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Priva was born on June 13, 1983 in Thailand. She is an actress. She has been married to a much older (20 Years) greasier spanish porn guy Olivier Sanchez since July 2004. Her titles include 6 Best Orgies #1, Kunt Fu, Swallow This #15, Wife Switch #9, Jack’s Asian Adventure #3, Girls Who Do Girls, Anal Aspirations #9, Anal Cavity Search #5, Asian Oral, A Sperm-Load a Day, Ass Trap, CockAsian, Cum Hungry Leave Full, Down The Hatch #23, Face Fucking Inc #4, I Love Big Toys #14, Incumming #14, My Evil Sluts #3, Slam It! In A Young Whore, White On Rice, Sweet Cream Pies #5, Freaks Of Cock #4, Big Wet Butts, Filth Cum First #3, Slam It! In A Stranger, Cum On My Face #5, and Fuck Me If You Can.

September 7th, 2021

Kittipong Kittikachorn, the deputy general manager for Operations Group 1 at Suvarnabhumi airport, said that Hannah was arrested on Monday as she and her crack head lover Dillon were about to board a flight out of the country. The arrest followed a police investigation into thefts at the baggage claim counters at Suvarnabhumi airport on Aug 27. Hannah was seen in security camera footage of the airport’s arrival hall taking other passenger’s luggage and scratching her pussy violently like she had crabs. Police then tracked her movements and waited for the couple checked in for their flight to North America before making their move. When taken to the back room the two had been found to have stolen over $20,000 in luggage. For not sucking the border security guards cocks Hannah magically got caught trying to smuggle tons of drugs and is missing now.

Thailand 10

A 30-year-old woman was arrested Friday after police said she assaulted another female with a fucking cast iron frying pan. Police said they were called Friday morning around 9:24 to a flat on Chow Street on a report of an assault. When police arrived the bitch had a deep laceration to her forehead that appeared to be caused by an instrument with a sharp edge and was bleeding profusely, documents state. A witness on scene said he observed Penelope actively assaulting the victim but Penelope denied hitting the woman with a pan and said the bitch is a crack head whore who cant keep her fucking mouth shut. Police were not able to locate a pan inside the home that had a broken handle, but they did find the broken handle in the hallway covered in vaginal fluid (turns out Penelope got horny and frigged herself with the handle). The rest of Penelope’s pans were the same shitty no name brand as the handle found. The crying pussy victim required stitches to close the wound to her head. Penelope was arrested Friday and charged Monday in 2nd District Court with third-degree felony aggravated assault. Penelope said after arrested “If that bitch touches my mans cock again I am taking a sledge hammer to her fucking face!”.

August 27th, 2021

A country of Indochina, Thailand is a motherland of kind, sensitive and graceful women. Thai mail order brides are a real treasure to make it appear that you have a normal happy family life and private sex toy that will cook and clean The main character traits of these women are no matter how bad and shitty you treat them, they will do what ever you want. Together in a sex toy, faithfulness and Asian passion, Thai brides will make a perfect match for any western groom, or else through the one we sent you (weighted down in a lake preferably) and call and we will send another within 48 hours. We can ship them as is or enhanced with breasts of various sizes. We can de tounge them or yank their vocal chords completely out if you do not want them to speak. If you act now for a limited time offer we will send a second bride for half off the normal price. So that is double the holes for just a fraction more. LINK

August 25th, 2021


According to the police report: Officers were sent to the Sucky Suckie Fi Dolla Bar on North Hood Rat Avenue for a disturbance Saturday night. A woman told them she had been stabbed in the head, pointed at the suspect, Dongsum, and said she did it. After a brief foot chase, police tackled the suspect and placed her in custody. During their investigation, police found another victim in the bar who had been stabbed several times. He told police a fight broke out in the bar and that little slant eyed whore Dongsum stabbed him. Officers found a bloody knife and a blood-covered pool stick next to a pool of blood near the restrooms.  Police arrested Dongsum and charged her aggravated assault and evading arrest. She was booked into the Kom Cum Jail where she was being held and anal fucked by the officers without bond on two unrelated charges. According to previous Rice A Roni News stories, in June, Dongsum was arrested for allegedly threatening to cut a Russian mans cock off with a box knife if he didn’t keep fucking her! Then in July was arrested for reportedly whipping her little lesbo dyke zipperhead girlfriend Sydney tight across her slant eyed fucking shovel face with a fucking phone-charging cable.???

