Texas 17


April 16th, 2021

Zooey Is fuking crazy. She falls in love with any man who gives her the time of day. Wants to get married right away to lock you down. She recently just got married to a dude from another country talk about some 90 day fiance sh1t. Lied to him about having a surrogate lined up. When he found out she was lying. He left her. Before she married that dude. She was engaged to another guy. She stalks all her bfs and husband’s ex girlfriend. She has serious mental issues that need professional help. I would stay clear of this chick unless you’re up for a relationship like an episode of The Young And The Restless. She has major trust issues to the point where she’s constantly blows up your phone. You don’t answer she assumes you’re cheating on her. That would be your whole relationship. 

This chick Jody will befriend you and then either after a few months or years will do some crazy bullsh1t and then blame everything on you. She is constantly looking for attention from other men well her husband is working, saying she wants to fuk other men. I guess you really cant turn a slore into a house wife. She constantly does big rails of blow and drinks till she is incoherent and doesnt care if her kids see her like that. She will make lies about you once youre no longer friends and then CONSISTENTLY call child services on you and then go around and tell everyone you are a horrible mother. Honestly girls watch your men and yourself around her she seems nice until she snaps and then causes a whole lot of drama in your life. She has been BUYING grade a cocaine for years and would never pass a drug test

April 10th, 2021

March 19th, 2021

Natalie seems very sweet and will make it seem like shes into you, only to have you take her out and give her affection she misses from her ex who she screwed over. Will lead you on then drop you once you catch feelings. On the bright side she’s pretty easy to get in bed, just show interest and she’ll be in your bed within the first day. Apparently she moved to Kyle from a small town up Washington State, to get away from an ex a drunk violent unicyclist named David Murphey and his crew of hard core thugs. If you want to try and hit for youreself feel free, she has a nice lil body once you actually get her undressed. She use to be a lot lizard at truck stops to support her meth habit. Then she started sucking David’s Dick and moving his product through out Texas for him. But the bitch kept pinching out of bags and David and his boys (especially Colt Johsnon) are on the look out for her.

Meet Victoria of Noonday know throughout Texas as the doorknob for the right price. She is what they call a sexcretary because she gives great dictation. I interviewed her for a job in my office and she literally propositioned me that she would show me her dictation skills on the spot. I am a very horny man and unhappily married and would cross the line. I called some of her previous employers and every one of them warned me that she had slept with all the men in the office she worked and created so many problems and broke up so many marriages and she filed sex harassment lawsuit when she was the center of all these problems. She will come off as girl next door but she is as evil and manipulative as you will ever come across. Be careful with this she devil!-John Paul Jones

March 17th, 2021

Ray Ray from Breckinridge Texas is a homewrecker lying dope fein. She’s married but separated from her husband because she can’t stay off drugs and likes only men who are taken or married. She split my marriage up and when confronting her about her and my husband, she told me she wouldn’t speak to him again! The following night, she came and picked my husband up from work and he stayed with her all night! Still no word from him. So basically, she’s a lying 2 face Homewrecking Dope Slore. She’s a embarrassment to her family and mother and even worse mother to her daughter.DO NOT TRUST HER!

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