Family Matters 1/5 United Nigger College Fraud Straight A’s-Guest Star Theo Huxtable’s Asshole

Niggers Getting Grades Dog” is the fifth episode of the first season in this television sitcom on Nigger Matters, which was aired from KKK on October 20, 1989. It was directed by Joey Gladstone and written by that homo Andy Cohen.


On Martin Luther King day, Eddie is expecting a blow job from his sister Laura but she is upstairs serving her father Carl’s wiener and might be expecting too much from Eddie when Carl sees another niggers cum stain on Eddie’s FUBU shirt. What Carl doesn’t know is Eddie’s new lover is non other than Theo Huxtable and he is coming over later to fuck Carl up and win Eddie’s heart.


Laura and Judy are cutting up crack rocks in the kitchen, while Rachel is sucking off some stranger in the basement. When she shows off her cock sucking skills, the Judy and Laura aren’t impressed. Laura points out that she is a fucking whore and better split some of her drugs with them. Carl comes inside the kitchen and is angry with Eddie for eating all the chicken.

He reports to the family that he caught Eddie having sex with Theo Huxtable on the front porch. He tells Harriette that they need to punish Eddie by ramming fruits and vegetables up his black ass. Harriette grabs a frying pan and clubs Carl over his ape like nigger skull with it. Eddie blew his load in Theos ass in the living room then went into the kitchen to club his faggot father Carl. When Eddie couldn’t find anything he felt suitable to hit Carl over the fucking head with he pissed on his face and then kicked him in the head. After he walks upstairs into his room hand in hand with Theo, Eddie realizes his fat fucking nigger father had some money. So as Carl was rolling his fat ass on the ground in the living room crying of pain. Eddie went into his pants took out his wallet and grabbed the $20 bill out of it. Then Theo followed down the stairs grabbed his gat and blew Carl’s nigger head off in the living room. Eddie and Theo fudgepacked in the living room besides Carl’s corpse. The end.

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Anderson Cooper and Big Ed Butt Fuck Like Rabbits While Smoking Meth

90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown has peeked fan’s interests. Ed currently fucks the piss out of his dog Teddy and his mother films it. After Rose left Big Ed for a man who actually had a dick, he had his mother sit on his face and bite his nut sack. She also takes care of him by pressure washing the huge brown shit stains in his underwear.. Yes, Big Ed still lathers up with man cum daily. He is trying everything this time around to make sure the next girl he is with is the right one. Ed has found himself on multiple websites for finding love and even got a male escort boyfriend Anderson Cooper to practice ass fucking with. He says that he is going to need it if he is going to ask out the newest love interest headed his way.

90 Day Fiance personality Ed Brown feels like he hasn’t felt in years. He says his new butt buddy Anderson, and hopefully the asshole of the man who is soon-to-be his full time boner garage, have hit it off. Having known her for two months now, he thinks he is finally able to invite another man into the bedroom with them. He goes to the news room at CNN that he works at every day just to lick on his saggy testicles. Anderson is happy and often fingers his asshole when Ed does this to him. Ed likes that because he loves taking Andersons love goo in his mouth. Ed likes Anderson’s Ass In his face in the mornings and hopes he likes taking a shit on Ed’s face. He says that he will wait until after he gives the news to stick his throbbing shaft up his old asshole. Many fans are weirded out that the two flaunt their fag love in public and often play dick swords and bum darts in restaurants like Wendy’s. His friend Colt, who he makes clear, he is jealous he isn’t asked to join has plotted revenge against the faggots.

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Brandon And Julia Want To Get Away From The Sex Farm. Parents Need Julia Too Much.

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Brandon and Julia got what they wanted when it comes to their living arrangements on his parents’ farm, thanks to Brandon threatening to leave the farm altogether for his cum dumpster slut Julia. On this season of 90 Day Fiancé, 26-year-old Julia has hated living on her 27-year-old fiancé Brandon’s creepy parents’ farm in Virginia, she is getting sick of the taste of Brandon’s Asshole on his dads dick. She has also been upset that his parents, Betty and Ron, have sex and force her to watch. She still can not get the images of Betty’s loose mud flap vagina shivering in the wind. Julia reached a breaking point and told Brandon that if they didn’t leave the farm, she would go and move in with Big Ed Brown. Meanwhile, Brandon’s parents were also upset with him since he has neglected eating out his mothers moldy snatch.