Didn’t save the one picture I took.

A Thai woman was arrested after allegedly selling meth to tourists and hookers in return for cash in Thailand. Lookuu, 25, was caught by undercover police selling the drugs out of her pussy during a buy-bust operation in her rice slut apartment in tourism destination Pattaya in Chonburi province on April 8. Police said that they bought 0.75 grams of good meth from Lookuu for 1,000 baht, which was marked. Officers continued to search the property and found assorted drug paraphernalia and more meth weighing 25 pounds hidden under the table. The police also seized assets worth five million baht that were believed to have been illegally acquired by using a local’s identity The Thai Madam reportedly first opened up shop when she started her adult film business with foreigners and prostitutes called “Tourist Dicks For Slant Eyed Chinks”. Police Senior Colonel Sanders said that the hooker would allegedly ask the female hookers to act out sexual favours instead of money in return for the meth, also known locally as ‘Ice’. He said: ‘She was known for selling drugs to tourists and prostitutes. She would ask the women for sexual favours on men in exchange for the substances. ‘We immediately planned the buy-bust and raided her property after confirming the reports tipped to us by our operatives.’ Lookuu was taken to the police station where she was charged with the possession and illegal trade of crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Thailand 9

Sureerat Thongtomi, 35, was charged with stealing US$7,000, 600 euros and Bt6,000 in cash from old man Giambattista Vivaldi, 79. The Italian man filed a complaint with the Pattaya police station on February 21 that his cash had disappeared after he slept with a Thai slut bag at the Royal Hill Hotel. Police checked footage of the hotel’s security cameras and traced Sureerat to her Nonthaburi home.
The cock whore admitted she stole the old fucking mans money, said police. She claimed that he hired her to fuck and could not get a boner which pissed her off. Then the old Italian man had not given her any financial assets. When he gave a large sum of money to another woman e used viagra on and had anal sex and also bought her a car, Sureerat said she stole the money because she wanted to get fucked.

August 24th, 2021

Close. Maybe next time.

Thailand 8

No, prostitution in Thailand is not legal, although this is rarely enforced. Fuck, the female officers (probably the males too if you asked) will fucking blow you for a quarter. Its almost sad. I am not 100% but I wouldn’t be surprised that if the herpes I got in Thailand in 2005 was from a cop bitch and not the countless nickel hookers I rented there.

August 22nd, 2021

Guess wear she rams the handle of that tennis racket every night?

Here’s a question that I get a lot. Even when it’s not being asked to me by someone I hear guys talking about it in the bars. Are Thai girls racist? Like anything else of this nature, there is not going to a clear cut answer that tells you everything you need to know in one sentence. So I will try to explain things in this post. The first thing to note is that as a general rule, Thai people prefer light skin to dark skin. Some people think this is a legacy of colonialism or something. But Thailand was never actually a colony. The people are just smart enough to know the darker the skin the uglier the creature. After all look at the niggers in Africa and the globe. All fucking ugly. On top of that there is evidence that light skin was appreciated long before the “white man” showed up on the shores of the land of smiles. All around the world light skin is the common preference. Most people think it’s was a class indicator. The labouring classes got dark skin by breaking their backs in the hot sun all day. The color of skin mainly indicates how bad the person smells. The darker the skin the more they stink. The well off kept their skin light by staying indoors and leisurely laying around doing nothing. It wasn’t until a few decades ago that tanning became popular for farang. In some white countries, it’s still more popular to be pastie. So at least in terms of skin tone, white farang are looked at by most Thais as having beautiful skin. And black and brown guys are not going to enjoy that same physical admiration. That’s just the way it is in general. But it doesn’t mean that white guys get all the pussy or that niggers can’t get any. Not at all. Niggers can rape in Thailand just like in the USA. What about racial prejudice? Well I can tell you that a lot of Thai people have a negative view of Pakis and people who look Indian or Arab. I’ve heard it so many times I’ve lost count. And brown skin guys with those kinds of appearances tell me they’ve experienced it too. But that doesn’t mean they never get laid, some of them pay top dollar and the slant eyed bitches just bulk up on nose plugs. There are chicks who do a fucking shit ton of crazy drugs in Thailand. Those bitches will do anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime. There are even hookers that focus on niggers but charge a high toxic handling fee. <SNIP> LINK

