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Seattle 3

Plastic Patty is the biggest fucking drug whore in Everett! Hands fucking down. She smokes meth around her basterdized kids. She’s a home wrecker, will do you so dirty and of course lie about not f***ing your man anymore when they still f***ing. She f**** other men for free and gets paid for it. The only thing she cares about is having transportation so that she can keep getting drugs and f***ing. She takes her kids with her to game rooms and leaves them in the car with a stranger while she goes and gets a match (plays a game). Then they will switch while her soul mate Peter Weber plays a gay game with strange men while she is digging in the dumpster for anything she can find because she’s a shitty pos mother that doesn’t gaf about her kids. She picks up used tampons and pads and uses them. Sick.

This woman met my husband at a local park in Seattle. When I pulled up behind them he took off, jumped a curb and she still stayed in the car with him. She claims she thought I was just a stalker. Yet she went on and stayed with him for hours. The next day I contacted her and informed her I was indeed his wife. She told me to fuck myself and bring it and called me an uppity dyke bitch. She claims she was never in the vehicle with him and didn’t leave with him. Their texts from that day clearly stated they had sex. First off, if she truly thought he wasn’t married then why lie? Wouldn’t have been her fault. But here we are, months later and she is still covering her tracks. This is a whore at her finest. Beware of Crystal. She is always servicing random dudes especially taken ones.

Seattle 2

Banned? Fuck come on in all reality one of those niggers she is defending would of raped and killed her eventually anyway. If you really look at statistical odds the odds of that happening around niggers is as high as dying when you chop your head off.

Gets Tag Teamed By The Mechanics
At Jiffy Lube On Her Lunch Breaks

This lowlife nasty whore places ads on Craigslist offering “services” to men. She doesn’t care if he is married or engaged. She will even talk to him about his woman while screwing him. She then threatens to expose him if he doesn’t do what she wants. She is pathetic and has spent time in mental hospitals because she is not right in the head. She claims she is a “friend to woman” but in truth she sets out to destroy woman and their relationships. She is cold, calculating and a parasite on relationships. She has no morals and is plain out nasty to screw random guys she meets of Craigslist. She prides herself on her oral skills and weird boyish body. This woman is a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself. She did her part to ruin a wonderful woman and her family. The world is better off without trash like this! Her name is Kim and she works at a bakery. She is the crazy bitch in the one by Jiffy Lube. She yells at the cakes and doughnuts she makes and then goes over and gets the mechanics at Jiffy Lube to tag team her holes on her fucking lunch break. SKANK>

This Seattle Slut Bag Sabrina is a home wrecker, gets involved with married man and when confronted acts like she didn’t know he was married but keeps pursuing the man, acts like she’s sorry for what happened and keeps messing around with the guy. Be careful out there! She’s a cheap woman who doesn’t care if the man is married or not, spreading disease and acting like a victim while doing so. Be careful with her she’s a bartender for booner! She serves drinks in her skimpy slut outfit, while always high on drugs and half drunk, her sluthole is usually filled with a quart of cum, and she has no reguard for anyone but her slutty little fucking self. She is ALWAYS at bars, pubs, and night clubs in capitol hill looking for cock and drugs. She ic a common Seattle Cock Hawk always preferring to take it anally.

Well I’ll keep it short and sweet. This “lady” and im being polite… Is nothing but trash Tacoma Sonya!!!. She gets men drunk to sleep with them. She’s that desperate for dick. She cheated on her ex husband, she’s left cum filled shit covered condoms out on the old thick shag carpet for her toddler to get and put in his mouth, she claims to be a woman of god but in all reality she’s just trash. She goes after men who are in relationships, she will sleep with own best friends man just because she wants to. She slept with a dying man from the old folks home and used him as a sugar daddy. She’s a worthless disgusting b*tch. She has no morals. She has no remorse for any of the problems she’s caused, she ruined several families with her lies. She uses her vagina because she’s desperate and just doesn’t care.

