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Ukraine 4

October 1st, 2020

This is Svetlana. She lives in Rivne, Ukraine . She just ended an abusive marriage with her soon to be crack head juice monkey ex-husband (yes she’s still married too) in January of 2019 by the middle of February she was already “in Love” with my husband. She seen his profile on Facebook and randomly messaged him something along the lines of “hey let’s cut the bullsh1t… You wanna fuk?” (So that right there should tell you she’s a slore.) Anyways I found out that she was seeing my husband for a couple of weeks through a mutual friend who was just as surprised as anyone and she was stick to tell Svetlana that he was married. Svetlana simply said “yeah I know” so I then confronted her about it and she swore to me that she was done with him and has him blocked on everything. She also told me that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage. This slore needs exposed ASAP. She is still trying to get with my husband and will not leave him alone. I know it’s his fault too and he is not perfect by no means but for right now I will NOT divorce him so she can get her way. b1tch is going to pay real soon!!

September 22nd, 2020

June 28th, 2020

Ukraine 3

Natalia Fell In The Hole
In The Outhouse. She
Never Got Her Real American

This is Natalia. She lives in the Ukraine and I ripped her off in Kiev while she was shopping with her retarded father and other barn yard animals in their family horse drawn carriage. Natalie offered me a blowjob for one WHOLE American dollar. I said yes but the only place we could find semi private was an outhouse. I had problems even getting a woody and she was so amazed at the sight of a REAL american dollar she slipped and fell in the outhouse hole with all the shit and piss and lord knows what else. I left laughing and paid 2 fatter hookers for a 2 on one gummer for the same price!! #WINNING! I have no clue how or even if Natalie ever got out of the shit hole. In the outhouse and the country. I know one thing for sure. She never got my real American Dollar! I really wish I would of got the outhouse in that picture of her I took there. Or an after for that matter. Stupid bitch learn English.

Well this is the other whore my husband cheated on me with Ulyana. This ho knew he was with me and had kids with me and still had an affair with my husband. She used to harass me an call my phone an say foul things. I remember one time when I found out and she said that my husband loved her cause her daughter was sick and he took her some soup lol. She is fucking the whole village until she meets ANY AMERICAN MAN so she can get the fuck out of here. She has three kids and from what I understand doesn’t even know who the dad is to the youngest one. She sleeps with everyone and does not care if they are taken. She thought my husband was going to leave me for her lol. He would never throw away all we have for someone who is worthless and wants to be a fucking American.

Інші чудові повідомлення про Україну в цьому щоденнику

Ukraine 2

Ukraine 1

Russia 3

Caeser Mack: Dumbest Nigger Alive

Going to Rape That Bitch Maria and slice the shit out of her with a Butcher Knife for dissin’ him.

There are some couples on 90 Day Fiance who seem like they have a good shot at making things work between them. Their feelings for one another appear genuine and it’s clear that there is a real connection there. Caesar Mack showed up with just a picture of some white girl from the Ukraine named Maria that he jerks off to. From the very beginning, something seemed off between the two, for one Caesar was a nigger. There was no real logic as to why the nigger kept showing up to the filming of the show as their was already a useless janitor there employed to fill the nigger quota. Mack has no real friends but the people at the homeless shelter expressed concerns about this so called Maria that he talked to on his stolen pre paid cell phone.Now that the relationship has finally gone up in flames like Darcey’s Crotch, Caesar Mack is planning to get revenge on Maria by travelling to the Ukraine to rape and stab that bitch with a butcher knife late at night in the park.

In Jew Fantasy World White Women Date Niggers with out a gun to their head or knife to their throat.

Mack was by no means a wealthy nigger yet during the relationship, he was constantly supporting Maria financially. He sent the Ukranian slut $800 a month worth of his food stamps, so over the course of their five-year relationship, he had shoveled out $40,000 in food stamps which she converted into clothes. When we first saw Mack on the show, he had plans to visit Maria. However, she quickly ordered the stupid nigger that it would be better for them to meet in Mexico because it was warmer there. This meant that Mack would have to pay for two plane tickets instead of one. That way Maria could steal more money from the homeless nigger.

But when Mack actually went to Mexico, Maria never showed up and the two broke up.The breakup didn’t last long as Maria needed some fucking money so soon she was telling the nigger some bull shit till he sent her some food stamp money.“Even though Maria broke my heart since I’ve been home, we’ve been talking again. I’m not going to give up on my dream of one day having a white woman touch me,” Mack said on the show.

But the rekindling didn’t come without a price tag. Mack was soon paying her bills again with his nigger dollars. He admitted to sending Maria $7,000-$8,000 more.“You know, it’s just that I want a white woman so fucking much. so I just decided to keep trying to buy one” he said. “I really don’t think that she’s using me. She’s just… I think that she just doesn’t want to seem racist on TV and I am Just hoping everything will work this time.”At the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days event, Maria called things off for good.“I’m just done,” she said.“Actually, I want a few more thousand before that nigger gets shot or dies of AIDS,” Maria said. “Caesar you are stinkier and stupider nigger than you or anyone could ever imagine.”

Caesar left the show heartbroken and more mad than Oprah when KFC runs out of chicken.“I wanted to show her how bad I was fighting for her,” he said. “I don’t know if she saw that.”One of the biggest problems that Caesar and Maria had was that she was not attracted to niggers and didn’t think of him or any niggers for that matter as human beings. Now, Caesar is working to change that and show Maria what she’s missing out on. According to his Prison Pen Pals Profile, he’s been hitting the roids and gym quite hard recently while serving a 3 year term for rape and lots have wondered if one of his several rapes was a message to Maria.

“Hanging with my boys the West Side Crips and The Aryan Brother Hood trying to get big swole watch out lady I will be back. with a mask and a big knife,” he captioned a photo of him at the prison gym at a Halloween party dressed like OJ Simpson.Watch out, Maria. It looks like Caesar is working on a revenge plan TV Real Life Crime Show Spin Off.

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This place is about as depressing as you’d imagine for a former Soviet republic — and one where the greatest nuclear disaster in history took place. The disaster gave all the Ukraine residents super human strength and large penises. The problem is it is too cold and no one can afford heat so most starve and then lose weight and get their wieners cut off. They then join the woman’s Olympic gymnastic team so the Russian Mafia can take their earnings.

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