Victoria F. Not Given A Rose Due To Political Beliefs

Believes Jewish Producers outed her due to her stating facts about Niggers and their lame existence.

After eight weeks of dating multiple sluts who either are trying to further their acting careers or are stupid enough to think the Bachelor is real, Peter Weber went from three to two skanks on the March 2 episode of The Bachelor. Leaving Fantasy Suite Week, Peter had only two roses to give out to represent who would make it to the finale. Victoria F. wasn’t offered one of those final flowers, but since she seemed to be going strong with the pilot, some might wonder why Peter sent Victoria F. home on The Bachelor, but it is most likely because she is either to embarrassing to bring back to his parents, or he really wants to fuck Madison. Here’s a recap of what went down leading up to her dramatic goodbye. The most logic theory though one beyond the audience is the Jews got mad at her for strongly opposing the existence of living among niggers and her flat out holocaust denial.

Peter invited his final threeVictoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison — to Australia for Fantasy Suite Week. The episode typically represents a huge step in the relationship, as it’s the first opportunity the lead has to spend some true alone time (no cum dodging allowed) with his contestants on an overnight final fuck date. While this week is typical for Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, this season was different: All three remaining contestants stayed at the same whore house while they rotated date nights, rather than living in separate housing like normal. At the start of Victoria’s Fantasy Suite date, Peter addressed last week’s hometown incident. “I like that you are a whore … I see your ugly puke looking vagina that smells though and I have to think hard about being with you for a long time,” he told her. And although there were a few tears in the evening portion of their stupid sad excuse of a date, it seemed to go well. Victoria opened up to him about her past relationship, and how every lover she has ever had including in pre school had a bigger cock than Peter.

Of course, looking back on things, Peter sending Victoria F. home might not be too shocking; her Bachelor journey was riddled with drama. First there was the Joey Gladstone incident, during which she revealed she’d dated Gladstone after the Jack Ass Want to Be Comedian serenaded her and Peter on a one-on-one date. In addition to a few other emotionally heated moments, Peter’s ex showed up during Hometown Week to vocalize some strong concerns about Victoria, and Victoria was so offended when he brought it up that Peter never actually met her family which is good as she is an orphan.

Peter sent Victoria to Jail where she is going for denying the Holocaust

That said, Peter and Victoria always seemed to work through their tough situations, and lots of losers really believed Victoria could have won, so her departure was surprising to some fans, especially since Madison seemingly walked off in the Feb. 24 episode. Plus Victoria would suck cock at the snap of a finger, So what the fuck gives? When Madison returned for the rose ceremony, however, she was offered a rose alongside Hannah Ann, and Victoria was sent home. Taking Victoria aside, Peter said: “Your box stinks and the Jews that run this show want you out. You are interfering with how the Jews want to kill white people off, I am sorry I work for ZOG producers now.” With a tear running down her cheek, Victoria said she “misses Adolph Hitler” but Peter begged her to believe in a return of sanity to the people. After a few brief words, Peter escorted her to the departing police van. “I am going to munch on so much muff in Prison,” she said eagerly as the van drove away. Now, Peter has Hannah Ann and Madison as his final two sluts. Audiences can watch the final weeks of his journey unfold when The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on PornHub Pay Per View 2020.

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Bachelor 24 Final 3

Despite having to use a vibrator to compensate for Peter’s small Penis. Hanna Ann Still wants to win over the other whores.

Three skanks left for Peter to choose. Last week, faggot bachelor Peter Weber survived a round-robin of meet the fucking parents, and chose to continue his journey with three women: Madison who although fucking every guy all through high school and college claims to be a virgin), Hannah Ann Sluts (who he fucked and she had to use her vibrator to get off) and Victoria Fuller (who is just a nasty cum bucket altogether). After sending Kelsey Weier home because she gave shitty head and he already fucked her sisters and mother, Weber was both upset by the elimination and excited about his final three. However, the moment was short lived because Madison pulled him aside to tell him he better not fuck the other sluts. “So what are you saying? If I were to stick my shaft in Victoria’s asshole for a few hour, that’s not something that you would want to watch on my iphone later?” Weber said. Madison stayed silent letting her coke high mellow out for an uncomfortable few seconds before Weber piped back up to say, “I won’t fuck any other women just men?” as his fingers were crossed the whole time behind his back.

Is Madison a Load Spitter?

Weber didn’t give a shit what that bitch Madison had to say, he didn’t want it to get her in the friend zone as he still wanted to fuck her skank ass soon. Weber did ask Madison to clarify if she would join in with a threesome with either Hanna Ann Victoria or both. Peter even said he would bang Maddie with his father if she would like. To this she replied that she “in no way” would her pussy ever touch his little noodle dick unless he bought the GOOD kind of Viagra.

