Top Geoguessr Country Scores

Most residents of Alabama and West Virginia get this excited when the blog makes lists.

As of August 16th, 2021 the following are the top 10 in what countries the blog has completed and placed. This is the top 10.

10) South Africa– 24,903

9) Kenya- 24,924

8) New Zealand- 24, 937

7) Malaysia- 24,940

6) Greenland- 24, 974

5) Canada- 24, 987

T3) Sweden- 24,991

T3) India- 24,991

2) Vietnam- 24,992

1) United States of America 25,000

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10 Countries That Have Been The Hardest In Geoguessr

I have played every official map on Geoguessr (lots many times) (I still havent played American Samoa). The following 10 are the countries that I keep seeming to have the most amount of trouble with.

10) Serbia- 18,951

9) Lesotho- 18,496

8) Thailand- 18,313

7) Cambodia- 18,190

6) Bangladesh- 17,787

5) Greece- 17,488

4) Northern Mariana Islands- 16,659

3) Israel- 16, 588

2) Mongolia- 15,396

1) Ukraine-14,770

Top Ten 10 Countries Mentioned On This Site

I made a list of the top 10 Countries mentioned on this site. It is no surprise that US and Canada are 1 and 2 respectively. I didn’t use the whole UK but did them like they do soccer so none made the top ten(England almost did #11) All together though it would of been 3rd. Be interesting to see if these change when I do it next year. Some of these countries may shrink as the women are getting fucking uglier with the amount of black faces moving in. Like I said up there Engand would of made 11th. Others would be Norway at 12 and Indonesia and Philippines both tied at 13.

10-Sweden 15

I have a lot of threads on Sweden. And the reality is there is a lot of fucking problems in Sweden. They must run their governments like they play hockey. Like a bunch of fucking pussies. Rape from all the immigrant shit skins that the Jews have forced upon this beautiful land is sick. They hand out welfare and these parasites destroy it all. Sweden is the Rape capital of the world. Sweden has the most beautiful women in the world too. Shit skins are going to rape. Sad to see that place destroyed so sad. There are pages on Stockholm on the site. There are also a ton of pages just showing a small sliver of the rape from niggers and muslims the Swedes deal with. There is also a story about a heavy metal dude who decided to kill and Algerian Homo Sexual. Sweden is full of pussies. Look at that Pewdie Pie guy. Enough said.

9- Japan 15

A recent study of implicit bias by Matsumoto University psychologist Kazuo Mori notes that Japanese have an implicit bias against blacks, concluding that “Japanese participants showed an implicit preference for ‘white people’ over ‘black people.’ ” Mori suggests that this bias may be the product of the “media in which whites are used ‘for delivering a good message.’ There is also a page on Tokyo the largest city in the world. Japan is a great country and does not put up with nigger bull shit from Jews. They have beautiful women and a great economy. They are fucked in the head when it comes to sex. Which you probably already know. If you don’t google it. Alot of people have often referred to the Japanese as the Jews of Asia. Which we all know Israel is in Asia but if you are a normal person you know that Israel should not be a recognized country except to Jews. They really believe it is a country and we just let them think that. Truth is most Japs love Hitler. Why do you think zipper head hoes always date those dorky nazi losers that dress like GI joe. Weird sex fetishes these Jappers have. Weird.

8- South Africa 19

I just focused on the white parts of South Africa and ignored nigger areas and nigger species hence why the slide show is so short. I had to do it right as I was making it as I just ate some breakfast that smelled rotten. The sight of niggers right now would make any realistic person vomit after eating what I ate. There are pages on Cape Town and Johannesburg on this blog. Also a story I did about what happens after niggers do not get to drink booze due to racist Covid rules. South Africa is the Ideal model of what the Jews would like to see America and all of Europe resembling. Niggers killing and raping and whitey slaving to pay for it. I have never met a white person from South Africa, and I have met well over a thousand that can not tell you NIGGERS are the problem. They have lived it and seen it and suffered.

7- France 20

France was a tourist trap in Europe. Until Jews tricked the government into giving free welfare to niggers and Muslims. Now the niggers and Muslims shit all over the streets and are bankrupting the country as the Jews laugh at the faggot French. It has a long history of being pussies. Most of their history is shameful, with repeated defeats, conquests, and surrenders. The French under Napoleon III presented the United States with the Statue of Liberty — an intended trojan horse ambush gone wrong. The vast majority of French men are sex and meth addicts, in the closet and/or champagne socialists. The most common thing a frenchman will say during his life is “What proof do you have that I am full of shit?”. France is most famous for enacting legislation banning women from shaving their armpits, which was then enthusiastically imported by the horrifyingly hirsute Italians. There are also a few pages on Paris. It is best to avoid this shit hole. The women also rarely shave their vaginas its concerning to say the least.

6- Russia 22

Russia has a lot of shit on here and is quite an amazing place. There areis a section on Moscow. Also a young kid who is a lawyer who goes on a shooting spree because his bitch leaves him Here. A drunk lady who is so addicted to vodka she murders old ladies to get their pension checks for booze Here> The known count of victims is known to be 17 but could be more. Russia looks pretty bore and dull for the most part. But is beautiful as all the people are white. They do have good looking women so dorks from America try to get pussy from there while the women gets his money and a free ride in America. Example 1 Example 2.

5- Mexico 26

A section on Mexico City and Tijuana Also numerous pages on the stars of the hit show 90 day fiance Kenny a 60 year old four eyed Americano Faggeto and Armando a 30 year old beaner. They are gay homo fag lovers. From them butt hacking sheep to them sticking their dildos in pickle jars. TONS OF ARMANDO Gayness in Mexico. A lot of articles also about the nice men who bring medicine up the border to negros and trailer trash. Great business. Friends with Clinton.

