October 1st, 2020

September 25th, 2020

July 30th, 2019

Benin is a country full of niggers located in Africa. It is the birthplace of Voodoo and over the years has been a major exporter of shitty farm equipment(nigger slaves) to the world. This country fucking sucks. Which makes it chalk full of poor people and most importantly a shit load of laughs. Hopefully lots of violent pictures.

Oprah farted these kids out.

The above is not a photo shop it is a cotton farmer and his family in Benin. They could be slaves to for all I fucking know. But that is in Benin. And they are niggers. And they are beside cotton and they look like shit. So I am assuming that they are cotton picking niggers.

Ghana 3

Ghana is probably the only country in Africa that is pure nigger that is a high shit end place to live if your an African groid. The only thing that will ever ruin this for the nigger of Ghana is one thing. More Niggers.

February 10th, 2021

January 2nd, 2021

That white guy probably has a powerful gun and is baiting the niggers to rob them so he can blast them. Its called nigger baiting safaris. Many rich white Americans go to nigger shit holes and stand and wait to get robbed so they can shoot niggers.

December 10th, 2020

November 20th, 2020

September 13th, 2020

These niggers use the soil mattresses they fuck goats and other wildlife including other niggers, as guards to protect leaks from the angry gods who put water on the. Thats nigger innovation. Beat that white people and your space travel machines.

This Nigger Bitch Sells Fridges and shit. None are stolen. God’s word. Respect to Bananas

July 25th, 2020

Senegal 5

January 31st, 2021

Nigger Luxury. Allah hates you.
This looks like more of a safety hazard than my “Michelle Obama Has A Pulsing Erection” Bumper sticker.
These niglets piss and jerk off in the water supply for the community. Since they have no internet and can not afford drugs, they do this for fun
I am Mutumbo King of The Donkey Piss
Niggers discussing on the how there are no white people to blame on their failures and blaming it on the sand as it is whiter than them.
I am willing to bet they just shit on the floor next to where they sleep.


In less than a century niggers who thought they could form a country and be great without the white man failed within seconds of running it themselves. This should be a scare for any white person. Niggers are fucking failures. Niggers HAVE NEVER EVER had a peacefully ran, well off society. Its not racism causing this, its not lack of resources, the only reason these places fail is NIGGERS. There is no denying how big of failures they really are. If you think otherwise you really are stupid. WOW. Imagine if these idiots somehow ran a white country. Like not Obama as a puppet or any other nigger society caters to to make human. Like actually let the nigger make choices. It would be an unimaginable nightmare. We would all be dead. The only good and funny thing about it would be the niggers cheering for freedom from the white man would die first which would be comical. Niggers are so stupid. They think those niggers really care about niggers rights. All niggers only care about 1 nigger and that is themselves.

May 21st, 2020

In 2014, a woman from Liberia crossed the border to Guinea to attend the funeral of an Ebola victim, and to touch and rub herself repeatedly against the recently deceased person’s rotting corpse as tradition dictates. She then came back to Liberia where she infected her whole village. Ebola has now reached the capital, Monrovia, where people have taken to believe that the virus doesn’t exist, just another lie of the White Man. Even though there are shit-and-blood covered corpses putrefying in the streets, some Liberians refuse to believe that Ebola is real and that it’s all a big hoax. This has resulted in quarantined persons being “liberated” by angry mobs and the outbreak to reach previously unthinkable proportions for an urban center. These are the same people who used to believe that nakedness made them bulletproof.

Many are also convinced that if you die of Ebola, you can rise from the dead, because they heard it on the street. The UN put up over 9000 signs declaring “EBOLA IS REAL YOU FUCKING NIGGERS!” but since niggers can’t read, it was fail.Liberia also accused the United States government of creating Ebola for the lulz, showing their total lack of gratitude for that airport.

Liberia is the 9th worst country to live on in the planet. If you remember a quick recap of the history of this west African Nigger Nation. The niggers fled there to create a country to get away from the racist white man. Once under Nigger Rule. As you guessed it failed miserably. They may not have food and die at 40 but at least there is no Trump. Lots to be proud of your heritage here in your cow poo hut.

Liberia (“Land of Freedom from the evil white man”; real original, guys) is a colony of Americanized Shit Skins in Africa, who had the bright idea to go back to Africa and make USA 2: Electric Boogaloo. Ironically Liberia may be the most explicitly racist country in the world, being the only one whose constitution denies citizenship based on skin color. If you go there you will die, either from killing yourself upon arrival for being so stupid to go there in the first place, or from being beheaded and turned into sporting goods, assraped to death by a warlord, catching full-blown AIDS from breathing the air, cannibalized alive or infected with Ebola, which simultaneously does not exist/was created by the USA.

Some argue it is the worst place on the planet. Liberia is dead last on every list compiled by the World Health Organization in recent years, except for being first on the world ranking list of nigger shitholes. Liberia is truly showing the world that niggers are failures and even with whitey’s help can not run a civilized country. Truth hurts liberals, truth is truth.

Charles DB King sounds like a British field model nigger rap artist.


MORE HERE Hundreds of thousands of Togolese wild niggers massed in a huge fucking bongo party in their country a week after African diplomats gathered at the Sheraton in Pretoria to sell them out to some Jews for some fried chicken. Since last Wednesday the streets of Lomé have been pounding with nigger rage. As many as 100 000 ape men have showed the limits to their typical nigger behavior over the past week on the palm-lined boulevards of the capital. Meanwhile, a fortnight ago at the Sheraton hotel some 4 500km away, diplomats from around the continent laughed at Togo’s dumb gorilla ape president, Faure Gnassingbé. The fearless nigger leader had agreed with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu: the Africa-Israel Summit, planned to be held in Lomé in six weeks’ time that he ould use some of his defective farm equipment niggers there to send to America to fuck it up. Niggers getting sold out by niggers and Jews. The Togo niggers are believed to be the first niggers to actually admit their stupid behavior is not the white mans fault. But the fault blames in their own Nigger DNA when enhanced by a Jews greed.

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