Taiwan 7

September 1st, 2021

August 31st, 2021

Owner of Silicon Slants

The owner of Silicon Slants was arrested by Taiwan police officers on conspiracy charges Friday in connection with a undercover operation at the club in 2018. Working with the Zipperhead Security Investigations drug task force, detectives and agents found evidence that “the owner herself was supplying large amounts of cocaine and other drugs to these dealers, who would in-turn provide them to club-goers and others,” Taiwan Police said in a blotter post. Since the club closed in August, 16 individuals have been arrested in connection to the operation on drug, weapons and conspiracy charges. The club remains closed and its liquor license is still suspended. Police said more charges are expected. But some women say the damage has already been done. “What happened to me was just so peculiar,” said Xian Xue DD, by Skype from Macau, as she described what she says happened to her inside the Silicon Slants Nightclub last August. “You know to go somewhere and just have a couple of drinks and get gang fucked hard, kind of like any other bar with westerners, and and not remember any parts of my night, not know how I got home,” she said. She got so sick, she says, she vomited in her sleep, symptoms that can accompany the date rape drug GHB.  She believes her drink was spiked with the drug. “Seeing that Silicon Slants nightclub was shut down,” said Xian, “and they did have an undercover police officer there. And they were instructing him or her how to administer GHB and not only that, but selling it. It’s really frightening and so I absolutely believe that’s what happened.”

August 18th, 2021

The 2014 Taipei Metro attack was a mass stabbing spree that took place on 21 May 2014, directed toward unspecific civilians on a Taipei Metro train near Jiangzicui Station, resulting in 4 deaths and 24 injured. It was the first fatal attack on the city’s subway system since it began operations in 1996. The suspected attacker is 21-year-old university student Cheng Chieh (鄭捷), who was arrested after the attack. Attack The attack happened at around 4:25 p.m. local time on the Bannan (blue) line, inside a train heading west between Longshan Temple Station in Taipei and Jiangzicui Station in New Taipei. The distance between the two stations is the longest between any two stations in the metro system, lasting around 5 minutes. During the attack, the assailant hacked and chased passengers with a 30 cm long fruit knife. Before the train could stop at Jiangzicui Station, a group of passengers banded together to distance themselves using umbrellas while others tried to discourage the attacker by loudly taunting him. Victims According to statistics compiled by the New Taipei Fire Department, the youngest victim was a 26-year-old graduate student at National Cheng Kung University, identified as Chang Cheng-han (male). The other three killed are 28-year-old Hsieh Ching-yun (male), 47-year-old Pan Pi-chu and 62-year-old Lee Tsui-yun (both female). They were all taken to different hospitals in Taipei and New Taipei, the department said. In addition, 24 others were wounded during the knife attack, 10 of whom critically. LINK

May 13th, 2021

Taiwan 6

Janie is an RN and high functioning drug user of anything she can get her hands on in Taipei. Janie is someone to stay as far away from as possible. She also is set out on finding someone with money, she’s a gold digger to the extreme. Janie, don’t think that you have any power in this world. There you go you idiot b1tch, here’s some reckoning. Zhēnnī (Janie) shì yī míng zhùcè hùshì, bìngqiě shì zài táiběi kěyǐ cóngshì rènhé gōngzuò de gāojí xīdú zhě. Zhēnnī (Janie) shì yīgè jǐn kěnéng yuǎnlí de rén. Tā hái zhuóshǒu xúnzhǎo yǒu qián rén, tā shì jíduān dì táojīn zhě. Zhēnnī, bùyào yǐwéi nǐ zài zhège shìjiè shàng méiyǒu rènhé lìliàng. Chǔnhuò b1tch, nín qùle, zhè li yǒu yīxiē gūsuàn.????????

May 2nd, 2021

April 23rd, 2021

Lauren is a fucking cock loving cheater. She cheated on her boyfriend when she met my now EX while bartending in Taipei, broke up with her boyfriend then continued talking/seeing my Ex for over a year without any of my knowledge. She now has a new boyfriend who knows nothing of her actions. She has threatened me via text if I chose to expose her behavior. Beware of this girl. She will ruin your life and has no shame hitting everyone in her path. She is always hanging around on the streets and the bitch is almost 30. Usually intoxicated on something or other and always on the prowl for men for her fix of cock and drugs. Her ultimate goal is to be the biggest whore ever known. I heard it out of her mouth. Some want to be great in lots of things she is flat out PROUD to be known as a fucking SLUT. Sick and pathetic.

I went to college with Ky-yoo and she had sex with a multiple foreign exchange students and dated them. She also fucks every tourist she can , the guys would talk about how stinky her slanted rice pu55y was and how they would use her just for sex ….fishy pussy might be a good sign of an DRD, she’s gained about 30 pounds in her fucking chest since she went to America on a vacation where she did lots of anal I am told. Oh and She lies to everyone …..anyways watch out for this ZIPPERED B1TCHFACE !!