4- Australia 28

Sydney and Melbourne. A crazy weirdo Tasmanian shooter. Also a piece we titled ” Karpet Munching Kangaroo Dykes.” Which is about a lesbian from Australia and a fake Lesbian who fakes an illness who, well just a real fake fucking woman from Connecticut. It was a 90 day fiance couple so it was a real big fucking joke. Much like the kangaroos and the people that live in the joke of a country called Australia. Which was a prison territory I should remind you. But why am I even typing any of this shit all any one is doing that is looking at this is staring at the chicks boobs that flash beside this. Hell that is why my grammar and spelling is usually so bad. Australia faces the same issues as Canada and Europe when it comes to shitskins living and playing the “Follow white people everywhere they go in the world as we can not function by ourselves” game. They are getting pretty sick of all this bull shit. Steve Irwin warned us and warned those animals too. Also don’t forget to check out the section on the great people of Australia called the Abos. They have done………………. we are still waiting for them to do something positive. And dont say aids.

3- Brazil 29

With a population of over 200 million fucking losers, Brazil is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. But the huge number of mentally ill inhabitants brings about a dramatic amount of murders – just in 2012 alone, almost 65,000 people were killed in the country. It is believed that drug trade and raging alcoholism are among the major causes of the high homicide occurrence. But then again it is Brazil and most people that live there do not want to live anyway as life sucks there as is. I thought Brazil would of been higher on the Murder List. But it is the 12th most likely country in the world to get murdered in. There are pages on Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Salvador and Belo Horizonte. Along with a murder in 2002 where a young girl killed her parents. Besides the nice looking women Brazil is a joke. Also don’t forget that for every good looking light skinned Brazilian woman you see. There are 100 to that 1 of ugly black nigger sows who think they are good looking. Fuck all black women are so ugly yuck.

2- Canada 130

1- United States of America 293

Top 10 US States Mentioned On This Site

I have listed the times the states have been used as categories. Which is mostly the actual state in a post, a city, a major crime ect. I want to do another one with countries. The states are all about right where I thought they would be. A little shocked at #8 making the list but there is a lot of nigger crime around there. I am a little shocked that Pennsylvania isn’t there. I didn’t include the Nigger Floyd Pages in Minnesota for its total or they would of been on the list.

10)- Illinois-15

Illinois is a midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west. Nicknamed “the used farm equipment state,” it’s marked by farmland, forests, rolling hills and streets full of niggers with bullet holes in them like swiss cheese. Chicago, one of the largest democratic nigger loving cities in the U.S, is in the northeast on the shores of Lake Michigan( a great place for niggers to dump bodies after they rape white bitches). It’s famous for its shootings, and violent crime. Al Capone would be ashamed if he was alive today to be witnessing his once kingdom as a nigger infested shit hole ran by a nigger wench Lori Lightfoot. Just a pathetic waste in America like a mini-Africa.

9)- Ohio-15

Ohio is a shithole excuse of a state in the Israeli States, in Middle America and best described as the Armpit of America. It is known for its mass export of faggots like Drew Carey and John Legend. Ohio is widely known for having four unique seasons — almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. Ohio is also famous for having one of the highest populations of white supremacists, hicks, and of course like everywhere the Jews want to dominate NIGGERS! Due to its close proximity to Indiana and West Virginia KKK rallies are a favorite pass time. It’s known for having three of the shittiest cities in America (and that’s saying something): Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Only Detroit, New Orleans (the nigger parts), and Baltimore are worse. Other than Toledo (which isn’t really so much “shitty” as it is unremarkable) all the other “cities” in Ohio are small towns filled with midwestern hicks that nobody cares about.

8)- Oklahoma-15

Oklahoma is a central state with a fucking panhandle. It is full of red necks and niggers who all love Jesus and drugs and guns. Which makes it quite entertaining especially in the metro areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa where niggers and red necks meet up, while all drunk and high and try to operate their guns. Grade A entertainment for the whole family!!!

7)- Missouri-16

It is fact that there are niggers in both Kansas City and St. Louis. So much so, as a final solution, in 1947, a plan was enacted by President Truman to abort the city of St. Louis by constructing a giant coat hanger. However, by the time the project was finished in 1965, there wasn’t any money to construct a giant dumpster to dispose of the bodies. That and the Archbishop has wrote a letter to the Pope. So as an alternative, White people started moving to St. Charles. Niggers will keep eventually having to move near the white people until the smartest whites go to Antarctica, all the niggers and jews freeze to death following them for handouts. Then go back and rebuild in a few hours with out them then world PEACE!

6)- Georgia-17

Georgia, the Peach State, is a state in the southern US and A, bordering Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, and Tennessee. Georgia’s chief exports are prisoners from Atlanta, peaches, peanuts, pecans, Sweettea, and fine upstanding liberal fake nigger loving politicians that set an example for the rest of the nation. Putting Israel’s interests first by letting the niggers roam around much like they do in Africa not obeying laws what so ever. Famous cities in Georgia include Atlanta, Augusta, and Athens, home of REM and The B-52’s. The rest of Georgia is largely unpopulated by humanoid life.

