Florida 2

Not a single mention of a father around in the article. You know things like this is why the US has no free health care and education for white people who deserve it. You pay to raise the criminals in the US. Whitey’s taxes just went up.


I went to the landfill to go throw out some stuff and I seen this bitch here sleeping passed out in the trash. Fucking seagulls pecking at her head and eating moldy old kraft dinner off her face. I was happier than a pig in shit in the Florida Panhandle. So I did some research on this wench ho bitch and found this out. this is Rebecca and she is Pensacola’s number one homewreckin’ wh*re and ALL women need to watch their man around this h*e! She has tried many times to get with my husband and FAILED! She needs to get a life and stay out of mine! All she is after is a man’s money and jizz and someone to take care of her herpes so she can sit on her nasty crap stained ass all day and pop her lil pills and smoke crack and eat bathsalts. I didn’t pay her and I hosed her off before I let her in the barn.

Kara  or Kara Mize or Kara Legault or who knows what her next last name will be. Gave me the worst fucking ball rash. It still burns to this day and is yellow and green and smells like a dying do in the forrest. She sleeps with older men for Arby’s Cupons but here’s the kicker…. she gives them the gift that keeps giving ass herpes. She’s been passing around Dickwarts and stays up for 2 days at a time on methl which she obtains illegally from me once I blow my load down her throat. She is a horrible mother who verbally abuses her children and stalks her soon to be ex-husband who works at Home Depot and masterbates in the power drill section. She owns the Body Bar Spa in Tampa which is a front for a heroin operation, but bought it with the money that she makes from sucking off niggers on welfare day. She flys out of town to meet men while leaving her kids with Barbra Striesand. For a good time, go to the Body Bar.

The guy in the wheel chair has faggot cheese flesh eating disease in his asshole.

This is Nicole . Dirty dirty old ugly lady. I wanted to hook her up with my dog which to my understanding would be an exclusive relationship for my pet dog, only to find out she was sleeping with everyone Under the Sun and sent me videos and pictures of her getting 3 dicks in her gapping asshole at once and in gangbangs with midgets after we split up. She uses men for money and lies and tries to make them think they are in an exclusive relationship when shes sleeping with everyone from Panama City all the way down to Tampa where she has moved now because shes ruined her name and Panama City and Tallahassee. She works for a dermatologist at University of South Florida and sleeps with everyone that comes through the door from drug reps all the way down to patients. The funny thing is she is probably the one that should see a doctor as she has unprotected sex with them all. Just a heads up guys. Stay away from this nasty mamaw. You can find her all over the internet if you do your research. I wish I would have ahead of time. What a pig who would fuck that really? Give your head a shake thats a man dude.

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