Texas 15

This patriotic slut bag cock garage knowingly started conversation with a married man and met up with him several times knowing that his wife was at home dealing with depression after several miscarriages(because they talked about me) blackmails the husband by saying “I won’t tell as long as you sling it to me once in awhile”. Verbally attacks wife after being confronted about sleeping with husband. And then blocks. Makes jokes at your expense because your husband cheated. She likes to be called mommy while being fuked. And gets off on personal information. 

A woman is facing charges after she allegedly stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of vape cartridges. Laredo Police arrested 22-year-old Veronica and charged her with theft. The case came to light on February 3rd at around 9:30 p.m. when officers were called out to a theft report at a convenience store located at the 6500 block of Springfield Avenue. When officers arrived, an turban topped paki employee stated that a slutty looking tight white woman entered the business and stole 142 CBD vape cartridges, looked at him and laughed, and then rudely said “Thank you come again” and left. The shit was valued at roughly $844 dollars. The case was turned over to the Crimes Against Property Unit to be laughed at at the police department anytime a cop makes an Apu joke.

A Texas woman was arrested Monday after she allegedly punched a police officer in the face for trying to impound her escaped pig. Officers with the Hooks Police Department said in a probable cause affidavit that Aria, the owner of the pig, punched him in the face as he and two public works department employees tried to capture the stray pig. The affidavit states that the pig was found in a yard high on drugs and drunk with a massive hog like cock in the 400 block of Grant Street and that “officers have responded to the area multiple times” due to the pig getting loose and raping dogs and cats in the area. The cops said Aria has received multiple warnings in the past to keep her pig locked up and due to the reoccurring complaints it was decided to impound the pig. She reportedly told the police to Fuck Off.

“Say, Man. You Got A Joint?” It’s Be a lot cooler if you did.

Matthew David McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969, in Uvalde, Texas. “Now, you know, there are extremes on both sides that I think are unfair — that I don’t think are the right place to be,” he continued. “The extreme left and the extreme right completely illegitimize the other side… or they exaggerate that side’s stance into an irrational state that makes no sense.” McConaughey, who is on a promotional book tour for his memoir “Greenlights,” also touched on cancel culture. “Where the waterline is going to land on this freedom of speech, and what we allow and what we don’t and where this cancel culture goes… is a very interesting place that we’re engaged in right now as a society of trying to figure out, because we haven’t found the right spot,” he said. LINK

Texas 11

Amber lives in Brownsville with her boyfriend Tyson. HER hobbies include sex for money or drugs, Using Men and destroying marriages and families… She prefers men in relationships so that she can use them and have no strings attached. She has destroyed many marriages including mine, I found out a few months ago that she was sleeping with my husband of 10 years Blake, I found out when Blake stopped buying her drugs and giving her money and she turned around and sent all their messages to me through Facebook… Apparently they had been having an affair for about 6 months. She is a lying, stealing, conniving, pill popping, booze drinking, gang bang pin- up cum dumpster of a home wrecking slore.. She destroyed not only my life, but the life of my 2 young children who now will grow up in a broken home. All the while Amber sits and laughs and goes from cock to cock. Ruining everything in its path and hers. Fucking whore bag.

Kayla is a fucking hypocrite who lives in Brownsville, Texas. On weekends she goes to Home Depot and yells at the fucking Mexicans. She claims she hates fucking beaners so much, YET has a Selena Gomez dildo which she frigs herself with nightly while watching Gilmore Girls with her ugly fucking dog. Kayla has also been known lately to have a little habit of doing nose candy every now and then. Often going to multiple hotel rooms of older strange men at night. She tried working a real job once. She had a job at Walmart but got fired for stealing tampons and perfume. Kayla will dig through peoples bags when she goes to swimming pools and gyms. She is just a typical floozy. I tag teamed her with my gym teacher when I was in Grade 11. We filmed it and put it on the internet. Shit was awesome. My teacher lost his job and his wife left him after that for some stupid fucking reason.

This is Cindy. She is an old cougar prowlin the gas plant job site lookin for the next married man she can f and over. Hopping from man to man. Watch out for this one ladies, she likes to play like she is “one of the guys” but the only thing she wants is the PRIZE. Big ol’ paycheck they got rolling in and she will suck someone to do it. If he’s gotta ring on that finger, he’s top of the list. You ladies in Beaumont better be careful with this one and to all the men standin in line waiting for their turn for the ride with her— your woman will be the next to know once she’s done with you. She smokes lots of crack and gambles a ton and will get your man to sign the deed to your house over to her. Plus she got herpes from Dog the Bounty Hunter back in th 90’s and has been on the Springer Show alot which is her main source of income.