5)- Michigan-17

Michigan (Also known as Fridgigan) it is Canada’s poorest and most highly Nigger populated territory. And due to the niggers getting welfare ere is as easy as getting it like a muslim nigger in Canada. It’s entire population consists of blacks, liberal elitist scumbags who live in gated communities far from niggers, deer (who also hate niggers), and the lesser known species, Yoopers, which is segregated by group into four specific zones. Nigger African Zones, White Safe Normal Zones, forests, and the Upper Peninsula. Michigan’s main exports consist of expensive unreliable cars, highly flammable furniture, and niggers. The whole states starts with Detroit and fucking ends in Flint.

4)- New York-21

New York is a state and a city. It confuses niggers but thankfully for them most of them get a bullet or as in nigger speak a “cap” busted in their ass before they even realize what liquor store to jack. It is awfully big and filthy and Much like every other white founded, funded, and ran area, infested with niggers. New York has a shit load of Jews in it too. Often referred to as Jew York Jew York City has more Jews than any city in the world. Even in Israel! While in New York if you make it out of NYC after eating at Wendy’s there is also Buffalo and Syracuse to check out.

3)- Florida-32

Once upon a time God decided to create a place where old jews, Republican spics, and dirty rednecks could all live in relative harmony – so he made Florida, America’s dick. Seriously, look at the shape of the state. It’s in the shape of a flaccid penis. That should tell you enough. Of course God didn’t expect anything of value to come from this colossal shithole, he just made it for the fuck of it. It makes Florida the 3rd most mentioned state on this site. With a shit load of fucked up citizens and the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee! There is alot more monkeyshines Jews will try to cover up on the near future. Oh yeah The Donald has a few golf courses here and while not busy trying to get his Jews to prove to the Liberal Nigger Loving Jews he won the election. (we all know he did even them).

2)- California-35

California (Formerly Commiefornia, before Ahnold) is the lamest state on the Left Coast of America and home to many serial rapists and their bastard offspring. A very small percentage of the population is actually legal. Home to Hollywood as the ingrown toe-nail, San Francisco as the penis, Bakersfield as the armpit, and everyone from the central part of the state being ashamed of being there, California had the nation’s first action hero governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka The Governator). Also soulless Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, and Fresno are other cities in Mexico or whatever country California is in now as it a fucking mess of a zoo down there. Good luck losers. Wouldn’t want to be you.

1)- Texas-37

Texas, the second largest state in the Union and the most mentioned on this site. It is a hellhole best known for being home to steers and queers, King of the Hill, shitty country music, morbidly obese people, Megachurches, its inability to contribute anything of value to the country (minus Matthew McCaunahey or how ever you spell it), Mansions, Bible Thumpers, capital punishment, sedentary lifestyle, super-sized portions drenched in lard, Dr. Phool, George W. Bush, a questionable point of view on people, guns, an obsession with large things, and its ongoing failed attempts to outlaw faggotry. Texas wants to be a separate nation, the Jews have allowed  it has been overtaken by Mexicans, so that goes to tell ya how much they suck dick. Other than that, they suck major fucking cockles because they call themselves the fucking “Lone-Star” State, in other words, Tits or GTFO. Don’t forget to visit Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, Austin, and Lubbock just to name a few. Oh also while here go to Mr T’s fine car wash and jerk off in the nigger who did its honor. (Texas fried his black ass).

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Top Ten Countries With The Most Subway Sandwich Restaurants

This guy ate healthy to lose the fat. And jerked off to kid porn. If you eat subway sandwiches they make you a skinny pedophile

10) France– 458

9) China– 598

Bat sub? Corona sub? Who are we kidding we all know the Jews invented COVID and blamed the chinks.

8) Russia– 616

7) India 621

This is in India but it could just as easily be in the US or Canada. They are gateways for diaper heads to get in white countries.

6) Mexico– 1012

5) Australia– 1400

4) Brazil– 2126

3) United Kingdom– 2380

2) Canada– 3240

1) United States Of America– 25785

Countries With The Most Pizza Huts

10) Indonesia– 297

Indonesia is a largely populated country that mainly lives off of rice and bats. And rats I heard too and your dog and your cat ect. With tons of rice fields all over the place like an Uncle Ben pinata exploded there. It is amazing a place with no Italians or is not known for food would have so many pizza huts. But then again this is the 4th most populated country in the world.

9) Australia– 299

Police are renewing their request for public assistance to identify and locate two drunk fucking abos seen running from Pizza Hut in Howrah following an armed robbery last night. Around 9.15pm last night, two men entered the Pizza Hut on Clarence Street and demanded a quantity of cash from staff within the store. The swaying abos threatened the staff with what is believed to have been a stick from a tree and a large rock. The offenders obtained a quantity of money and tomato sauce cans before running from the scene. The two men are described as not white, both wearing a dark hooded tops and dark coloured work pants, and smelt of fucking gasoline. The two staff members inside the Pizza Hut at the time were not physically injured. Anyone with information in relation to the incident, or sightings of the two men running from the scene around the time, is asked to contact Tasmania Police.

8) India– 315

At Pizza Hut locations in India, your pizza  comes complete with a choreographed dance from store employees.  Check out the picture in the northern Indian city of Agra. Pizza Hut servers there show off some fancy footwork. (I’m guessing the one in the middle has had a little more cury eating and goat raping experience than some of the others. In all reality what else more could a paki want in a restaurant. The beautiful smell of Italian food meets the rank stench of hindu body odor. Its like a match made in heaven. My eyes are watering with tears just thinking of the fucking smell of those shit skins bouncing around as I am trying to eat. For Pakis this seems like a good idea. They should go all the way though. Have some pictures of naked white women around the establishments and have a bottle of lube at each table and goats to ass rape roaming around freely.

