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Jassy uses popsicle sticks as dildos. They match her boyfriends dick (But with slivers for more pleasure). Jassys real name (of course it is a muslim type name Jassy is a hooker name) Naila lives on old rich bastard dimes. The dirty deeds this bitch probably does with sheep. Dirty Deeds and they are done with sheep. Dirty Deeds. Jassy’s giving Dirty deeds on her arab fucking knees. Blast in her face for the love of allah. Then use the Koran as shit paper and leave the pages as a trail back to the hotel. . She was having an affair with my husband. She doesn’t wipe her ass their is a lng brown skid mark up the middle of those granny paki panties. Its either shit or the bitch is melting.. She was the one encouraging the affair. Naila is a snake because she is either married herself or she has a committed man she’s in a long distant relationship with guys from Uk or US (Usualy arab desent most other dudes wont touch the bitch except niggers and sand niggers usually. Ladies, this woman would stop at nothing to go after married men. She works for an escort service for extra money (shhh!)and she worked for for people with disabilities and ripped them off HUGE. BE CAREFUL. She changed her number now and she changes her name frequently. Full name is NAILA M****** . you’ve been warned 


July 30th, 2019

Easily the worst of the former Soviet republics, this place is ruled by a dictator and photography is forbidden everywhere you’d want to take a picture. If you’ve had a few drinks you can forget about taking the subway in Minsk — security is known to keep people who seem at all intoxicated off the trains. Oh, and Minsk has been named the worst city in all of Europe.

If you value freedom and human rights, go literally anywhere else. 

  Belarus is a country which use to be part of the Soviet Union. Which means the people are basically Russians. I do know they are they only European country with a set of balls and still uses the death penalty.
  With people which are probably as tough as Russians, Drink Vodka like Russians and have beautiful women like Russia I really don’t see a downfall with this place. Depending on the brown people factor.

Listen up mother fucker.

Russia 14

July 9th, 2020

This woman Mary is an executive with some make up company in Saransk. Of course she got the job because of her tits other than that she is fucking useless. She is not to be trusted, she sleeps with her married colleagues, my husband ( now ex) was one of them. I hope when she looks in the mirror, she feels really good about ruining my son’s life, he had to leave his home, he now has to shuffle between houses, he has to change schools. They would meet in their hotel rooms and eat out on their company expense accounts. While I was at home taking care of our son, she was out wining and dining with my husband. My husband would also grab the jet to Dubai ( telling me he was visiting his mom) or Cyprus (some other old bastard she sucks off owns a mansion there). This affair went on for 5 years. I knew something was off at home, I thought he was seeing someone, I was right. He changed his work travel to accommodate her travel schedule. She knew he was married, a sick individual.

Kyrgyzstan 2

Future probably in Porn

Adel as sweet and innocent as she looks has a vagina of convenience. A vagina of opportunity. A vagina that was nothing special aside from the fact that it was available and non-discerning. A vagina that is attached to a pathetic and manipulative selfish piece of garbage. A vagina with the power to destroy a marriage, to destroy a family, to destroy a life. She knew exactly what she was doing when she presented herself (and her vagina) as ready and willing. You’ve been warned. Her lips aren’t far behind. She goes as far as to go into the highlands and service old cattle hearders members. All of this just so she can get a chance to move to a white country. Except Russia. She aspires to be an actress when she moves. But at 27, no education, and no real skill besides draining nut sacks. She will probably end up as a hooker or in porn when she gets out of Kyrgyzstan. Wish her the best and help sponsor her.

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Ukraine 3

Natalia Fell In The Hole
In The Outhouse. She
Never Got Her Real American

This is Natalia. She lives in the Ukraine and I ripped her off in Kiev while she was shopping with her retarded father and other barn yard animals in their family horse drawn carriage. Natalie offered me a blowjob for one WHOLE American dollar. I said yes but the only place we could find semi private was an outhouse. I had problems even getting a woody and she was so amazed at the sight of a REAL american dollar she slipped and fell in the outhouse hole with all the shit and piss and lord knows what else. I left laughing and paid 2 fatter hookers for a 2 on one gummer for the same price!! #WINNING! I have no clue how or even if Natalie ever got out of the shit hole. In the outhouse and the country. I know one thing for sure. She never got my real American Dollar! I really wish I would of got the outhouse in that picture of her I took there. Or an after for that matter. Stupid bitch learn English.

