Malta 3

Susan, 30, pleaded guilty to possession and trafficking of cocaine within some 20 to 30 metres of an English language school at Ghajnsielem, Gozo back in July 2021. The police had kept an eye on the bar and arrested thelarge meloned woman after questioning and searching a number of persons who went there. They found them in possessions of sachets of white powder, later certified as grade A cocaine. After arresting the woman, the police searched the premises and found sachets of drugs in cigarette packets inside a metal box. Under interrogation, the woman admitted to the trafficking but did not disclose  the name of her supplier (as if she did she would be chopped up and long gone along with the idiot asking her). In the course of criminal proceedings, a number of individuals testified to having purchased cocaine from the bar, some saying that they paid €50 each time The statements released by the accused were eventually discarded as evidence against her since they had been released without the assistance of a lawyer. A psychiatrist, testifying in the proceedings, explained how the accused, a mother raising a young child single-handedly after her dorky husband got chopped up by Jamaican niggers for calling them “Dune Coons”, had been through a traumatic personal experience which had caused great stress. He said the woman was a “vulnerable” person with a nice pair of titties, a follower rather than a leader by nature. She had sought drugs as an easy way out of her stressful situation, ending up sucked into a drug circle.

August 3rd, 2021

Tarxien Rainbows Gay and Nigger Loving Football Club are a mentally challenged football team from Tarxien, a town in southern Malta. They currently play in the Maltese Premier League. The Maltese Premier League is about as competitive as 12 year old female Eskimo soccer teams from Siberia. The club were founded as Rainbows Tarxien in April 1934, to promote faggots and niggers in Malta, hence the Rainbow name?‍?. Homophobia has been widespread in men’s association football(Mainly because niggers are fucking ignorant), also known as soccer, throughout the world. So the Faggot Rainbows instead of the Maltese Anthem they play Elton John “Asses of Fire” and jerk off on their jerseys to show their pride. Most of them play the whole soccer matches with crusted yellow cum stains on their fucking jerseys just fucking sick.

June 16th, 2021

Filwaqt li l-ex-raġel tagħha beda l-ħmar tiegħu jaħdem barra mill-belt biex isostniha muta a55 kienet qed iġġib ir-raġel waqt li kien ‘il bogħod. Hija tramp totali u ma tiswa l-ħin ta ‘ebda raġel. Nispera li f’ġieħha tieħu l-għajnuna li teħtieġ. Hija ttorturat mentalment u iżolat mill-familja tiegħu għal bosta snin. Mittenti ritratti mikxufa lil guys. Din il-puta hija patetika. Hija teħtieġ li titqabbad biex twissi lil ħaddieħor li qatt ma tista ‘tkun f’relazzjoni stabbli ta’ ferħ. Hija giddieba patoloġika, manipulatur u mara qerq.

Malta 2

March 11th, 2021

This woman here Annabell is a true piece of work . She spews racist garbage and is the absolute definition of an entitled “Karen” . You will find her threatening to call the cops on everyone, when she herself is unhinged and needs to be put away . Her latest tantrum was at her place of work in a barbershop , where everyone witnessed her punch a girl in the face , rip her hair out and then drag her outside after asking her to get her stinky shit skin ass to Africa or that hell hole Israel . She has had her facebook account suspended multiple times due to racist and offensive posts . She also sped over 70 km in the same parking lot of the barbershop she works at and almost hit someone’s child. When she was confronted about it she said, “Its not my problem their stupid kids were in the street.” Who does that ?! Absolute psycho . If you see her out anywhere in Malta I suggest you stay clear , better yet, run the other way .

Hi all, I want to warn you about Anna! I hired her as a housekeeper in order to look after the place while I was gone, clearly that wasn’t the “only thing” she was looking after, I found her soiled underwear in my husbands side of the bed, when I confronted him he confirmed they slept together while I was gone. I’ve now left him, but this is a warning to everyone!! Watch out for Anna, she also goes by Janice and Helga or what ever slut name she uses. She loves to rip off Arab men as she says they are the stupidest fucks actually thinking they can get a woman. Lures them to hotels (or homes she has to clean) Then her ugly big fucking Italian boyfriend robs them. A thief and a cheating slut. I hate her. Bitch.

This b1tch Tiffany aka QUIFFANY knowingly sleeps with MARRIED men and then stalks their wives for years afterwards. She works in Valletta as a sandwich artist at Subway and will fuck anything she sees ESPECIALLY if they are wearing a ring. This girls vagina flaps look like 60 day old roast beef from all the d1ck she’s taken. Her lack of morals and mad amounts of cocaine use means she has to rely on her body to support her habit (along with sandwich artist pay checks) which she posts all over the internet for desperate men. Watch your men ladies cause this girl will happily fuk them.

Kristen has a big smile cuz she loves the money she makes selling her stinky snatch to men unsuspecting of her many DRD. She uses her talents to bully others who have done nothing wrong to her. She makes it her mission to find unsuspecting parents and program leaders to target and start drama. Seems shes not selling enuf of her crab stuffed panties to pay rent so she needs to beg to eat farmers slop food meant for pigs. Even tho she keeps getting her anonymous shame group removed from fb she makes a lifestyle out of being a pathetic bully who hearts het own posts cuz no one else does. She definately needs a facelift to remove the ugly so please hire her and buy her used panties. Shes desperate for your attention and is begging for you to keep her mouth full of something bigger than her dramatic hate filled words. 

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