7) Malaysia– 332

The Sessions Court here fined a fast food restaurant RM25,000 after its director pleaded guilty to negligence in workplace safety which caused a worker to suffer brain damage. Lee Weng Hua who represented Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd entered a guilty plea to a charge under Section 15 (1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 before judge Norashima Khalid. The offence is punishable by a fine of not more than RM50,000, a jail sentence of not more than two years, or both. According to the charge sheet, the restaurant is accused of failing to ensure safe workplace conditions at around 7pm of October 10, 2019 at its Batu Gajah branch, which resulted in an accident that caused Muhammad Hafizzudin Redzuan, 21, to suffer permanent disability. LINK

6) South Korea 332

Pizza Hut, the largest pizza chain in the fucking zipperhead country, has come under some criticism from local nippers about the price differential in pizzas on their website. The differences they complain, is that the prices vary depending which language option you order from. According to an article this week in the Huffington Post Korea, it is actually much cheaper to order from the English site as noted in the website menu. English order customers can also receive a size upgrade on the pepperoni pizza while additionally paying around 20% less. The prices on the super supreme and cheese pizza are also about 25% cheaper. Ordering from the English version is an available option to anyone visiting the Pizza Hut site. You Koreans are born naturally smarter than English people. Figure it out. Italians like English better than Koreans. Them racist bastards.

5) Canada– 345

Police are investigating after a woman’s car was stolen at a Pizza Hut parking lot in Scarborough. At around midnight on Tuesday, police said a woman was at the parking lot near Ellesmere and Birchmount roads when she was approached by four wild Somali Niggers wearing masks and stinking like rotting shit. Two to three of the niggers brandished guns sideways, and stole the woman’s silver Dodge Durango, according to police. Police said the vehicle was later located, and five niggers were seen fleeing the scene. No arrests have been made yet, but police said they are continuing to investigate, but due to the fact they are niggers that Justin Trudeau needs along with faggots to destroy Canada, nothing will be done. LINK

4) Japan-370

TOKYO Police have arrested four men over the robbery of a Pizza Hut delivery store in Tokyo in May. One of the suspects is also the store manager. The suspects were identified as Chihiro Masunari, 27, the store manager, Kaoru Takahashi, 29, who is unemployed, Mifumi Suzuki, 24, whose occupation is unknown, and a Chinese national, 25. One employee was injured in the robbery which occurred at around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday May 1 at the store in Fukugawa, Koto Ward. Masunari and the 28-year-old deputy store manager were on duty at the time, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said two other employees were sent out on fake orders by Masunari. According to police, Takahashi entered the store and hit the deputy general manager with an iron bar, breaking his arm. When Masunari came out from the back office, Takahashi threatened him with a knife and demanded money. Masunari handed over about 1.4 million yen from the safe and Takahashi fled. LINK

3) United Kingdom– 640

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a teenage girl was dragged out of a Pizza Hut and stabbed. Surrey Police said a man assaulted a member of staff at the Waterloo Road restaurant in Epsom on Friday, before taking the 17-year-old victim outside. A suspect was arrested a short time later at Court Recreation Ground off Pound Lane. The girl suffered a stab wound to the abdomen and was taken to hospital. Her condition is described as serious but not life threatening. A 32-year-old man from Epsom has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnap, rape and grievous bodily harm. LINK I wish they would put pictures and names up. What I heard about this one is some muslim like nigger shit skin tried to have sex with a young girl. She told the old creep to leave her alone and she didn’t want her shit skin paws on him he chimped out and stabbed her. It is racist apparently in England to not let immigrants rape you.

2) China– 1,264

Since opening its first China location in Beijing in 1990, Pizza Hut has grown to become the leading Western casual dining restaurant brand in China, both in terms of system sales and number of restaurants. An Internet commercial for…Pizza Hut [part of YUM!] has been accused of discriminating against disabled people…The cartoon ad employs a pun on “blind” and “shrimp” as the pronunciations of the two words are similar in Chinese. The ad triggered protests by visually impaired people…They want the pizza chain to apologize…Xie Yan, the founder of the non-governmental organization One Plus One Disabled Person’s Cultural Development Center, said ads with similar content could face litigation in other countries. However, the commercial passed all regulatory reviews in China, he said, which “reflected a systemic lack of consciousness” for respecting disabled people…Pizza Hut published a statement on its Chinese website apologizing for the commercial. It said the idea for the ad “lacks full consideration” and “all the commercials have been withdrawn.” However, many complained the apology lacked sincerity. The commercial can still be viewed on the Internet…LINK

1) United States of America 7, 891

Lots of niggers have been made to become swiss cheese like people at Pizza huts for years in the US. I just picked this one off of google. Niggers cause more shit at Chuck E Cheese Nowdays dog. TERRELL, Texas— Four Niggerrs have been rearrested in connection to the murder of two Terrell Pizza Hut employees in 2006. At 12:31 a.m. Sept. 3, 2006, Pizza Hut employees Patricia Oferoskey and Stephen Mitchelltree were found dead inside the restaurant — initiating the start of a lengthy investigation involving multiple suspects. During the original investigation, it was determined that the suspects, some former and some current Pizza Hut employees, planned and carried out a robbery that led to their deaths. Four suspects were eventually arrested, each charged with capital murder. However, the district attorney later released them. Darius Hubbard, Bianca Newman, Justin Prox and Anthony Holliman Link

2020 Bottom Ten Countries by Population

10) Dominica 73,925

The population is mainly of niggers deemed too stupid and useless to be slaves with some European owners who built most of the buildings that you see in the country today. You don’t honestly believe niggers created the country do you? Silly fools lol. People from the Indian subcontinent, and South Koreans have came to Dominica to open up convenience stores and drive taxis. Dominica is the only island with a relatively large and distinctive group of niggers that never shower, descendants of the animal feces that inhabited the island before the gift/lottery/life saving Europeans arrive. Niggers in the east of the island and are among Dominica’s poorest residents because the white people live too far away from them to help them or for the niggers to steal from.

