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On November 4, 1986, the skeletal remains of a teenage white/Hispanic female were discovered by a telephone company repairman, in a grassy area alongside US Route 77, seven miles south of Rockdale, Texas. She had been beaten to death; to the point where her face was unrecognizable. She had been dead from anywhere between a few days to over a week. She was estimated to be between 12 and 16 years old, was approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall, and weighed between 90 and 100 pounds. She was only found with a yellow metal ring on her left hand. Her remains were exhumed in 2006 for analysis, however the maxilla and jaw bone were not found in the grave. Photographs were taken of the bones prior to her burial, though. Investigators say that without these two bones, a traditional 3D reconstruction cannot be made. A sketch could still be made of the victim based on the incomplete skull, and DNA Phenotyping may be able to provide a digital likeness of the girl. LINK

January 24th, 2021

REBEL RAY-The skeletal remains of a male between the ages of 27 and 38 were found on October 3, 1988, in Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas, near an RV park. He died between a month and a year before, as a result of homicidal violence. He was white with possible Native American or Hispanic ancestry. His hair was dark brown with some gray visible. He had a healed injury to his nose and he was likely of muscular build, with a height between 5’2″ and 5’5″. Although there was no clothing on the body, a pair of underwear and a hat were nearby. He was given the nickname “Rebel Ray” after the wording on the hat. Investigators suspect he may have resided in the nearby caravan park or was possibly employed as a handyman. The DNA Doe Project was asked to assist with identifying the body in May, 2019

January 18th, 2021

The b1tch Riley is easy to run game on anyone can pull her one thang about her is shes always attatched to something or someonesthats not hers she thirves for The sorry-a55 attention of somebody else’s fucking person place or thing being the fuking the side b1tch is her number one thing she dosent fuk eveybody she fuks anybody shes a dirty litte messy a55 grimey as hoe runs around with her dirty snatch infecting everyone she knows females watch out for this one before u know it she be fuking your man and you be infected with a DRD you think u need to worry about the corona19 please … u need to be worried about not catching his h0e ratchet drd.

January 17th, 2021

I am just sure that this guys perfect English, great hygiene, and hard work ethic just scream the race he is listed on there WHITE. If this guy is ever a victim though I am quite sure they point out he is HISPANIC Immediately. Joke.

https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/13/texas-most-wanted-list-filled-with-white-suspects-/ That aren’t white 🤣 We have to bend the stats for all these shit skins just to not make them look as bad as they actually are. Its like the American election just lie. Call a lose a win.

January 8th, 2021

This big meloned b1tch Cheyenne may look hot. But she has been ran through more times than she herself could count. She finds any dude who i are having even the slightest problems with their significant other and hops on their d1ck like a fucking sucker fish on algae. Anyone who has a bag of dope, watch out she will damn near rape you and then take off with your sh1t. If your willing to sleep with this nasty ran through female, I’d definitely have her get tested, she has always 3 different partners daily. This b1tch needs a serious mental evaluation.

January 7th, 2021

January 4th, 2020

This girl Andrea is an easy lay and has ruined multiple marriages in El Paso, San Angelo and San Antonio. She has no sense of morals and hates herself a lot. She tried to feel good about being fat by sleeping with lots of different people. She targets and sleeps with weak married men. She has no self respect for herself or anyone else. She has a government job and is probably on the prowl for her next victimd Once she is confronted with the facts she plays the victim and does not own up to her own morals. I feel sorry for this pathetic individual, she should be ashamed of herself and her upbringing. WATCH OUT TEXAS 

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Texas 12

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a Guatemalan waste of skin pedo who’d been convicted of raping a child in California. Due to Obama’s previous pussy way of running America the guards couldn’t blow the spics head off on sight. Agents encountered Elmer Gomez-Chilmer as he was trying to cross the border illegally on Sunday near Roma, Texas, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection news release issued Monday. During processing, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents discovered the Gomez-Chilmer was convicted of raping kids in Santa Ana, Calif., and was sentenced to three years probation. He faces additional charges which he will never be punished for and will be given welfare and free medical for the rest of his life in the US. While he will be allowed to rape and commit all the crimes he wants with out the racist police stopping him. Nancy Pelosi’s friend.