Reflecting on how the other two women have already swallowed his load, Weber questioned if Madison was a load spitter because she has not said as much to him thus far nor gave and indication of preference. This made the impending trip to Afghanistan all the more anti-semetic — especially when it was revealed that, for the first time in recent ‘Bachelor’ history, one of the contestants may actually have a small ounce of respect for a jew. Just a little bit like .0000001% But it is still the most in world history and quite a weird feat for the show.

Weber wasted no time diving right into his first piece of ass, though — with Sluts. First she rode his pole and then they sat down in a restaurant and sat by a nigger couple so that when the bill came they could blame the niggers for theft, At which Sluss said she could not stomach food with the sight of niggers around her. She said “they are so fucking ugly(niggers) and the stink” (as she shivered). The two retired to the penthouse suite together where they fucked but Hanna wasn’t that satisfied as her vibrator ran out of battery power to compensate for Peter’s shortcomings. while Fuller and Madison discussed how big the coke lines are that they snort off of their dealers cock is. Madison admitted she is a massive cock loving cum slut and just lying about being a virgin on the show. She also said she would never let a fucking loser like Peter penetrate her for anything.

Peter fucked Victoria next. He fucked her in the ass as the condoms kept slipping off and he is worried she may have some non white in her so he didn’t want mud kids. This made the next part awesome. Victoria walked into the room after fucking Peter. And Madison and Hanna Ann were sitting on the couch. Victoria ran up to Madison Spread her ass cheeks and pussy. Stuck them in Madison’s face and danced and laughed and said “Smell my ass and pussy” Then she did a fist pump and yelled “Winning”. Then sat in a chair looking all proud of herself and then Madison stormed of crying.

Madison and Peter then went on a shitty date and Madison said she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal if Weber had fucked with the other women. “I just can’t wrap my mouth around that faggots cock, in a week from now, if it tastes like shit from Chris Harrison’s Asshole,” she said. Weber then returned the honesty and told Madison that he frequents male bath houses with his father. “I 100% can see you and I together at the end in a bath house,” he said. “But I have to be honest with you, coming into this week I could see that with other dudes too, lots of other dudes like a cock forest of trees that I run into and my asshole is a dart board for their penis’s, too. I hate that you don’t want to get a penis and have fun too.” Madison walked away from the table. But Weber soon followed her and asked her not to walk away. “I know I’m gay too — I’m an hairy man bumhole assaholic,” he said, but he could still see them “together forever i his gay male bathhouse with his dad.” When Madison left Peter went up to the Suite by himself. He rented gay porno on the video box and jerked off the whole fucking night until his wrist was too sore to go on.

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Peter’s Date Final Four

Peter’s Dates Final Four

His first stop was Knoxville, Tennessee to visit Hannah Ann’s family. Hannah Ann greeted Peter on a rainy day and realized how fucking pathetic of a loser Peter is. Last week, she gave him a note that detailed all the supplies she needs to manufacture crystal meth and that she’s falling in love with a real man but needs him for his parents basement to cook meth.

At her parents’ house, Peter met her mother, father, and sister. Hannah Ann’s sister is a feature adult actress in the Lesbian Pool party series films and her parents look so fucking cracked out. Her father though, had a hard time hiding the fact that he was thinking of sucking Peter’s cock and balls the whole time. He kept his lips pursed despite the fact that Hannah Ann and Peter talked about how badly the log of shit Hanna Ann produced on their date stunk like her fathers breath and her mother muff.

Peter’s second stop was Des Moines, Iowa to visit Kelsey. They started off by smoking some of the biggest crack rocks Peter had ever seen. It was awesome. Peter is definitely attracted to her when he is high as a kite, but does their relationship go deeper? Before they went to meet her slutty cock sucker of a mother, Kelsey told Peter that she got AIDS from Elton John. He didn’t say anything in return at first, but he laughed, winked at her over a candle light meal and said you got that from me. And then they kissed.

He fucked her sisters, mother as her stepfather watched while jerking off with tissues and vaseline on the couch. They shared White Castle Burgers together and were very welcoming to Peter’s loads. Kelsey’s mother said that it takes a lot for Kelsey to oragsm and she knows that Peter’s magical dildo is so special to her. She is concerned about Kelsey getting lured back by her ex boyfriend, Canadian Paul Bernardo.

In Auburn, Alabama, Madison took Peter to the nigger liberal daycare first to see where her father works and to have some fun on the basketball court. They got a special video message from Charles Barkley and the coach met them to put them through a few drills. Since Peter is part way of playing a nigger sport? Rape is also a nigger sport? He may be on to something here.

Madison’s parents welcomed them by giving “Maddie” the “special plate” at dinner. When someone gets the “special plate” everyone around the table has to jerk off on their food. After a toast with whiskey, they broke off to have some conversations with Madison’s parents. Her father said that he wouldn’t give a blessing to Peter until he gives him some money for drugs. He knows for sure that he wants to fuck Madison senseless probably on his bed too, while they both laugh and Peter jizzes over his toothbrush. He flat out asked Peter if “he knows” where he can find a reliable guy to off his wife. Madison is not yet sure if she and Peter are on the same asshole width for Madison’s fathers special dildo collection.