“I’m not anorexic. I’m from Texas. Are there people from Texas that are anorexic? I’ve never heard of one. And that includes me.”-Jessica Simpson

She broke up my marriage.. She came into our lives and fixed her eyes on my husband. She has a boyfriend and he told me she is a whore and cheats constantly. Even my husband found messages of her to another man. What an idiot! He left us about two months ago and was seeing her. He wouldn’t admit it of course. He’d say she was a whore and never touch a thing like her. He could never feel shit for a Whore. Ect. Oh did I mention we have two kids and I’m pregnant!! With 4 prior miscarriages! She starts sending me photos and crap. I finally had the proof I needed. So I confront him and he Denys it until I show him photos. And he goes off saying he meant when he said he could feel nothing for the whore and whatever. Samantha has a kid that she leaves with her mother. Bc she doesn’t watch her kid when shes triffling a cock with her tits. Yup her boyfriend at this point doesn’t want her. My husband ask to come home and I didn’t know what to say. I’m torn Bc before this we were happy! We were so happy. And I don’t know how people service this. But wives if your husband befriends this whore tell him to not even talk to her!! She’s a whore!

Texas 9

Dump Your Load In This Skank While Looking
At Apartments in Lufkin. I did (so has everyone).

Ashley has a fiancé and a child, and cannot seem to keep her legs closed to married men. When her fiancé catches her he messages the married mans wife, and then Ashley proceeds to send messages and pictures of the affair to the married mans wife while she is at home caring for a child as well. She is an assaulting, pill popping, drunk that will sleep with anyone married or not and constantly causes drama and wrecks households. She is the manager of Apartments in Lufkin. Please beware of this HOMEWRECKER!!! She takes men in when showing them plaes and fucks them in the empty apartments. My dad has been asking to look at apartments from her for years. Little does the dumb bitch know he owns 10 houses and doesn’t give a shit about the place or her. Just a place to dump his load. Fucking SLUT!

Martha tried to break a family but what she did was a lot worse. She came fleeing from the drug cartels from Mexico because she stole $250,000 from them to give to her then boyfriend Buck in jail who is with the Aryan Brotherhood. Because of her actions several people were left crying. She met my husband pretending to be a victim and needed help. My husband fell for her lies and deceit. Slowly she made her way into my marriage. After I met up with her and talked to her, I asked her to stay away and to respect my family. I did so in the most honorable and respectful manner. But that did not stop her. Once a Martha wants to ruin a family she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I am not completely blind and I acknowledge my husband is to blame too after all he is the one married to me and father of my 7 children I use for welfare checks in the US illegally and laugh at the country.

This low class scum Maria will message your husband, offer to meet up, send nude pictures and call you names when you call her out. She looks like a man, but from the pictures she sent, she has a busted vag, so she’s female, saggy boobs and horrible cellulite on her butt. When she wakes up in the morning she grabs two used bloody maxi pads out of the garbage. Then she puts them in the toaster and waits for them to toast. She then spreads jam and peanut butter on them and eats them with a glass of her own piss. Then she goes into the park to suck some dick to buy some crack rocks later that day. I often see her on the streets laying on the pavement when people walk by. She picks her herpes scabs off her pussy and hucks them at people passing by. As she moos and barks at them. Class act Maria class fucking act.

This low class scum Danica fucked my 76 year old grandfather in the play ball ball pit at McDonald’s in Laredo for a fucking 4 pack of chicken nuggets. Then she messaged my husband, offered to meet up to suck his cock as long as he bought her a slurpee to wash it down. she will also , send nude pictures and call you names when you call her out. She looks strung out on what ever she is high on most of the time, but from the pictures she sent, she has a busted vag, so she’s used alot, saggy boobs and horrible cellulite on her flubber butt. After McDonalds her second place to whore out around is the Walgreens or Albertsons. She likes to get the old bastards in walkers going in to get their boner pills!

This girl Aileen is a serial Home Wrecker. She has messed with 3 of my friends husbands. Including my EX-husband. Right after I had my first child I found out my man would sneak over to her house all hours of the night to fuck her and her slutty fucking sister. Her family is a bunch of hill bill trash whores from Springer. And one day I went to her house to confront her, she had her parents say she was sleeping… She then started lying saying she was pregnant by my ex (while we were together), sharing fake pregnancy test photos and baby photos. This was all in Harker Heights. So many girls wanted to beat her up that she had to move. Plus Aileen shit her pants a few years back while in a line up at walgreens. People dont forget Aileen.

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