9) The Marshall Islands 58,889

The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. With around 5,000 visitors a year, the Republic of the Marshall Islands is among the world’s least-visited countries and fr good reason who really would want to fucking go there? Only 2 hotels are in the capital city of Majuro and last I heard one of those places didn’t have a roof due to lack of payment. Taxi drivers cruise up and down Majuro’s lone road all day long (drunk and high off of petrol fumes), squeezing multiple passengers into a single ride. It’s the only way to get around. Any trip within the larger downtown Majuro area costs 50 cents, and tipping is not expected. I never paid fuck them.

8) St. Kitts and Nevis 53,000

Most of the niggers that reside here live on Saint Kitts. The capital city is Basseterre on Saint Kitts. The country is a member of the United Nations, but is also a part of the Defected Farm Equipment Union. Jamie Foxx is head of state. Saint Kitts and Nevis draw rich white tourists worldwide. They come to play the greens of Royal Saint Kitts Golf Club and for the Saint Kitts carnival in winter and the music festival every June and to buy crack from niggers. Oualie Beach and Frigate Bay are a delight to beach lovers and due to the fact that the local population is entirely all niggers they don’t go to the beach. As niggers can not swim like their cousins the monkey..

7) Monaco 38,682

This European country is small to the point of absurdity — at 499 acres, it’s roughly the size of New York City’s Central Park. And yet, despite its micro-size, it manages to pack in a ton of ungodly-rich people, with 32 percent of the population made up of millionaires. Which is a good thing as this means there are no fucking niggers in the land. One stench body in an area that small would be smelly. They are bad enough in large areas.

6) Liechtenstein 37,877

This landlocked microstate between Austria and Switzerland is the birthplace of the greatest rap artist of all time, MC Hammer. Actually that’s not true at all — Liechtenstein only has 1 nigger that lives there. She married the king. She knows how bad her kind are to a civilization so she banned any more from ever going there. Nothing noteworthy has ever happened in Liechtenstein, a country routinely described as straight-up “boring,” which is why you’ll forget it as fast as you read this.  So if you are in Europe and need a place to whack off or hide your drugs. Liechtenstein is the place. No one will steal it they are all white.

5) San Marino 33,562

San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by north-central Italy. Among the world’s oldest republics, it retains much of its historic architecture by not letting filthy immigrants in. On the slopes of Monte Titano sits the capital, also called San Marino, known for its medieval walled old town and narrow cobblestone streets and a pub with a blind bartender where you never have to pay your tab. The Three Towers, castlelike citadels dating to the 11th century, sit atop Titano’s neighboring peaks are almost as old as Bernie Sanders.

4) Palau 21,097

Palau comprises several stupid and laughable cultures and languages. Ethnic Palauans predominate, inhabiting the main islands of the archipelago sitting around bitching all day. Descendants of monkeys and whale shit, they got lazy and settled on Palau’s southern atolls of Hatohobei, Sonsorol, Fannah, Pulo Anna, and Merir. Southwest Islanders, as these Carolineans are called Spearchuckers (although they are often times to lazy or stupid to figure out what a spear does). Today most live off of the hand outs from brain washed white people. Palauans recognize a series of expanding identities to obtain financial aid, from being addicted to drugs, having fake made up diseases, or just using multiple fake names to obtain the free shit their fat asses most certainly deserve.

3) Tuvalu 11,192

Tuvalu lies midway between Hawaii and Australia and has a population of 11,192 , according to the only citizen there that can count past 10. Tuvalu is an island nation that is composed of three reef islands and six true atolls situated west of the International Date Line. Tuvalu is famous for nothing. It is illegal to be a faggot (Yet dykes are cool and legal, lol really!!!!) in Tuvalu so John Legend wants to start a war against their regime of hate. Only problem is Tuvalu doesn’t have an army. Tuvalu has the same issues as Nauru who you will see next. The two countries are very highly interbred which makes for some ultra super fat lazy stupid offspring. Tuvalu often gets used by Jews as a way to scam foreign AID liberals. Jewish organizations make up fake climate control lies to get donations to save Tuvalu. They buy hookers with the money and laugh at people who suffer when they pocket the money.

2) Nauru 10, 670

Nauru is a tiny country located in Oceania. They have nothing to be happy about. Nauru’s revenue mostly comes from Australian white people hand outs. The other major funds are raised through the sale of stolen white peoples goods and possessions. Countries such as Australia and Taiwan provide substantial aid to the Nauru economy due to the fact the residents are like the Abos in Australia. If the white man would of never went there or ignored them they would of went extinct eons ago.. Nauru is plagued with an unemployment rate that currently stands at 90 percent, the highest in the world. More than 95 percent of the people are Michael Moore sized fat fucking lard asses, 40 percent are diabetics. Nauru is located only about 30 kilometers south of the equator.