They saved the best for last, Victoria F. and her hometown of Virginia Beach. She introduced Peter to her dog on the beach. As she jumped into Peter’s arms, they hugged then Peter grabbed a shotgun and blew her dogs fucking head off. Then, they took pictures of Peters dick in her mouth with Victoria giving a thumbs up next to the dead dog and blood on them. They shared the pictures on facebook and instagram. They had an ice cream on the boardwalk, and took a walk laughing well smoking more meth. She led him to a nearby bar and Johnny Rebel was there doing a concert for them! This was a step up from the awkwardness of the Back Street Boys concert. Peter is a huge fan so he was super happy. Unfortunately, that was short lived when he pooped his pants again.

A girl named Janet Reno that Peter used to date approached him, said she knew Victoria, and he needs to be careful. She said, “I don’t think you deserve what you’re on a date with right now,” she said. Janet said that she used to be friends with her, but there has been many relationships broken up because of her. Peter was completely shocked as he wasn’t paying too much attention to it as he was squeezing his ass cheeks together to prevent more shit from leaking out..

As Victoria stood outside a house the show producers rented, waiting for Peter, her family or actors paid by the jewish network awaited his arrival anxiously inside. Peter told Victoria that Janet told him that she had sex with Hulk Hogan. Victoria was flabbergasted and said she was “drunk” and said “So what Peter you fucked him too”. Then she said that he was accusing her of things, and that he decided that what Janet said was more important than meeting her rented family.  And the producers didn’t want to pay the actors over time.

The next morning, Peter felt horny. Victoria visited him at his hotel room and wanted to suck him off for 5 bucks as she needed smokes. He told her that he can’t continually deal with someone who is going to fuck other dudes with out letting him join in. Victoria cried and said she’s trying hard, and she can’t walk away from him, until she gets some smokes, or meth. He said, “But you kind of owe me a blow job for smoking that crack I stole from that blonde bitch Kelsey. You know the one that you steal Tampons from?.” She told him that if he doesn’t want to continue with her, she’ll fucking cut his balls off and grind them up slowly in a blender. Then she will dice them in milk and serve them to his Tom Selleck want to be fucking father as a milkshake.

Peter has sex with his parents on a nightly family fuck train. Thats why he still lives at home. Plus he is the family caboose.

In an interview with Boy Squirt Magazine back in December 2019, Weber admitted that he still hasn’t left the nest, but he isn’t ashamed of it, he says he is more ashamed of having such a small dick. “I do, and I’m owning it. It’s all good especially when I wake up with my dad’s old balls in my mouth before coffee,” he said. However, if he does end up finding some bitch, he does plan on kicking his future wives ass violently one day for burning the toast.

Weber further addressed the matter during a stop on KKKFM No Nigger Radio this week. “I think what a lot of people have to realize is I come from a fucking homosexual ass fuck first family. Gay Ass Pounding culture is a little bit different than the normal people culture, and it’s not unusual for family to bath in each others shit, piss, jizz, and other bodily fluids.” However, Weber revealed he only plans on staying there for a couple more months so he can start his own bath house. With the help of the proceeds he got from selling the nigger batchelorettes to slave owners.

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Victoria F From The Bachelor

Victoria use to fuck her dog all the time but got rid of it because the dog was black and she is racist.

Bachelor Nation is spiraling over Victoria’s many cool controversies, and if you’re feeling left out of the faggot cross dressing homo loop in your Bachelor Nation group chat, it’s cool, we know your a pathetic loser since you are watching it and have time to read this shit. Here’s what’s up with Victoria, and why she is known for being better than that faggot Pete in every way possible.

Victoria Caught A Rare Form Of Anal Herpes While In A Sexual Relationship with Dwight Yokam in China last Summer

I mean, this alone isn’t a bad thing, but the way this info came to light was…not so great. On a stupid episode of The Bachelor, Peter took Victoria out for a quick fucking shag date so she could be serenaded by a special musical guest to moisten her dirty crotch up. And who does that guest happen to be? None other than Dwight Yokam, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. Dwight the fucking stud Yokam! Pete was left out of the loop that night and we thought Victoria F would get booted. Especially after Pistol Pete seen her Riding Dwights Long Wiener in the sunset all night long. But Pete is determined to keep her so he could explore her gaping vaginal canyon.

Victoria is 25 and from Virginia Beach. It’s not…totally clear what her profession is? Some say she steals Unicef boxes from local stores others say she sucks cock others say Yokam is still fronting her bill.

Victoria F was under rumor that she did modelling for a clothing line called “White Lives Matter” Which enraged the Jews and Niggers as much as sending a nigger off the show. Victoria F said she wasn’t sure if she did anything like that. She also added who fucking cares what a bunch of niggers think?

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