This b1tch Bella right here is the loosest bitch in Seattle. I banged her and then stuck my head up her cooch and looked around and seen some dead bodies in there. Drama inducing. Attention seeking slore I have ever met. She averages fuking 3 new dudes a week. And that’s when its slow… you would have thought her having a baby would have slowed her down, but she’s come out of it with a hunger that is insatiable. I first met her in the rooms of narcotics anonymous (oops) but she hasn’t ever had a drug problem, she started out scraping the bottom of the barrel and getting around with all these nasty a55 dudes, so on the bright side anything is looking up for her from here. She graffitis shit all over Seattle with her period juice its absolutely fucking disgusting just like the jizz dripping out of her mouth and asshole constantly. Bella get your shit together, clean the jizz off your face, and pay your debt and quit ratting out gang member drug dealers to the cops. Its going to get you killed like the AIDS from niggers.

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Seattle 1

Washington 4

Do not allow this this slut rag Randi around your husbands or boyfriend. She does not care how old they are she will screw anything. She is proud to admit that she has slept with over 29 people since her and her now husband have been together. Then when confronted will lie like there is no tomorrow. Own up to your mistakes and suffer the consequences. Randi is often seen snorting rails of coke in bathroom stalls with fat old greasy truckers and bikers. Who all repeatedly gang fuck her ass raw until she bleeds. Then she lets the ass blood sit in a cup and then she goes home and pours and mixes it in her husbands Rye so she doesn’t have to fuck him .Classy act Randi!!!!

Washington 3

This bitch is Natalie and She knew we had a family and were about to get married! But still decided she would F my fiance in a public parking lot of the bar. Real classy you stupid bitch. My fiance and all his buddies were out getting liquored at this dive bar and Natalie was there with her tits out begging for dick and crack. She had lots of cocks in and around her in the bar slapping her silly. But my fiance man handled the slut out and pumped her full of cum in her car. I am actually quite proud of my fiance for fucking the slut. But mad that he cheated on me. If Natialie’s pussy didn’t always smell like she was on her period or she had so much cum and yeast crust on it. I might dike out with the bitch or at least scissor.

Make Make Shift Maxi Pads With Cut Up Depend Diapers And Soaks Them In Vinegar Prior to Use.

This slore Jessica loves to sleep with taken men she puts mayo on her pussy and gets bees to eat it off. She likes to show her fake life online and cant get a real man to love her cause all she does is spread her pu55y. The make up on her face is dried up cum from all the dudes that jizz on her face. She volunteers at the old folks home in Stanwood, Washington and eats out of the old dudes bed pans. She then jerks off their old nut sacks all over her face. She uses it as moisturizer and whitener to hide the fact shes atually part native. She also steals old womans depends diapers from the old folks home. New or used and uses them herself as diapers or she cuts strips off and uses them as make shift maxi pads. After she cuts the maxi pad strip she soaks it in pickle brine for a day then hucks it on her scabby muff after her step dad fucks her. She loves the burning acid vinegary feeling on her bleeding twat. Good on you Jessica. You make the whole state of Washington proud. Whore.

This woman Melinda from Tacoma makes loud ripple like stinky shits in the middle of church service. And she broke up my marriage of three years. She moves her way through the Tacoma post office by sleeping with any man that will give her attention. She also pisses in the holy water and dips her tampons in there then drinks it with the priest after she takes it in the ass from him. She is married with 5 kids. She sends half naked pictures to married men claiming its for jesus, flirts openly and then sleeps with other people’s husbands for sport. Why her husband stays with her, when he knows what has happened is shocking. She apparently has done this at every job she has had. Her vagina looks like stingy noodles with bugs flying around it. Bitch Melinda.

Olympia Ashley Fucks Dudes while her husband is at rehab.