1) Vatican City 1,000

Vatican City, in Rome, Italy, is the world’s smallest country with a population of about 1,000. It’s also the smallest country in terms of total square miles. However, it is said that its population may triple or quadruple on any given day because of the inflow of religious tourists coming to view the city’s renowned paintings and sculptures. Vatican City is home to perhaps the second most recognizable individual in the world next to Bill Cosby: the Pope. It is also feared by Israel and to the Jewish People who believe the Vatican must be destroyed because they have values and morals. Something the Jewish faith lacks. The Pope not only reins over the Catholic religion globally, he exercises legislative, executive and judicial power over Vatican City. The new pope how ever may be light on the loafers as he sure seems to love and support faggots. So he is either gay himself or a secret Jew set to destroy the church.

2020 Top Ten Countries by Population

10) Mexico– 128,649,565

With a total area of almost 2 million square kilometers (over 760,000 square miles) the fifth largest country in the better part of the world by area, Mexico is notorious for its enormous problems with drug trafficking and related criminality spcik beaner shit that very often also involves homicides. These – sometimes very brutal – murders are often used to intimidate rival gangs. Which sucks bad as it sends all the bums up to America to leach. The drug dealers should be nicer to them. Other than that it still makes Mexico the 20th highest country in the world for murder. Which is shocking I thought it would of been way fucking higher. Mexico would have a higher population if Trump could of built that wall right quick. Instead most beaners in Mexico especially the lazy ones like to come to Whiter countries so they can get hand outs. It is just convenient that the USA is right next door. I know lots of Mexicans personally and they all say. Only the lazy ones go to the US. It is easy to make it in Mexico there is just no welfare. And you can not scream racism as there are no Jews or faggots to defend your guilty ass in Mexico.

9) Russia 141,722,205

Russia is for Russians Plain and simple. The way every country should be with the people who BUILT IT. Russians do not make up fake history like the US and Canada to make the loser immigrants think they are equal. While countries like the USA and UK and virtually every white country jews can get their hands slowly kill themselves with third world shit skins that destroy the economy beyond belief. Russia cares about its citizens and Russian culture comes first. Not the culture of some goat raping nigger from the jungle. With Putin in power I can and hope it never changes for the Russians. Good for them and I hope many other countries follow suit. Hence why the Jews blame the Russians for everything in the media. Russians know too much about first hand jewery.

8) Bangladesh 162,650,853

With 100’s of millions of foul odored shit skins there Bangladesh has yet to have a citizen even remotely famous of anything important. So if ever you are having a shitty day look at the country of Bangladesh. It will make you realize that your life and being alive as you, no matter what is better than being Bengali. The sheer smell of this country must be gross if you look at it on the map it is sandwiched by India just as stinky of citizens. Next time you are at the dump throwing shit away look around. That is Bangladesh virtually living experience at its best.

7- Brazil 211,715,973

Brazil’s culture consists of two things: soccer and women. If you don’t like soccer in Brazil, you likely fall into the she-male category. They pride themselves in the fact that they have won the World Cup more times than anyone else, even though it doesn’t really matter because any good Brazilian player doesn’t play in Brazil anyways. In Brazil, it is also considered a religion. But one of the main reasons that Brazilians are so fast, and have good reflexes (used only for the purpose of soccer and chasing little white girls) is because they spend their whole childhood stealing bread and running away from the police up to the hills in which crack is more of a citizen than dirt to ground.

6) Nigeria 214,028,302

Nigeria is a country with a lot of niggers in it located in Western Africa. It is best known for internet fraud and ugly niggers. And Coco Harlem the Islamic Terror Group. According to Obama’s Bath House Nigger Homo Research Center, Nigeria is the most homophobic place on Earth. When asked if homosexuality should be accepted by society, 98 percent of respondents said “get those fucking faggots out of here”. This visceral hatred manifests itself in a particularly awesome way—in the northern parts of the country, operating under Sharia Law, homosexuality is punishable by death. And it makes for Nigeria to hate faggots the 4th most in the whole world. And places them 6th on most populous in the world.

5) Pakistan 233,500,636

They try hard to make them not stink but still it doesn’t help at all.

Pakistan, officially the Islamic Goat Lovers Stinky Republic of Pakistan, is a country full of shitskins that smell like rotten assholes in South Asia. It is the world’s fifth-most populous country with a population exceeding 212.2 million. It has the world’s second-largest Muslim population. It is the 33rd-largest country by area, spanning 881,913 square kilometres (340,509 square miles). That is a lot of space and Pakistan makes sure to cram every little nook and cranny full of more pakis. They are like a pinata of pakis waiting to burst all over white countries and destroy them. So then the jew grabs some popcorn sits back and laughs as the jew floods the white lands with shit like a broken toilet pipe with liquid shit just spewing. Gross!

4) Indonesia 267,026,366

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It consists of more than seventeen thousand islands, including Sumatra, Java, Borneo (Kalimantan), Sulawesi, and New Guinea (Papua). Indonesia is the world’s largest island country and the 14th-largest country by land area, at 1,904,569 square kilometres (735,358 square miles). Yet they are so irrelevant that no one knows anything about them or cares of them. With over 267 million people, it is the world’s 4th-most-populous country as well as the most-populous Muslim-majority country. Java, the world’s most-populous island, is home to more than half of the country’s population. Indonesia is one of those places where they are full of losers that do nothing and don’t benefit the human race in any way shape or form. But on the other hand they don’t really hurt it either.