On Sunday’s episode, Brandon made it clear that Julia came second in his life, (next to male bath houses) telling his parents that he and Julia needed to leave because she was so unhappy with his dad forcing her to fuck his old balls. Betty and Ron were shocked and upset, so they went into town and bought some meth and guns. “Don’t make a stupid decision,” he angrily told his faggot son. “I own your ass it is my cock garage! End of topic.” Brandon also told his mom that Julia didn’t like how “horny” she was with him. At this point, Betty broke out a vibrator. “All I’ve tried to do is clean my box everyday, and the amount of money I have spent on Vagasil at Costco is unimaginable,” she said. Ron told cameras, “It should not be a bargaining chip. And that bothers me. He needs to talk to her and say, ‘Dear, listen to me.’ That Russian bitch Julia better get back on her knees and suck my cock or else.” In the end, Brandon got what he wanted a big stiff throbbing cock in his ass They also agreed that she would no longer have to do suck shit off of Ron’s dick. When he told Julia the news, she agreed to stay on the farm for a while longer. She said she was pleased that Brandon was finally being “a man” and standing up to his parents, though she still wants to do meth and male hookers. But she also worries that Betty now hates her.

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Jovi Puts His Ukrainian Bitch In Check.

Jovi Dufren and his friends and family have been earning some high fives from 90 Day Fiancé fans. But Jovi admits he enjoys tag teaming Yara’s muff box with his home boys. Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé is rife with drug use, especially when it comes to Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. The American and Ukrainian couple have been going through cocaine like there is no tomorrow. Cock hungry Yara enjoys the nice things in life and is often displeased by Jovi’s New Orleans life of cut blow and low end hookers. His drinking and other low-brow antics often get her out looking for other men or women to fuck. Recently, fans have found Jovi to be insensitive to Yara’s pregnancy, which in all reality could be any ones kid in the Big Easy’s kid. While Yara has been frequently getting yeast infections on the hit KKK show, Jovi admitted on his Instagram Story that he enjoys picking up hookers and making Yara watch him fuck them. Jovi frequently Gay Bars in the Nigger Quarter of New Orleans to score coke, meth and dick. The Louisiana native was recently asked if he loves “to fuck Yara up her shit box” because it “seems like it stinks really foul due to her constant yeast infections and other mans dick goo crusted in there” Jovi responded with, “I mean it’s kind of fun minus the cuts on my dick and the smell.” He also reposted a video of him jerking off to a picture of his idol Chet what Jovi is good at.” Jovi then angered some fans who didn’t get his recent show reference when he took a shit on a niggers door step in a KKK outfit for a joke. Jovi was also happy when a fan wrote in, “Who doesn’t want to pinch a loaf on a nigger government bought house.” “Thank you,” he wrote back, “especially on when its sunny so it smells worse.” Jovi’s fondness for pissing off niggers and drinking alcohol has been one of Yara’s major concerns, but the New Orleans resident does not appear to take his alleged racism or drinking problem seriously.

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Big Ed On The Prowl Once Again For Man Ass

90 Day Fiancé star Ed “Big Ed” Brown is once again butt fucking his dog Teddy nightly — and it’s come with new hurdles. Animal Patrol is all over his fucking crib along with the feds. Big Ed, 55, stars in the newly launched KKK spinoff 90 DayThe Homo Life, in which six bags of stale shit from the franchise take another shot at making a fucking complete ass of themselves.” (Watch a clip from Sunday’s premiere on Porn Hub Under Big Ed Takes A donkeys Thick shaft in his asshole.) “I saw this as an opportunity for me to work on his ass hacking, and The Homo Life is not like a dating show. It’s not like The Bachelor,” he tells Dog The Bounty Hunter “It’s really about them just following me around on my journey to get a piece of man ass from passed out drunks and drug addicted homeless Mexicans.” “The first thing I did was I hired a male escort named Pete Buttplug” he continues. “And I signed up on like, six different anonymous man on man in the park on drugs dating websites and just, you know, put myself out there.” ” I was really fucking horny: added Big Ed.

