I Got Troll Mail: Must be a Paki

The writing here screams paki. And I mean come on women that look like that randomly go after stange guys on the internet all the time. It must be my love and compassion. Damn my white privilege. Looks like those losers with the Race Cards are maxed out credit limit like their welcome in white lands.

Lenny Codiciado lennycodiciado@gmail.com via sendgrid.net

you are probably a little confused. ? Have I guessed correctly? Of course I understand you perfectly. ? After all, we are not familiar and you do not understand who I am and why I am writing to you. ? But I suggest you talk and get to know each other's friends better. We can continue the communication in letters, or we can correspond in messengers. How is it more convenient for you? Do not hesitate, I will find answers to all your questions
I'm sure you have mine.
How I look, you already know. I will be happy if you send me two of your photos. ? Okay?
And it would be just wonderful if you explained to me: **** Is this your pseudonym or your real name? ?♀

A new day another one emailed me WOW. I must be cool. This one how ever is not as hot as the last one. Which means she probably has low self esteem and would do anything.

Yula is still alright though. Plus although she sent the message in French she seems to have an eastern European name. Those women will do anything if the price is right. Just ask Jeffrey Epstein.

I still do not believe what I decided to write to you. ? And of course, I understand that you are no less surprised than mine. ?♀ Guessed? You probably think who this girl is, why she is writing to me. I just want to meet you. I am sure you are a very educated and well mannered man I hope you will not play games with me. It’s enough for me ?♀ I’m looking for a real and long relationship. You too If yes, write to me. ✍ matt Is this your name or your nickname? It would be very interesting to know. I’m waiting ?♀

Ha ha ha sorry you think that way. I am not well mannered and the first thing we are going to start is to play games with you. But I know you are a paki writing this. Or a Nigerian Nigger.

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