Taiwan 5

Shon Li thinks she’s hot sh1t, when really she is just another meth head alcoholic from Taipei. She will post filtered photos consistently because she needs validation from others to make herself feel good. Dropped out of school and has old sugar daddies to support her habits. She is overall a rude conceited big titted b1tch, beware of her. Goes to fancy restaurants and will post all about it to make herself look cool but the $ money comes from old men. Her parents I’m sure are proud of her.. please stop with the fillers as well, you look like you’ve aged drastically and it’s doing you no good. Her group poses with the same hand bags and think no one knows that they just share amongst them. Dumb as bricks, karma will catch up hunny.

February 18th, 2021

This unscrupulous immoral woman Emily poses as different professionals in health care including nursing and even a counselor. She will take your man, your money and dare you to do anything about it. She has slept with numerous married men and some doctors at a hospital she used to work with. I heard she counseled a wife, husband and their kids, during martial issues and ended up sleeping with the husband, telling all the family information and personal issues. Then she married the man from the marriage she helped destroy. And check this – she is an ordained minister!!!! She actually marries people and claims she is clergy. I hope all her clients find out about her. This woman needs to be stopped. Oh and she is in her 30s, has two kids, and actively breaks up families and lies to children to build her own fake family. She lies about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. She has even threatened bodily harm to her clients she is supposed to help once they find about her horrible mean and nasty ways.

Taiwan 4

January 25th, 2021

This extremely manipulative rice picking bitch Susan seduces men out there on the popular karaoke app, Smule. No one knows her true name and other details but she is married to an American husband Joey who’s in the property business and she has 3 sons aged 3, 5, and 8 and they all reside permanently in Taipei. Lately she’s involved in an affair with a married man targeting him at this weakest moment. Pretending to give advice to him on how to win his wife back but what she did really was to lure him into her trap step by step. Beware of this seemingly innocent and kind hearted woman. She’s a true Home Wrecker!

December 28th, 2020

This 21 year old tramp June-June claimed to be my best friend like a little sister to me. I let her into my home and our family. On Easter Sunday this year, while I was nursing my daughter who had a concussion, she barged into the bathroom, where my husband was peeing, and jumped him. He was not innocent, but she started it. She slept with him many many times – in my daughter’s bed. While we were home. I was diagnosed with cancer in August and hours after coming home the day of surgery to remove my tumor, she was with him in my daughter’s bed, just 1 floor under where I was recuperating. She broke into my home one night and took him in his sleep. And on, and on, and on… Keep your husbands safe, ladies. She’s a monster.

November 18th, 2020

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy that is a cop in Tainan City ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time, she lays more pipe than any fucking plumber.… then she screwed my fiancé in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She often jets off to Australia and the US to fuck when she gets sick of the locals. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one.

Taiwan 3

Every so often a nigger sneaks into Taiwan. If it is not detected right away (usually due to stench) it will always commit some sort of crime so it can be detained and disposed of properly. Niggers are very highly toxic to the Taiwan Eco-System. “American male Ewart Odane Bent, 30, who was arrested on Aug. 24 for the murder of 43-year-old Canadian English teacher Ryan Sanjay Ramgahan, admitted to premeditated homicide and confirmed the second suspect, 37-year-old American tattoo artist Oren Shlomo Mayer, also took part in the murder. Bent, who did not confess to the crime until Mayer had been extradited back to Taiwan from the Philippines on Sept. 17, took police to the scene of the gruesome murder a few days ago. Ramgahan, Bent and Mayer had originally collaborated on selling marijuana, mainly to foreigners, especially at the Taipei nightclub Triangle, where Bent worked as a bouncer. However, after a number of their colleagues had been arrested on drug-related charges, Bent confirmed to investigators that he and Mayer had come to the conclusion that Ramgahan was a police informant and they began to plot his murder”.<SNIP> LINK

September 17th, 2020

Ma Lynn took steroids for her tits. She thought the needle had meth in it but it was pure grade A fucking steroids. This woman was caught red handed. she she will sleep with your husband not caring if you have kids. She ruins lives destroys families. Won’t leave them alone after. She should go back to mainland china with her junkie big fucking titted self. She destroyed my family. All she cares about is sleeping with my husband. Ma Lynn為她的山雀服用了類固醇。 她以為該針中含有甲基苯丙胺,但它是純A級他媽的類固醇。 這個女人被抓到了。 她將與您的丈夫睡覺,如果您有孩子,她將不在乎。 她毀了生命,摧毀了家庭。 之後不會再讓他們一個人了。 她應該帶著迷迷的自我操回到中國大陸。 她摧毀了我的家人。 她只在乎和我丈夫睡覺. 躺在他媽的母狗,而做任何他媽的美國敗類。 我希望她的山雀他媽的爆炸

This bitch her is Taiwan Tammy she use to know some of us around this blog. She use to be a whore. Anyway she also use to steal luggage from the airport. Then we would sell the shit on e bay and all that shit tourists buy she would also try to obtain IDs for fraud just a little typical slant eyed slut full of jizz.. If she rats us out? Well she won’t we have more on this slut that sucks cock until the fishing boats come to shore. I use to work at a Dairy plant in Hualein with Tammy one summer when I was working filming porn there. She use to suck me off and spit my loads in the milk. Imagine that in your rice cakes you zipperheaded nips. Miss you tammy!!! Last time we seen her leave the set of the film “Anal Insertions”. She was shitting blood for weeks. It was funny and gross.