My name is Ashley, I’m married, but I recently convinced my husband he has an alcohol and drug issue and helped him check into rehab the furthest away from me, I’m in Washington hes in Florida for 90 days, even though I drink so much I now have a liver condition, and I’m not supposed to drink. The first night my husband was away I was in the Bar Thursday night, left 3 of my 6 children unattended while I partied all through the weekend and got gang fucked by a hockey team from Canada, I havent seen my 5 yr old, 1 yr old & 2 yr old since I manipulated my husband he is the issue. Day 2 of my husband absences, I have a male companion staying at our home and in our bed and driving our car, I have been seen with this male companion all over town, my boys are subject to my lying cheating ways. I have 6 children 5 different baby daddies will be 3 failed marriages. I’m doing this while all the well I’m telling my husband a completely different story. I do not work, my husband is my sole provider and I’m fuking every guy that looks my way, even so desperate for d1ck I fuked a friend of my husbands in our car in the bar parking lot whole he was at home watching the 6 six giving me a break, hell all i got to do is scream and blame everyone else for me being a town slore and he’ll forgive me. Once again I’m a cheating lying slore and a horrendous mother and should I add thief dont leave any money around me or lend me money you’ll never see that again, I think everything should be handed to me because I think I’m a prize, when I’m a washed up used slore .. Guess there is some truth in the saying You cannot turn a whore into a house wife!

This young lady Rachel is a 21 year old fucking Jew Gremlin looking bitch she drinks Jew juice in the mall that her hook nosed kike child molesting parents own. She knew my fat bald four eyed husband was married and pursued his old huge balls and tic tack dick anyways. After my husband got arrested for masterbating at the petting zoo. She continued to contact my husband via prison pen pals. So I thought I’d do society a favor and shit in her mothers kosher cooking for her evil jew family. Then I want to warn them about this homewrecker, penny grabbing, ugly troll. I bet her parents are so proud. This bitch use to think she was a rock star and then some bitch kicked her kike ass in front of the whole school with a frying pan.

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Washington 2

This Korean woman Hyeung keeps bugging me for fucking child support. She has been quite the little cock slut chasing rich business men. She targets men in their mid 30s who have a high career profile. Especially caucasian men. Anyway I lied to her and told her I was rich and blah blah blauh lie, lie, lie. Anyway I nailed her, then bailed (with her purse) then it took her a long time to track me down. I gave her a fake name at the time. I am a homeless recovering crack addict (In rehab now). This nasty snake worked at Bank of America and she doesn’t belong in the country anyway. I have no money she isn’t getting shit from me and never will. She was a student from Bellevue College on one of them rice picker scholarships. Beware of this woman if she’s in your around easy lay but dumb as hell. I smelt like garbage and had flies swarming around me and still fucked her. She has no standards. Shameless and atrocious!

Meaghan Didn’t Choose The Tran Life. The Tran Life Chose Meaghan

This girl, Meaghan, is a classic confused transgendered lesbian home wrecker who dresses like a 12 year old boy. My hubby and I have been struggling to fix our relationship for some time because his little dick is impotent. During a time we were talking about robbing a crack house in some nigger neighborhood in Seattle, several years ago. He, unbeknownst to me, had started slinging meth with the Mexican Nazi Gang. That is where he met Meaghan although not Mexican herself, she worked at Taco Bell and got raped by a spic named Pedro and a few other beaners. She, however was the only one to have sex with her dad in my home as my husband jerked off with tweezers and watched. I came home from picking our sick son up from Casey Anthony’s house. He was supposed to be doing the dishes since he got fired for stealing at Walmart. He claims to have no idea why he wasted time married to me. Several months later. My husband was at a friend’s house drinking… I had a bad feeling so I fucked his brother and filmed it and put it on some website. Anyway stay on the alert for Meaghan in Bellingham.