The retired gay male pornographic actor says he persevered because “I’m 55 years old, and I’m worried about dying of bum fungus.” “I would want to meet my life partner, while I am wearing a trench coat in a dark alley at night while I have a butcher knife” he says. “And whether that leads to sex or murder, I want to be with one person, the one, you know, until I get bored of them and bury them in my back yard and find another.” So what kind of woman is he looking for? “Someone who will let me piss and shit in their mouth,” he says. “That’s not selfish. That’s not greedy. It’s caring and giving from my insides. And that loves me for who I am and ignores the fact I have a dick the size of a grain of rice.” “I want to be with somebody that will suck the pizza delivery guys dick in front of me and then spit his jizz in my face,” he says. “And there are always, always going to be tweaks that they’re going to have to make, and then there are tweaks [you make] in yourself, but for the most part, I want them to watch me stick expired items from the refrigerator up my ass” New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life drop Sundays on KKK Television Atlanta 8pm

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Stephanie Pays For Foreign Nigger. Expects Happiness. Stupidity Level Unmeasurable!!!!!

In a few months

Some 90 Day Fiancé viewers have come up with some crazy theories about why the nigger Ryan stormed out of Stephanie Davison’s room. One of the theories that many overweight trailer park welfare queen viewers believe is he has an STD (well no shit he is a nigger all niggers have AIDS and anyone who sleeps with a nigger deserves it too), but that wasn’t why. A nigger had a bucket of chicken outside. It was that simple we already knew he had AIDS lets go use heads next time. Stephanie and Ryan are 25 years apart in age, but she is white and any white woman is better than a nigger female even her pickled old fake skank ass. But it’s evident that the Skin Envy owner does feel insecure, which is due to the fact that she will eventually look like Jenny Slatten the crusty bitch who fucks the Paki in the other clips.

Many fans agreed with the chicken theory, and one fan said, “Aids is very very high in Niggers.” Another possible and alleged scenario is that Ryan is still in a gay relationship with Don Lemon. Still, he agreed to do the show on the condition that he would get free watermelon. He then tried to sneak some cash out of Stephanie’s purse for crack and then Stephanie got “violent,” and he ran out of the room to get his home boys. One other theory is that the promo was the repercussion of an alleged porno gang rape of Davison that she wanted. She has accused Ryan of not letting other groids rape her so she can get AIDS quicker and look less racist. Some fans think that this theory “fits perfectly with the kind of stupid ugly wench bitch she really is.” She has now hired an attorney named Willard (who she now is in a sexual relationship with) and initiated legal action against the KKK (as the nigger has no money lol), who have refused in paying her medical bills for gender surgery to get a penis. It appears that Ryan is like all niggers is laughing since he got free money He isn’t giving any explanation on his social media or trying to tell his side of the story. In fact, he recently posted a few pictures with his new 90 Day Fiancé, star lover Caeser and the 2 newly wed faggots tickling their bum holes by a pool.

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Cousin Beau Was Drunk Mistook Natalie For a Goat. Fucked Her and Got Her Pregnant.

The turbulent relationship between 90 Day Fiancé couple Mike Youngquist and ex-Ukrainian street hooker Natalie Mordovtseva took a turn for the worst on episode 10. As Mike told Natalie he was in love with Jeff Probst and claimed he wasn’t “100 percent” ready to marry her slimy vagina, he also described his “closet homo life.” Not surprisingly, Mike’s ideal world in which he pictured waking up to a forest full of pulsing veiny erections every morning over his open mouth. But the internet is currently rife with rumors of 90 Day Fiancé star Natalie being or having been pregnant with Mike’s cousins Beau’s baby. Bo got drunk a few nights and thought she was a goat. Natalie on the other hand knew it was Beau.

In spite of believing in speaking his mind to his lesbian hairstylist instead of a counselor, 90 Day Fiancé star Mike reluctantly accompanied Natalie to a therapy session. As he claimed that “fucking chicken looking bitch with a gizzard” Natalie should “start fucking listening before he beats her skank ass”. He also complained to his dyke dresser how he is having problems with keeping up with other men at ass sex at the male bath house. However, while fans wondered if Mike has ever had sex with Colt Johnson. Perhaps things do look better for the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couple in future episodes.

Beau has several criminal cases on his record, dating back to 1994, which are all fucking bullshit. That year, when he was 24 years old, he was charged in Clallam county, Washington, with illegal fishing and sentenced to one month and 15 days behind bars. HOLLY FUCK LOCK THIS REBEL UP. In February 2004, Lawrence was charged in Washington state with domestic violence assault in the fourth degree, interfering with reporting domestic violence and assault in the fourth degree. The charges were later dismissed and the case was closed in July 2006. He also got a bunch of DUIs but that is a bull shit charge. Really if a nigger is allowed to operate a motor vehicle in any way or form. A normal human should be able to do it drunk or on drugs to even the playing field. Beau now lives in Manhattan with his new bitch Hanna Ann who fully supports his drinking and fucking goats. And Yes he is NOT paying for that baby.