August 20th, 2021

What the fuck is this rice picker doing?

August 16th, 2021

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Bangkok is know as the world’s Tranny Capital. It is also well-known for being the biggest Open Air-Brothel of the world.
After many years of slow economic growth, Thailand’s economy has recently exploded due to the hit hardcore pornographic movies Slant Eyed Sluts 1, 2,3 ,4 and 7, which is now the country’s top export. Due to limited infrastructure, the whores are generally shipped elsewhere to be packaged into hookers and blow, which is sought after world-wide for its awesomeness.

June 22nd, 2021

Moncada walks around pretending to be Christian but she thinks it’s okay to fck emotionally vulnerable men having trouble with their marriage(usually older balder fatter tourists) I guess I would be that desperate too if I had a butt-ugly horseface like that. She works at a slut bar in the red light district of Bangkok and she is always strung out on the newest fine designer drug – don’t do business with her if your marriage is in trouble: she might try to fuck your husband, dad, son, dog, pet hamster because the highest thing he ascribes to in life is serving his dirty hoodrat wide open legged skank.

March 5th, 2021

Sheen flaunts herself all over social media, strip clubs & bars looking for men with money. She throws herself at them and sleeps with them in exchange for a few hundred dollars. I know this first hand bc she slept with my soon to be ex husband. I only found out after seeing messages between them and he confessed to everything. She acts like she is a professional working for some high end company. While in reality all she is is a fucking zipperhead hooker that steals buisness mens clothes and wallets. Ricepicking skank!!!!

February 18th, 2021

February 15th, 2021

Amy ran around chasing my husband knowing he was a married man. Telling him I want what your wife has, I’m not sharing you with your wife. Then proceeded to let him know that if I kicked him out he can come and stay with her. She is a recovering addict without custody of her 5 yr old son that she damn near killed 4 yes ago. She had child endangerment charges as well. The last thing she needs to be worried about it someone’s husband but what she can do to stay clean and have a relationship with her son. And obviously her son is not more important then a man. Tourists keep giving her drugs and she keeps spreading her legs

February 12th, 2021

Thailand 7

This woman Lucy pushed to get married only to leverage herself to get money. Behind the guys back she will cheat and do whatever she wants with no regrets. Once she was kicked out and the divorce initiated she screwed her married lawyer old balled Willard to pay her debt. She roofied her husband DURING the marriage so she could screw other men 4 men tag fucked her in the bed she shares with her husband, while her husband was passed out snoring on the floor. They filmed it and were all laughing about him while it was going on. She has left a path of destruction behind her with every man. Most men don’t know what hit them because she is good at what she does. She is an alcoholic and sociopath. She has been carted out of a number of Xmas parties drunk with used condoms (for those who wrap it with her) stuck to her clothes and even her hair, and can barely walk. She is a disaster waiting for the next victim.

March 5th, 2021

This lady Puhket Paula left her husband of less than three years to start an IG influencer page and then sugaring from that. She was taken care of financially by her sadly duped husband after she lost her job post Covid but he never knew she was traveling to Dubai and Macau partying the whole time. She has an IG page where she advertises herself as a “van life travel influencer” but that is a stealth way these girls are doing sugarbaby advertising. She also signed up on a sugarbaby website seeking men with money. Wives beware! This girl is after any financially fit husband and will take him away.