This is Kristin from Spokane chick has been photoshopping herself for the last 10 years. Literally every photo of hers is photoshopped. She begs for attention on instagram and Facebook. She thinks she’s a great singer sh is over 40 (No she really is lol). She’s delusional and living off tax paying dollars. Her job is taking pictures of herself and photoshopping it to the point where it doesn’t even look like her. It’s crazy. She gives women a bad name. Men. Be careful. What you see is definitely not what you’ll get. I met her and she didn’t look like that. So what I did when I had to have sex with her not corked out of my tree because trust me she is a pig. I take a photo like that one I have that she fakes. I keep it and I staple it to her face when I fuck her so I don’t have to look at her real face. It works fucking wonders I can keep my erection.

Cheryl President of the Ellensburgh Jewish Lesbian Dog Rapist Association

This old woman Cheryl from Ellensburgh, Washington is head of the Fat Jewish Lesbian Dog Rapist Association stalks and harass people that don’t agree with her on social media. Let alone give her time and day to debate with her. The Shrek lard craves attention so bad that she would go so far to even create a fake page aka “Chip Lynn” with a photo of a large pink elephant and some butchy sexy buff women! Since she has a history of mental illness/being a jew/ harassing psycho behavior. To insane degrees. She will try to track down anyone to terrorize by using fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails just like CNN and the Jewish Lying media. She needs to be back in the mental institution or better yet, Africa or Israel! I seen her digging through garbages in Ellensburgh and sucking jizz out of used shit covered condoms. The woman is a typical fat Kike Dyke.

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This is Audra Hearring she is a “cam hard core porno farm animal fucking model” and brilliant mother of half a soccer team here in Sunnyside, Washington. She “models” on the side for extra income or recreational crack smoking. Is this really what this generation thinks is a job? I am jealous. Is this really how we want our children to see us? Because I can not even think of a better way than watching Audrey ram an assortment of items up her twat. It blows my mind that women like this think it’s acceptable to just get naked on camera instead of coming over to the local 7-11 and get tag teamed by some stinky pakis with turbans on. It’s fucking Mindblowing.

Mossyrock’s Heidi Cecil is a cool all star who on weekends travels to Seattle area Walmarts. Sucks all the old men off in the shoe department. Then walks off with some cool new kix free of charge so she can spend her kids welfare money on meth. this bitch Heidi Cecil lives to make fun of anyone who is; overweight, gay, transgender, black, etc(so people that are freaks and not normal). since she believes she is above everyone, let’s talk facts shall we? Heidi has two children with a serial killing felon. He was incarcerated (armed robbery and capital murder) for their entire young childhoods, so she is a single cpck gobbling mom to two children with felon blood. She is currently pregnant with a third child from a different man named Chuck who rapes goats a few towns over (2 baby daddies) this child will be a bastard. Heidi spends multiple hours a day shooting up meth and heroin spewing on Facebook complaining about how stressed out she is and how terrible everything in her life is and how none of it is her fault. Exhibit A: she posted that her son was staying home from school because he only has one pair of shoes and she left them in her boyfriends stolen car after she did ass to mouth with his brother. The next day she posted photos of herself with multiple shopping bags at Bebe (white trash much?) and Victoria Secret with the caption “i took a big shit in the change room in the mall?!? ” So she can’t buy her son shoes, but sexy bras and panties to defecate in are fine. She also has been anorexic for over a decade due to meth use. Recently she’s been posting that Chucks auto Mechanic say if she doesn’t gain more weight with this pregnancy, her and the baby will be black and gay. So she’s either already a nigger or she’s making this up for attention, or so mentally ill and full of hate for herself that she’s unwilling to keep her unborn child healthy. She also puts on a strap on and ass rams the Fed Ex guy for a porn website.