3) United States Of America 329,877,505

At the current population growth rate with Muslims and niggers raping and breeding and bleeding the welfare system dry, the U.S. population will double in the next 150 years.  Which means unless Ebola wipes the negros out you guys be fucked! GNOMESAYIN? That will mean more taxes, riots, crime, welfare, poverty and a collapse in white culture all together; more overcrowding; and more species of paki nigger mutants and habitat destruction.  Achieving the Jewish goal of having America as a land of shit skins with just enough white DNA in them to be smart enough to be menial slaves for their Jew kings. But not smart enough to realize they are getting ROYALLY FUCKED BY THE JEWS and are slaves again. No Niggers and liberals really believe that the goal is to make them like people. LOL. They are getting screwed so bad soon. All of us reading this now hopefully will be dead by then. But the rate its going now. Doubtful. Kiss any form of health care good bye USA so your taxes can by for Ahkmed Ben Jaroon’s sex change operation.

2) India 1,326,093,247

1) China 1,394,015,977

Chinks the only race that can out-Jew a Jew (without being or having jews). China (or Corona because of Corona beer pandemic since 2020.), known to many of its inhabitants as the center of the world(in Chinese, China is 中国 [zhongguo] which literally means “center country”),or Middle Kingdom is a giant industrial park in Asia. It has so many fucking zipperheads roaming around  that they’ve instituted a One-child policy. One of Joe and Hunter Biden’s largest trading partners, China has been known to export defective and dangerous products, an unfortunate result of their religious adherence to their retarded “manufacture uber-cheap, sell uber-cheap, FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP” universal manufacturing standards that the US still loves to buy.

US States With The Most Walmarts

Wal-mart… do they like make walls there?“- Paris Hilton

Next to the the US Democratic Party the next best place for Niggers to go laugh at pathetic white people is Walmart. See it is all about equal opportunity. So niggers here is a place where you can laugh at the white man who is holding you down. You know the one you keep saying is racist and better than you? For the white folk this doesn’t mean let your nigger radar down. There is still plenty of Jew pushed Liberal denying TNB Monkey shines that occur at these shitty establishments.

10- Tennessee 155

Is there such a thing under Tennessee law as a Walmart burglary? Should there be? Who should decide? Jesse Jackson? General Lee? Tennessee Williams? Nearly three years after Knox County District Attorney General Captain Cock Knuckles launched a controversial policy of charging niggers as white people who shoplift at least twice from Walmart with felony burglary charges. This way it makes the whites look like they commit more crime. The Tennessee Supreme Court is stepping in to answer those questions.In a rare move, the high court also is inviting legal debate in the run-up to its decision, a nod to the far-reaching effects the outcome could have for defendants and taxpayers across Tennessee and — if Allen’s initiative passes legal muster — the nation. LINK

10- Virginia 155

Four suspects have been arrested after a man and a woman were shot in their car Tuesday night at a Walmart parking lot in Fauquier County, Virginia. Two men and two teenage boys are facing multiple charges, including felony malicious wounding and shooting into an occupied vehicle, the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office said in an update Wednesday. A shooting in that area of James Madison Highway in Warrenton, Virginia, was first reported around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday. A 20-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman had been shot in their car after they had gotten into a confrontation with one of the suspects in the Walmart parking lot. LINK

9- Missouri 156

Police officers arrested an armed faggot who reportedly walked into a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday afternoon while wearing body armor and military-style clothing.The Springfield Police Department described the suspect as an armed white male in his 20s. An off-duty firefighter who was armed detained the man until police arrived at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. No shots were fired and no one was injured, police said.Police Lt. Tony Vlachos told the Springfield News-Leader that the man had a “tactical rifle,” another gun and more than 100 rounds of ammunition on him. “What a pussy he needed a better gun” added Tony. The news wanted to blow it out and were hoping something bad would happen for their agenda to make it a racial incident. But it failed. It is unknown why the man would have all that ammo and shit on him when he was going to walmart. With walmarts extremely low prices he could of saved a LOT. LINK.

8- Pennsylvania 161

CHELTENHAM TWP., Pa. (WPVI) — A wild nigger gunman has apologized for a shooting that injured several people inside a Walmart in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County Tuesday.The suspect has been identified as 30-year-old escaped slave Keenan Jones. He faces charges of Criminal Attempt-Murder, Aggravated Assault, Reckless Endangering Another Person, Resisting Arrest, Possessing Instruments of Crime, Theft Of Over 5000 Watermelons, and Persons Not to Possess Firearms. LINK

7- Ohio 172

An Ohio man who allegedly stole more than $37,000 in electronics from Burlington’s Walmart has been charged with felony retail theft. Maurice L. Whyte, 27, (who is a fucking nigger) of Columbus, Ohio, was reportedly dressed as a woman at the time he allegedly stole iPads and iPhones on Dec. 23 with help from two sheboon gorilla accomplices.Whyte — along with the other suspects, who served as lookouts — allegedly used bolt cutters to sever the cages securing iPhones and iPads in the electronics section of the store. Early in the morning on Dec. 23, Whyte and his lookouts allegedly made away with about $24,000 in merchandise by stashing the electronics in a toaster box after removing the toaster and then scanning just the toaster box in the self-checkout. LINK

6- Illinois 194

Officials tell TV69 on February 17th, 2019 a man walked into Walmart with his face covered and loaded a 70″ LED TV from the electronics department on a cart. Police say the man exited the building near the automotive department laughing at the stupidity of the niggers working there.The vehicle is described as a black Chevy Suburban with no registration with a chrome bull bar on the front bumper. The television is valued at $798.00. Police say the man is a cool guy and was wearing a black ski mask, black Under Armor coat, black gloves, light jobbers, with red Jordan tennis shoes. He is probably at home watching his new tv. LINK or pawned it for crack.

