulates these idiot men until they’re wrapped around her chubby fingers. Her ass is a filthy sewage bin just like her mouth.

Sherry Fucks Everyone In Charleston But Her Husband

This is Sherry and she’s married and still has live in boyfriends that she tells her husband they are just roomates and once she sucks there c0cks and money bone dry she puts them out and moves on to the next. I blast a load in her at least once a week when I walk to or from the bar in Charleston. It just depends on how long of a wait the line up is. Being anything after the 10th dude that day sometimes gets raw on the cock and causes a rash and the skin on your cock to turn yellowish-white and peel. Her husband still sends her money which is alright as it pays for beer. Sherry refuses to wear condoms and assures you she is pregnant when you fuck her, or she will blame it on her loser husband like she does all the other times. If you go by the Rite-Aid pharmacy on Bridge Road she is usually there stealing hemroid cream or looking for old dudes outside to blow for crack money.

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Angie Makes The Best Period Flavored Smoothies
West Virginia Misty Mountain Angie Period Juice Smoothies

Angie was my best friend and made the best smoothies out of her period juice. It use to suck when she was pregnant thats why we had big parties on the day she got abortions. PERIOD FLAVORED SMOOTHIES!!!!!. Anytime I introduced her to anyone, I would follow it with “ when I drink her period juice smoothies I am so fucking jealous of her tampons.” Come to find out, her and my husband we’re grabbing hookers from overseas banging the shit out of them with dildos filming it and making money. My friend wants to marry my husband now. She constantly complained about how mean and unthoughtful her husband was and I was always there for her to have a smoothie and dyke out on a picnic. Heck, she even had her own bed at my house to fuck strange old dudes she met online for when she wanted to get away. She is not to be trusted and is a pathetic human being and I want her period smoothie recipe. She is going on Shark Tank with her idea and I bet if she blows that Jew Cuban she will get a deal.

Little Brittni Bluefield here age like 23 is a man stealing hoochie she took Apu from several girls and has harassed us taunted us did mean things she actually stabbed his other ex, hospitalized her in FL all because Brittini wanted to help the Sihks defeat the niggers in the race war. She has done very bad, bad, bad things to her pet cat and goes behind her back sends me money, buys me clothes, and also got me a ring and orders flowers offline and mails them. He doesn’t want to be with her. He has told her time and time again but she doesn’t listen. She will ruin your family, ruin your kids, start crap with all your ex’s because she’s ugly and has plastic surgery, and no great guy wants her. She has caused my family and friends a great deal of suffering and pain. Please be aware. Stay away from her

This is Tiaira Dirmacio or on some accounts known as Tiaira Desiree. This girl is a white trash whore from West Virginia. She’s a college drop out living with her meth addicted prostitute mom and her 1 year old son. She thinks she’s so much better than everyone else and thinks every girl out there is intimated by her amazing kick ass Kung Fu style she learned from giving Chuck Norris Blow Jobs. She sits on her lazy ass all day while her so called bf Corey works and spoils her and their child. But Tiaira sucks me off the second Corey goes out the door and I crawl out of the closet. I jizz on Corey’s tooth brush in the bathroom too for fun and Tiaira and I laugh as she sucks her pussy off my cock. She starts drama with other girl calling them whores when she’s one too and calls them fat when she ain’t even fit herself due to all the chubby I pump in her with cum. She also sends nudes to men over kik and snapchat she fucks them when she is not blowing me or laughing about how small Corey’s dick is. And one happen to be my uncles friend. He’s in his 40s, is married and has a 6 year old daughter! I honestly feel bad for her son and future child on the way the next one is probably mine. We are blaming Corey so he better pay as I am bailing once I notice a buldge.

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