 This is Jamie from Entiat, Washington. She’s 18 and has 2 ugly welfare kids from 2 different deported daddys that she doesn’t have custody of or try and take care of. Probably because she’s a psycho drunk/ druggie that would rather get her next fix of meth rammed in her cooch and a big double shot of cheap vodka with a few load of faggot anal cum shit into a shot glass to wash it down with. She’s been around the crotch block more times than the mail man after stealing viagra packages. I was at a fudgepacking meth party a few months back, and Jamie all coked up went down on some other slut with an electronic vibrator in her mouth because she was dared to by the debate team watching with their cocks out! Now that’s mother of the year potential! She tries to act hard, and ghetto.. but hey Jamie! YOU’RE FROM ENTIAT BITCH, NOT FUCKING HARLEM. I know I suck better cock than she does and I want to give this nasty troll a wake up call. Maybe then she will get some class, grow up, and take care of her two small children and your goldfish stale pussy bitch ho! And Jamie, just because you look, smell, and act like trash doesn’t mean you gotta sit on the curb sweetie. Get in the crack house on Herpes Lane and take care of your kids.

Here we have Ashley (poo stain of) Brown from Bellingham WA. She is a major cheat and liar. I leant her a ghostbusters dildo once and never heard from her again. She has a bad habit of cheating on every guy she has ever been with and frequents internet dating sites looking for her next prey. If you’re one of the unlucky ones of having to get to know her and work with this crusty bitch then be prepared about having her talk behind your back too. She just cant help herself. She is also super lazy at work because she prefers to be on her phone all day feeling special about the number of messages she gets from random internet guys looking for a score. She should be reported and fired. What a disgusting human being. I hate when she uses the bathroom and hucks her moldy vagina goo everywhere. You know how gross and how much sperm is in that shit.


Alexandria of Seattle Loves Pink Rubber Dildos and Dining on Feces with her family.

This woman Alexandria went after my husband, flirting so hard, might as well have just served herself up on a silver plater she even went as far as to ram a big pink rubber dildo up his asshole in front of her 12 basterdized children. 16 years younger than him, so some serious daddy issues there. She eats her own shit and spends her welfare money on crack so she feeds her kids her poo to eat someone needs to tell her mom on her. Knowing full well that he is married, with a two year old and another baby on the way. Not an unhappy marriage, but a weak man going through his midlife crisis. Even now, after being caught, she won’t go away a give our little family a chance to work on things. She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself, she coughs up cum phlem constantly like smokers cough or she has corona from sucking chink dink, she has no fucking morals, no soul and an ugly black heart which matches the charcoal shit loafs her bakery butt produces. So if you know Alex tell her what a HomeWrecking floozy she is and then run for the hills. Chances are she’ll go after your man too. My only hope is karma gives it to her as good as she has given it to me.


Velma Whitehead

  Des Moines, Washington 2005-What do you do when you want your husband dead? Those fake tears are definitely not the answer so take note here if for some reason you ever want to knock off your signifigant other. That ugly witch looking women pretending (very badly) to cry is Velma Whitehead. She is only 50 in that photo there I would of tacked on almost 30 years to that life. She got a 22 year jail sentence for the conspiracy that killed her husband Ronald Whitehead. She claimed that she wanted her husband killed because of years of physical and sexual abuse. I smell a lie. They have this thing called divorce.

  John Ogden recieved 25 years in prison. 

 She got her son John Ogden to help hire someone to whack Ronald. That someone was his highschool friend named Wilson Sayachack who apparently had gang ties. Sayachack also got 25 years in jail and he was the trigger man. He is a Laosian immigrant. Immigrants should be on 0 tolerance leash in real countries. One fuck up and he should of been back on the boat to the rice field while wearing a stupid hat.

Wilson Sayachack

 Saychack hid in the trunk of Ron’s car then popped him in the head through the back seat.  When you need someone that small to do something you need an Asian. Looks like they watched Oceans 11.

Shaob Qin actor Ocean’s 11

  After Saychack shot Ronald he hucked him out into the street by the Sea-Tac airport and drove Ron’s car and ditched it near his house. Due to the fact that he is Asian I am assuming it took him awhile as all Asians are bad drivers.

Victim Ronald Whitehead

Ron with his daughter


The Murder Weapon

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