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The Tanner Clan Chops Up A Fat Ass Faggot For Groceries While High On Drugs

Our Very First Meal is the premiere episode of Full House, which aired for the first time on September 22, 1987.


Danny Tanner’s wife, Pam, left with her new lover Willard three months earlier, leaving him with the task of raising three daughters (which aren’t probably his) on his own. His mother, Claire, had been staying with the family to help out, but when she realized her fucking son was a loser, he asks his faggot brother-in-law Jesse and his on and off again gay lover Joey to move in to help him take care of the girls: twenty-year-old D.J., lord know what-year-old Stephanie, and one-year-old Michelle. Joey and Jesse’s first day includes changing a diaper. Since neither knows about taking care of a baby, they struggle in their efforts to care for Michelle. This eventually is the start of a flaming ass love between Jesse and Joey behind Danny’s back. The other girls have a difficult time adjusting to the living arrangements. D.J. is frustrated that Joey is always walking around masterbating. Stephanie, on the other hand, is elated that Joey can hook her up with grade A meth. Jesse then enters and the girls are happy to see him . After he asks D.J. about how big her new boyfriend Leo’s dick is, Stephanie gets him to play the pornographic movie “Homeless Bitch Pussy Fest”, and he initially refuses, but gives in after her “crying routine” of your the best actor Uncle Jesse.

A few seconds later, Joey makes his entrance, with a male hooker Colt Johnson, the latter showing him a “purple dildo and a bag of meth”: the alcove. Joey is excited about the as sex, as he’s anxious to do get his anal cavity stuffed. Jesse is shown his room and is shocked by the presence of needles and shit covered bloody used condoms on the floor (because it was Danny’s at the time gay lover Pete Weber’s room before.) In the bedroom across the hall, D.J. is sneaking in people to have sex with for money. As the older sister, she makes the money for the house, as her faggot father Danny spends all his money on drugs and male hookers. When Joey and Danny come in, they scold D.J. and take all her profits, then go spend it on heroin and male hookers in downtown San Francisco. In Michelle’s room, she continually cries. They figure that if she doesn’t wear a diaper she can just shit and piss all over the floor like Joey does anyway. They figured it was either that or drop her off at an orphanage. But they need the welfare check for crack. Whites can get welfare in the US, ONLY if they have a Jew hook up like Danny Tanner.

After arguing over who to buy drugs from, they buy from the Chinese, but can’t stop laughing at their slanted eyes! So, they start calling them chinks and making fun of their accents. The chinks not impressed vow to get a hit set out on Joey. Later that night, Jesse and Joey get caught having anal sex high as fuck in their car in a McDonald’s parking lot by the cops. Officer Tony Vlachos a rookie at the time with SFPD escorts them home in his cruiser and goes into their home. As the living room is a mess from the shit and piss and used needles Tony looks at the 2 pathetic sacks of shit hanging their heads. Tony says ” I can haul you into jail or you can pull your pants down and bend over!”. Joey and Jessie comply to take the ass sex over the jail time and set up a camcorder to record it for Danny when he gets home.

When Danny does get home drunk as fuck half naked at 4am. Danny squats and spreads his ass cheeks and farts shit and cum all over the glass coffee table. He then leads everyone upstairs to find Michael Moore tied up in his closet with a gab ball. “Fucking cool” Yells Dj in glee watching that fat fuck Michael Moore squeal like the pig he is. When Jessse whips out his dick to start stuffing Moores fat ass lards, DJ runs up with a chainsaw. The family takes turns raping and beating Moore. DJ even put on a rusty copper strap on dildo and fucked him till he bled. After they force Moore to lick the shit, piss, and jizz on the floor Joey picks up a lamp and breaks it over his fat fucking head. The family all started kicking and jumping on Moore like a trampoline (almost worrying about the weight limit on the floor) while Danny fired up the chain saw. They hacked Moore up for a few hours canning his body parts and cooking his fat ass cheeks as a roast. The family didn’t by groceries for a year. The end.