February 17th, 2021

Thailand 6

January 18th, 2021

January 18th, 2021

This chick Paula may be good looking but is a phony, born again , dope smoking slore who is a dental assistant when she isn’t hanging out with unavailable men and smoking meth. She is always out starting fights and fighting tourist bitches then fucking their men.. She will play the goody two shoes role when she is using your boyfriend for dope, and doesn’t care if you have a baby at home to take care of, she will still try to take your man by building herself up into some important person, when it’s just like take care of your shit, and leave unavailable guys alone you slore. Rice Picking whore.!!!!!!!!!

December 28th, 2020

A Bangkok woman was arrested on fraud charges for allegedly stealing a company checkbook and withdrawing 1 million baht. The 29 year old woman, identified as Krissadee, worked in accounting for a penis pump firm in the city’s Ekkamai area. Apparently, shortly after she was hired, Krissadee suddenly stopped showing up for work. The company then noticed the checkbook was missing as well as a million baht from the company account along with some company owned dildos. In an investigation, Khlong Tan police found Krissadee made cash withdrawals. She allegedly told police that she used the money to pay for trips and crack cocaine with her American homeless boyfriend Bachelor in Paradise Super Star Dylan.

December 12th, 2020

November 24th, 2020

Thailand 5

A 33 year old Thai woman has been arrested after offering fake visa services to hundreds of migrant workers from the Philippines, valued about 7 million baht. The woman, Wasjam, was arrested at her house where police found around 40 passports and receipts inside. The house was the registered address of KKK Management Company. Wasjam denied the public fraud charge saying she has not received money from migrant workers, but job brokers had. The arrest comes after 300 migrant workers grew anxious as the October 31 deadline for their work permit renewals approached in which they filed complaints against the company. They claimed the company said it could arrange the renewal of passports and visas, with workers saying they were charged between 5,000 and 17,000 baht without receiving the promised service.

October 25th, 2020

Meet Lacy – Wife, mother, home wrecker, embezzler, schemer, and master con-artist. If you’ve worked in the Chang Mai property management world, you’ve probably already slept with her, and as a result are being served divorce documents while you read this. You are not alone. She’s cheated on every husband she’s ever had, stolen from every employer she’s ever worked for, scammed every friend she’s ever made, and has (literally) hooked up with 3 co-workers during one event. This could be considered impressive if it weren’t so destructive to the lives of those around her, but we should give her props for her audacity, but not for her cheap extensions. Her professional qualifications state she has a bachelor’s degree – this is entirely not true, the liar never even graduated from high school. She also enjoys stealing petty cash, company appliances, money, clothes, jewelry and electronics. Her parents were petty famers. She is a sociopath and an opportunistic narcissist. She is a shameless, calculating, manipulative awful, awful person who wreaks havoc wherever she goes. If you see her coming, it would be better to jump off of the bridge you share, than to cross her path. The good news is, once she’s dried up all of your assists, she will quickly disappear. 

September 29th, 2020

 Thai man has been sentenced to the death penalty for the rape and murder of a German tourist at Koh Si Chang Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Ronnakorn Romruen, 23, attacked Miriam Beelte, 27, while she was visiting a historic stone monument on a shitty rental motorbike on April 7, 2019. Romruen, a garbage collector, raped Beelte then smashed her head with a rock to prevent her from reporting the crime. He then hid her body under leaves on an isolated hillside. “The suspect feared that she would notify the police so he used a rock to hit her on the temple and face,” said police spokesman Rice man, according to the Rice Picker News. Beelte’s body was found by locals later that day. Her face and skull had been “badly beaten” and her legs also had injuries, Riceman said in a statement, reported. Romruen was also arrested that day after a Thai tourist saw him walking around wearing clothes covered in blood, AP reported at the time. Following his arrest, Romruen confessed to the rape and murder and also admitted he had been under the influence of drugs during the attack. The man also told police that he had approached Beelte but she rejected his advances. That’s when he followed her, eventually raping and killing her after she tried to run away. LINK

July 2nd, 2020

“The Crab Curry Beans that you buy in Thailand are the best to lure the young lady boys to hotel rooms with”=- Sex tourist and trumpet player John Legend