Well this is the other whore my husband cheated on me with Ulyana. This ho knew he was with me and had kids with me and still had an affair with my husband. She used to harass me an call my phone an say foul things. I remember one time when I found out and she said that my husband loved her cause her daughter was sick and he took her some soup lol. She is fucking the whole village until she meets ANY AMERICAN MAN so she can get the fuck out of here. She has three kids and from what I understand doesn’t even know who the dad is to the youngest one. She sleeps with everyone and does not care if they are taken. She thought my husband was going to leave me for her lol. He would never throw away all we have for someone who is worthless and wants to be a fucking American.

Інші чудові повідомлення про Україну в цьому щоденнику

Ukraine 2

Ukraine 1

Russia 3


Adel is a slut from Bishkek that
Got My Husband Hooked On Heroin
And Her Ass And Pussy

This happened not too long ago. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we have two beautiful babies together. This started in the month of April. I had gone to Ufa in Russia to be closer to my mother and get a place set up for our family and he was living with a friend of ours and her boyfriend and son outside Bishkek. Well everything was going just fine but I started to notice he was drinking a lot more as in every night and it was due to depression he also had massive warts on his balls and dick. Well this stupid whore Adel ended up moving in sometime in the middle to end of April and my man was always telling me that she would make sexual comments toward him and he told her and so did our friends that him and I were together and had kids but did that stop this slut? NO! They started shooting a lot of Heroin together and robbing old people in the streets of Bishkek at night. Sluts Dirty Pigs.

This here is Faloof. I met this bitch while backpacking through Kyrgyzstan photographing pictures of dudes fucking sheep. I found virtually all the women in this shithole country ugly, as I did when I looked at Faloof’s alien looking chink dirt face. She smelt of stale horse poo and raw hay. It was a unique blend. When she would quiff it smelt like the old water left in a horse’s drink trough. I never fucked a chick from Kygyzstan and when I got to talking to her in the rugged mountains I decided to give it a try. She pulled up her stupid skirt and her muff bush blew me away. Fucking pigeons flew out of. To make my sexual experiences in Kyrgyzstan at least something to talk about and be proud. I ditched Faloof and went and tagged one of the sheep a herdsman was fucking. Good times in Kyrgyzstan.

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Mongolia 1

Russia 9

These Russian Dudes up above are about to film their version of Bang Bros. Staring Helga and her big monster melons that get wheeled around in a wheel barrel.

I fucked up and erased it. This city was around Georgia the country not the US state. That confuses alot of people and all niggers.

No point in pushing it Igor just grab your fucking cane and hobble there. Russian Automotive Industry does not compare to Russian Space Technology . Probably spend his gas money on Vodka.

In Russian the town of Kubyashi.

Not so much the bigger cities but in Russia alot of these smaller communities I see no fucking stores. Hence they probably have almost no Pakis or Koreans.

Building in the middle of nowhere looks like a bunch of tetris blocks. Looks fucking stupid and there are no signs.

All the more reason to love Russia.


Kudos to Lithuania for telling the Jews to fuck off back in 1990 and starting the breakup of that union. It’s also believed that Lithuanian culture survived the Jewish Lies Curtain thanks to secret home schools and smuggled true history texts, which makes its people sound really awesome and not brainwashed like the American Democratic Party.

We also like the country’s surprisingly good basketball team which is a shock as niggers are illegal in Lithuania. The Team at Orton’s Blog were also super-jealous of its world’s-fastest-internet status and how willing the women were to suck cock anywhere anytime. WE LOVE LITHUANIA

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