5- Georgia 215

STONECREST, Ga. — Police say a nigger got mowed down after an argument in a DeKalb County Walmart spilled out into the parking lot and devolved into a shooting. The incident happened at the Walmart in the 5400 block of Fairington Road in Stonecrest on Sunday night before MTV Rap Battles. Police had very few details they could make public about the shooting motive other than the argument that preceded it. It was a nigger shooting a nigger over a chicken so not much of a news story. So it was 2 niggers minus 1 at the end. “We will make up fake racial crime later, we can’t show the people the savagery true violent behavior of the nigger. We must convince them all niggers live like the Huxtables” Said Anderson Cooper from CNN. LINK

4- North Carolina 219

Walmart Has Caused Many White Trailer Trash To be Like This
NiggerStealing from Walmart is a black fad.
But much like rape and rap music some white people
are doing it like this nigger too.
He is the Tupac of Walmart.

It is the nation’s largest retailer, employing one and a half million un-happy pissed off workers in the U.S. alone. But Walmart known as being as heartless as a nigger jew craving crack money has also become a magnet for many crimes – exhausting local police departments across our area. In Hickory, it is not uncommon for police to end up at the Walmart Supercenter along Highway 70 Southeast.  We’ve seen officers responding every day of the week, both day and night. During the last year alone, police records show nearly every type of case imaginable from car break-ins and robberies to fraud and shoplifting. Among the shoplifting arrests was Queen of all White Trailer Trash Desaray Stolling, who was charged with stealing a pair of pants and fucking her brother cousin.   We showed her the paperwork for her arrest and the hundreds of other cases in Hickory but she can’t read dumb as a nigger. LINK

3- California 306

I don’t care how High or Mentally Ill you are. You do something like this
What do you expect?

An officer with the San Leandro police department shot and killed a nigger armed with a bat Saturday afternoon inside of a Walmart store, according to Lieutenant Tony Vlachos. At first they thought it was Daryl Strawberry running around on crack. The shooting took place just inside of the entrance of the Walmart, located at 1555 Hesperian Blvd. Police were responding to a report of a man, who we now know to be Steve Taylor — diagnosed with clinical depression, schizophrenia, and foul negro body odor so bad your eyes bleed –, brandishing a bat, and possibly attempting a robbery. LINK

2- Florida 383

This negro went down
Like Mike Brown

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.(WESH) — Orange County authorities are investigating after a teen was shot and killed in a retail theft incident at an Orange County Walmart. Arthur Adams, 19, was mowed down and killed during the incident in Pine Hill. Authorities said Adams was one of three niggers who entered a Walmart neighborhood market and took two grocery carts full of diapers without paying. #straightupganagster As an employee confronted the three alleged homeboys in the parking lot, a customer saw the incident and went to help the employee from the wild apes. When one of the alleged thieves reportedly made a jive move like he was reaching for something, the customer pulled his hand held negro contamination safety device and fired several shots at the suspected diaper thief. The three alleged monkeys tried to flee in a stolen maroon Nissan Rogue, but since niggers can’t drive well crashed into two vehicles in the parking lot. They ran from the scene. Adams went to a gas station across the street to get some chicken and collapsed . He was taken to a hospital, and died Saturday.

1- Texas 599

It is fucked that in Texas walmart has all these guns there. But if you see how many nut cases there are in Texas you would understand. The man pictured there works for CNN as a back up. I can’t find a credible source on this story. I am not saying a whit guy that happens to look very hispanic and jewish didn’t go in to walmart and kill people. I just think this is a great push for those fake gun laws the US liberals make. Arm yourself so fucks like this don’t get you first.

Walmart Thefts By State

Countries With The Most 7-11’s

7-11 is the store where armed-robbery apprentices get their on-the-job training, and where 90% of Mexicants and 96% of Indians work until they get their Visa and rape your daughter. Without this cornucopia of lulz many of the basement dwellers reading this now might have jobs or families. 7-11’s are also hotbeds of various drug and nigger activity. Due to lax zoning laws and insufficient police numbers, 7-11 is allowed to continue their evil operation with virtually no resistance or accountability.

7-Eleven Inc. is a Japanese-American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The chain was founded in 1927 as a place for niggers to rob to get crack money. It was named Kwik-E Mart between 1928 and 1946. The Following is the Countries with the Most Franchises at the start of 2020.

10- Australia 696

The first 7-11 opened in Australia in 1977 in Oakleigh, Victoria. In Australia the 7-11 employees are armed with AK’s to protect the petrol pumps from Abo’s grabbing the fuel to get high.

9- Mexico 1,801

8- Malaysia 2,311

Malaysians have had a strong hate for the 7-11 franchise after 7-11 stopped selling chopsticks and told the rice pickers to fuck off.

7- Philippines 2,593

The first store in the Philippines opened in 1984 in Quezon City it was given to the family of a male order bride I presume.

6- China 2,892

Don’t forget to get your Toquito with a bat, snake, or your pet dog Fluffy inside it. The first store didn’t open until 1992 in China.

5- Taiwan 5,443

The first store opened up in Taiwan in 1979. It is a big joke among the people at 7-11 because for years the Paki who opened it thought he was really in China.

4- United States of America 9,340

7-11 is a free banking service for African Americans to obtain a source of income.

3- South Korea 9,485

Yeah they own stores there too.

2- Thailand 11,299

These things are fucking everywhere in Thailand. Some zipperhead rice picker planed 7-11 seeds. 7-11 came to Bangkok in 1979.

1- Japan 20,904

7-11 has managed to have a stronghold in Japan by not allowing Jews to profit or even enter a store in their country. They are big on cleanliness and Jews are dirtier than rats.

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