Sluts of The Dirty 8

Right on nice to see women like her as manager. She likes to take deposits Orally and Anally the village of Leduc claims.
This bitch got new cans and aint stealing no ones man fucking slut.

This would suck for this dude. He should of at least made sure no one was looking or at least the door was closed.

Guy is fucking hilarious. More funny bonus points if the chick was fat or a nigger sow.

Lots of aids coming from the rez out there. Native Culture at its finest.

Sluts of the Dirty 6

Pow wow wow wow Pow wow wow wow Pow wow wow wow

Yeah Taylor makes Salmon Arm, BC Proud. The COCK HAWK Lol love the name and the pic.

There is more on Taylor too. She seems to be quite popular. She is so hard core that apparently she eats CRACK for breakfast.

WOW where the fuck are social services when these meth faggot trannies have their children around?

Sluts of the Dirty 5

I googled her just a bunch of drug charges can not find the name of or the porno with jizz dripping down her face. Found some stuff now though at second glance. There are more on there think you have to pay. She might need some extra views now for bail money.
Good job Christine. Wrecking families like a champ. Remember the longer they are married the more points you get. Wrecking homes with sick children is also a bonus.

Paige fucks old men and niggers. That there is a chick that will DO ANYTHING. No morals and or standards what so ever. Must be no father figure period.

Those are some mean words said about Ariel. This little clapper needs to get her revenge on who wrote this. No one wants to see her get her head bashed in again . I hope Ariel kicks some ass downtown. Go get em Ariel.
ALL of Vancouver knows these ladies. They are sick of their little dicked paki husbands and will fuck ALL NIGHT. They just belittle their husbands too. Swallow load. These women are great.

Coolest fucking nickname CATPISS CAIT

Flapjack Titties right on lets go to Jaylynns in Prince Albert or IHOP.

From Flapjack Titties to fucking Compass Tits. Take that Danielle you little hottie Compass Titted junkie.

That in Memphis Tennessee. Have to love the title of that thread lol.
Well no shit he is a nigger what did you expect. Write something people can’t figure out by looking at him.

Right on Bed Shitting and Crack Smoking in the Northern Ontario city of Sudbury. Fucking sounds like a good way to keep warm in winter. Crack and feces.

Victoria, British Columbia has a zoo I see. Apparently a big silverback gorilla escaped from it.
She is a stripper. Of course she is a whore. Women who strip are whores or women who say they aren’t whores but really are. I am only sucking cock to get through college………………………


Sluts of the Dirty 4

This nigger sow is so famous in little rock. I usually wouldn’t care about this she boon but there is literally 100s of threads on her.
I am just taking a wild guess that this is her buck drug dealing nigger peewee herman type boyfriend.

Word. Fucking wigger
For the record I would have sex with these lettuce pickers in order for them to stay in the US. Just saying.
Just make sure you cuff her after and during banging her. Also when she is picking your lettuce or cleaning your toilet. You know so things don’t go missing and end up at her brother Pedros house. To support his meth habbit.
Instead of being a good mother and not a slut Krista just vaccuum’s out her muff cum dumpster,

Holy fuck Gretchen Weiners hit the smack.

Sluts of the Dirty 3

Real  nice people making fun of a guy who can’t afford a haircut.

God this guy is a player 10 girls at once man I am sure they are all top notch babes. Due to his studness. I hope he reads this and likes me he is in that biker gang and he may come to my house and beat me up. Mathieu is often spotted with his brother this guy
Also if this Mathieu uses and abuses people and leaves them with nothing. Why does Mathieu appear to have nothing. Did the people have nothing to obtain in the first place? Or did Mathieu spend it on Nigger hookers and lysol?
Name this porno
I bet her grades go up even better when she swallows sucky sucky no dollah. Hey thats RICEist.
I would love to smoke a joint with this chick right now. But she has to smoke it after it touches my lips as she may of touched a nigger. If the child she is neglecting is part black is it even neglect?Is it even a child? Not a human one at least.

Just to the fucking point. I bet this rez stud hopes one of those hot goths will join him for some listorine at da next pow wow

Again below here, have to love the authors title on this one.

She might be a lovely young woman. Apparently she will do sexual favors for a cheeseburger. Thats good news on coupon day. She does apparently have a body odor problem but that can be fixed. Instead of the shower you can hose her down. Make sure to get some of the lard and hay out of those braces while your doing that. She frequents alleyways. The author said to throw pennies at her but pennies are discontinued. If I throw a nickle at her am I really getting the full value of the nickle. And I am not talking pound for pound I am not a millionaire.

Sluts of the Dirty 1

Apparently one of these women is a thief and a snake. It doesn’t really say which one and nor does it really matter as they are both really hot. These 2 are from Toronto and the real question is why are they not lesboing out.

I was just about to take Jaleen to the park for a blow job and now she can’t use guns. She has kids so you know she likes to fuck somewhat at least. Apparently she steals and abuses prescription meds which probably makes her go really good in the sack to boot. Fuck me sideways this bitch is a real catch I am boarding the next bus to Pittsburgh.

I love jail sluts they are always so manly and nasty. Meet Alicne Decker

Also known in the hood as “Decker the Pecker Wrecker”. She roams the streets of Charlotte blowing drug dealers for heroin. So I am told. Apparently she has a child. Which comes in handy for welfare cheques especially if it is part black.
These 2 apparently fuck everyone in Honolulu, Hawaii. The person wrote it actually sounded upset about it. How are people so stupid that is the biggest explosion to happen on the island since Pearl Harbor.
This is Savannah her hobbies include cocaine, lying, cheating, and ruining families. Keep up the good work Savannah you make Calgary proud and hard.
Trashis Tasis of Edmonton is a meth head who lures young boys she is 30.
I would like to tell all the young men of Edmonton right on. Go bang her even if she uses you for a couple bucks. After all it makes you less of a loser than buying a toothless native hooker.

I wish this person would get a hold of us. It says she is from Buffalo but then Canada. Maybe just over the border. It is nice to see women with a brain on their heads and be beautiful. People should all praise Lexi. We all love her here.

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