An Abilene wild nigger accused of trying to rape four women told police that he was listening to Will Smith Cassettes that told him to “rape.” Joshua Joseph Day, 38, was indicted Thursday on four counts of being a savage nigger. According to the indictment, Day pulled his first victim out of her car in the 800 block of Ross Avenue just before 1 p.m. on Aug. 29. She kicked Day, punched him in the monkey baboon face and kept screaming “Get your paws off me you filthy ape” When Day finally let go, she closed the car door and honked her nigger alert alarm. The victim’s friend heard the nigger alarm, ran out armed with automatic weapons and told her sister to call the Nigger Patrol Unit. Around 5:45 p.m., Day’s second victim was getting into her car in the 1600 block of Belmont Boulevard. As she unlocked her car door, the indictment states Day grabbed her, took her to the ground and landed on top of her. He pulled her pants down to her knees. As Day tried to pull his pants down, she pulled her pants back up. She kicked him in the chimp face and yelled “Stinky Nigger Alert Stinky Nigger Alert” Day stopped to see if anyone was coming and then tried to remove her pants a second time.Neighbors heard the woman screaming and came outside, so Day ran off. Police later found Day begging for change at a KFC parking lot and took him to a local cotton plantation.

This shady person Amanda claimed that a man sexually harassed and sexually assaulted her where she worked at this night club in Amarillo. But yet when asked for details to review cameras there was nothing to find and also blaming the man for stalking her when she willing provided her phone number. The man did in fact tell this h** he was married and to leave him alone but she just kept on with the calling and messaging him. Talking to other people all because she was turned down. She is a nasty shady skank. She likes married men until she is confronted then tries to play the victim… well you can’t go around making accusations about someone and it not be true especially criminal acts. This coming from Amanda who does rails of cocaine off of random strangers dicks in the bathroom stalls. Slutbag. She gets fired from numerous jobs and does anything will make up any lie just so she can get coke. I think she is addicted to new cock also. Once she fucks one she always wants a different one. Rotating door vagina this bitch.

Texas 6


Danielle is a known serial dater, in the sense that she will date multiple men at the same time without telling them. I have seen her suck one dude off, take his load in her mouth, swish it around like scope and walk up to her other boyfriend and french kiss him for a selfie. She’ll lie and manipulate them in order to keep them at bay. She was once married for a few years and is now recently divorced with TWO KIDS. She’s insane and incredibly manipulative. If you see her on any dating APP, do yourself a favor and run. She will smoke all your meth and never share with you. She has robbed people on the street for money for crack. I seen her rob the purses from little old nigger ladies on welfare day so she can get a hit. Then she says its her money anyway. Which is sort of true that blacks owe her but still no need to be a fucking bitch about it.

This sorry excuse of a woman sleeps with married men and breaks up homes and families. She is a liar and a fake. Over weight and short and wears way to much makeup. Because without it she looks like a man. Her name is Ranielle she is an Odessa whore. She goes into church and masterbates to re runs of Mickey Mouse. I know she was sucking off my husband in our car in my drive way. You see Ranielle I have a real job which gets me money which I can buy a security camera. Your illegal Mexican ass works at Taco bell and spends her money on crack. Ranielle is known for showing up at peoples houses drunk and smelling of her piss (she gets drunk and high passes out and shits and pisses herself) she has done it since high school in Mexico. Her and her fucking lawnmowing lettuce picking family make me want to become a brick maker so I can speed up that wall to keep your leaching ass off. People say Mexicans are hard working? What does that trait magically go away once you cross the fucking border and get free welfare?

Hasina is from Austin and she fucks the whole city for fun. Her family moved over from Syria and wanted her to get a diaper head camel fucking husband. But once she showered and had none muslim men she now spits and shits on the Koran. She is a self hating Muslim. She still keeps up her great spirit of knowing the jew problem though. She is usually found at Outlaws Biker and stripper bar sucking cock for her school funding. She has also went To Dallas the odd Time To Get the Big D. She hangs out outside the ball park of the Texas Rangers and gets their game used baseball bats, rams them up her ass and pussy, takes pictures of them in their, sends them to dudes in Iraq to jerk off to and then uses the money to buy crack on the streets of Austin. Hasina you silly bitch next time you fuck my brother clean your muff mold. There is a liquid trail of your muff crust juice on the way to the shitter on our white carpet. And I found your shit stained panties along with your herioin needles under my step dads fucking couch you skank.

This HIV positive negro cotton picker had a house model negro wench companion while he ended up sleeping with 6 animals in the barn(cow, goat, pig, didn’t matter they are all more attractive than female black women). He has 4 niglets who are bred to pick cotton and then a daughter with Oprah Winfrey he cheated on his wife with Theo Huxtable who he never takes care of Bill Cosby anymore. Lives with a girl who had slept with while still married to some fat nigger sow, he also is so broke he jacks other niggers after they rob liquor stores on the street. He is known around Killeen, Texas for “stinking like all niggers SHIT” but he has a very small wiener. From a Facebook post from a female the only time you can feel it is when your own top but he only weighs 99lbs you have to take it easy so you don’t snap him in half(literally). He isn’t even loyal to his currently bofriend Tupac of the dead nigger storage unit. Facebook messages stated he’s even questioning his loyalty and their just dating. While having 4 niglets at the age of 24 he’s about to have another one he is for sure behind the other niggers his age at collecting legit niglet welfare checks from white people money.

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