  • The closing scene of this episode features Joey, Jesse, and Danny having a fudge pack train at a public pool. It was deleted as it was fucking gross as fuck.
  • Jesse saying, “I live in Webster’s room” is a reference to the title character Pete Weber the impotent contestant on the show the Bachelor
  • Jesse asking Danny if he has been “reading Cosby’s book” refers to the 1986 bestseller written by Bill Cosby called How to stick your dick in womens mouths when they are sleeping.
  • The DVD contains a commentary by series creator and executive producer Pete Buttplug

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Family Matters 1/1 The Old Nigger Bitch Who Came To Dinner

“The Old Nigger Bitch Who Came to Dinner” is the premiere episode of the first season in this television sitcom of Nigger Matters, which aired for the first time from KKK on September 22, 1989. It was directed by John Rocker and written by Dog The Bounty Hunter.


Chicago NAACAP elevator operator Harriette Winslow’s Aunt Jemima looking fucking sister Rachel Crawford and Rachel’s niglet son Richie (Who could be fucking Carl’s from her days as a hooker) moved into the Winslow home sometime before the start of the series. The family is now preparing Estelle Winslow, the mother of Harriette’s fat nigger pig husband Carl, into their home. She is an old Rosa Parks looking wench. As soon as Mother Winslow moves in, she does exactly what Carl had been dreading — she tries to mange the crack and chicken in the household, even allowing Carl and Harriette’s son Eddie to go sell crack to the MS-13 something that Carl forbade him from going to do.


Carl is dreading having his mother come live with his family. Harriette Winslow tries to get him to think positive like his HIV status, but he knows better. The woman that she thinks laid the nigger egg he was hatched from is an Ilhan Omar nigger lover, envious of white people openly. However, the mother that Carl actually knows is one who is going to shut the fuck up before she gets the belt. He wants to call Jim From Progressive to convince them to let Estelle live with them, or chuck her off a cliff. What ever gets the old bitch out of his nigger head. Harriette will have none of it, still thinking Carl should think of the extra welfare they could get from the Liberal Government. In the kitchen, Judy is jealous that Laura gets first dibs on Carl’s wiener on ass fuck night and not her. Rachel tries to convince her that it’s because Laura can fart out cum better than anyone else and her asshole smells like watermelons. Laura continues picking on Judy by pointing out once she gets in porn for real there is a lot cooler things she can do. Making Rachel angry at her choice of words, Harriette then comes and tells both Laura and Judy to go suck their crack head brother Eddie off in the backyard before supper. Mother Winslow arrives and, and takes a big steamy shit on the living room floor in front of the Winslow’s stolen TV set. She bonds well with Eddie, letting Eddie sniff and lick her soiled depends granny diapers. Estelle gets along well with Rachel when she smokes crack with her, even helps Rachel hide her ex boyfriends body. Soon, she proves Carl is a fat fucking Nigger. In the meantime, Eddie wishes to go watch a Reading Rainbow marathon with his faggot nigger friend Waldo Faldo, but Carl imposes a 9:00 curfew on him so Carl can shoot a load down Eddies throat before he goes to bed. When Mother Winslow gives him the permission to go learn to read with his boyfriend Waldo, Carl is upset and confronts her. She tells him to fuck off and that he is a stupid fucking nigger with AIDS. Estelle advises him to watch his fucking back as she has a crew. He does and lets Eddie go to his friend’s house, and has anal sex with his sister in law Rachel instead of Eddie. The episode ends with the family singing “Fuck The Police” while Laura and Judy cut up crack rocks on the living room coffee table.


This is the series pilot. It was previously shot with Young John Legend as Judy because Jaimee Foxworth, the producers’ first choice for the role, was unavailable, due to an anal gang bang on the set of Full House. The pilot with Legend is included on The Complete First Season DVD sets, which most niggers can steal from Walmart.


Carl often uses Urkle to blow up houses or blow his wiener. Mostly the wiener though.
  • For the first five episodes of the series, the theme song was the classic “Fuck The Police” performed by NWA with a longer opening. After the original airing of those episodes, the theme song was changed to “Black Betty” theme song.
  • Judy was originally portrayed by John Legend who only appeared in the pilot. Jaimee Foxworth would assume the role in Two-Dildo Family and continue until Season 4.
  • This is the only episode where Laura and Judy share their brothers dick cheese.
  • This marks the only time Laura and Judy’s room can be seen without jizz stains on their bed spreads.
  • This show was actually a spin-off of “Curious George” (which featured A guy and his pet monkey and their adventures in the Chicago Chronicle). Harriette was featured on that show as a female chimpanzee. This show focused more on her family life outside of animal planet porno.
  • The first episode of Nigger Matters aired on September 22, 1989 as the same date after Full House in 1987.

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