This zipper head bitch is named Sue-Wok she will butcher your cock. She owns a diner in Udon Thani and at only 23 and addicted to hard ore meth her rice ass ain’t leaving Thailand anytime fucking soon. She cuts up dogs and cats ad feeds them to other local zipper heads. Every so often she selects the odd tourist who doesn’t make her orgasm and she chops there dick off, fries it up, puts mustard on it, makes them eat it, then shoots them in the fucking head. Later grinds them up and feeds them to people. I know this because I read it on the internet so it must be true. She is a witch and not many know what she is capable of. Look at her with that evil grin and evil stare. I took this picture after I went to her restaurant to have a dog sandwich and sell her some meth I got from some Koreans.When I took this picture she farted and it smelt like blood and lots and lots of semen. Lots and lots of semen.

Thailand 4

Don’t listen to her sob story Maria is full of them just like her pussy is with Australian Tourist’s jizz.. She has zero morals. She has zero respect or appreciation for any and everything that has been handed to her her entire life she literally claims herself to be “The Queen of Chaing Mai” And that she can make Aussies rods stiff in an instant. She committed adultery over and over on her amazing fiance and father of her children who gave her everything but a good fucking with what little he had on his nice rice field . Don’t trust her for a second because she will lie through her teeth and ruin your life. If at all interested you can find her at your local tourist hot spot, show her a little attention and her natural slore-like-ways will have her legs behind her head for you in no time. Don’t worry she won’t love you long time. She is an exception of most women in Thailand. She don’t give a shit about the money she wants the D. Nasty Slut Maria.

Kosum threw herself at my husband as a “female friend”, before turning things up a notch by sending him sleazy messages and photos of her fucking herself with a big floppy rubber dildo with his name on it!. They flirted back and forth at work at the hotel they work at. They fuck in all the rooms after she cleans them (he is her boss) Then he fucks her and cums all over the sheets and sink and they leave the room full of cum laughing.. And within a week of him walking out on me and my six-month-old baby girl, she was already sleeping at his house. She must not respect herself at all, since she’s not the only girl he’s talking to, he literally walked out on his baby in order to “fix himself”… What a laugh. She’s a cheap lay, nothing more. I’m tempted to text her and tell her how many other women he still contacting, but I figure I’ll just let her heart get stepped on, too. I hope they get caught from their work. Fuck this country I am moving back to Australia.

BUSI Professoional
Cock Gobbler

There it is… this arrogant, big-mouthed piece of skanky crap Busi that actually had the balls to argue with me when I sent her texts letting her know that I know about her screwing around with my husband.I’ll keep this short and to the point.After my cheating ex came back from this trip from Chaing Mai to ‘visit his brother’, I already knew something was up. I had discovered evidence of his past affair with another tramp (both of these losers claim to be Christian). (She is now history, since I made a point to let her know I knew about her dirty little affair with him and exposed her to her church affiliates and would do the same with her family. Busi goes to church and pretends to be loving to her husband. She is making hardcore Asian smut hardocre getting plowed by 4 American Cocks at the same time!!! films with American men for money and drugs. She is a pathetic rod gobbler! Stay Away From My Hubby Busi You fake tit WHORE.

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Juthmas Is Making It Hard For A Married Man To Chose Between Fucking His Pet Poodle Or Her Nasty Rice Vagina

Juthamas of Bangkok is a rice cooking woman who was born a man. A she man. With a Thai penis to stir her soup in her hut. The wife thinks this whore GF is a different person and for now it will stay that way. She is still in the shock and anger of it all. It totally blindsided her. It started in Oct 1968 when she was sucking off Nixon and Washington in the White House. While the husband was out of town for work he bought dental floss to saw his wiener off in the jungle to feed the snakes.. This couple has been married for over 18 years. This whore knew from the very beginning that he was married with a pet poodle that he anally fucked hard everynight until he blew his load so far in the dog it passed out. She knew exactly what she was doing. This chick thinks that not only is it okay to steal a husband, but to also destroy his Archie Comics with her tampon yeast cream when she flips the pages this four eyed fucking slant zipper pussy hag.

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