This bitch Soo-Ling likes to steal any guy in a relationship. She scopes them out like it’s a fucking pokemon chink game. She’s ruined multiple relationships of my friends! Two that I can think of that were long term! The first one they were together for over a year and in love, then she weasled her way in and slept with her boyfriend, knowing that he has a girlfriend and that she has it the second one she failed at, she tried to do it but the boyfriend was a decent guy after a while and realized what she was doing. She finds out what your boyfriend likes and studies it just to talk to them. She will go out of her way to make them think she’s better than you when she was a totally different person a week ago because the last guy was an American and your boyfriend is a Tainin city boy. She will literally go that fast, even buying new clothes to change! Band shirts that she’s never liked before she knew your boyfriend liked them. What a poser!!!!! Scum of the earth for sure!

Taiwan 2

Blaming China is the sport and national pastime of Taiwan. Almost all Taiwanese are Chinks descended from Chinese settlers who made their homes on the island, but call them Chinese and you’ll never hear the end of how they’re so totally not Chinese.  Well, it’s known that George W. Bush loves to take trips to Taiwan for the express purpose of getting his harbl smoked while chugging a half-price bottle of XO. During these vacations, he likes to make improvised speeches about the dangerous negro peoples that the New World harbors, and that the reason why these dark-skinned villains are so portrayed in American movies and hip-hop is because these forms of media are a completely accurate portrayal of peoples of African descent. The Taiwanese heeded these words of wisdom by preemptively building concentration camps in their scenic, pristine mountains and wooden stockades on every street corner. This is why the Katrina refugees who were sent to live in Taiwan have never been heard from since.

ching chong pong?

This is Soo- Lin I met her tramp ass at a bar while flat broke in Taichung she was looking to score some meth I told her I had some ( I didn’t). I told her I was rich and promised her all these lies like I would move her into my mansion and buy her lots of jewelry and always love her blah blah blah. You know the shit dumb women want to here. I stuck my dick in her blew my load in 2 seconds and left her on the park bench wondering what the fuck was going on??? Ching chang pong go chink chonk lol fucking rice picking bitch. CYA Fucking chink skank! #WINNING!!!! I told her my name was bill I pointed at a luxury car which wasn’t mine lol. I fucked her without a condom and I have AIDS lol. I probably got Corona virus on my cock so it was a fair trade.


I just had to go through one of the toughest breakups of my life. The father of my two children and boyfriend of two years decided that he wanted to cheat on me with this fucking rice picking COVID bitch Shuling that looks like a little boy while I was pregnant with his daughter. Shuling doesn’t surprise me because she been jealous of what we had from the start. But the second I found out I went downtown Taipei and went Hong Kong on her yellow ass. CHINK!. This girl is a whore and doesn’t care if the man has a family at home. She probably wants a green card or to spread COVID. We stayed in Taiwan for 1 year and my man fucked a shitload of slants. I am angry and hate Asians with a passion now.

She calls herself Christy Baby 96. Nasty, she uses the same name handle Never ever wants to use condoms. Begs to get a load of corona virus soy sauce sprayed on her slanted chink fucking face. Apparently she not only messed up that other lady’s marriage, she was also the mistress of her last husband. His ex-wife openly trashes her in the Taiwanese business community. Fucks tourists all fucking day long praying to get a white child so her ass can move out of her rice picking hell hole. You can find Christ at many of the fancy hotels in Taiwan bent over on all fours with her noodle ass in the air screaming something about Ichiban noodles. Her vagina looks like a pile of old ginger beef puked up then re shit out. Fucking zipperhead skank. Get your snatch checked bitch.

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Countries With The Most 7-11’s

7-11 is the store where armed-robbery apprentices get their on-the-job training, and where 90% of Mexicants and 96% of Indians work until they get their Visa and rape your daughter. Without this cornucopia of lulz many of the basement dwellers reading this now might have jobs or families. 7-11’s are also hotbeds of various drug and nigger activity. Due to lax zoning laws and insufficient police numbers, 7-11 is allowed to continue their evil operation with virtually no resistance or accountability.

7-Eleven Inc. is a Japanese-American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The chain was founded in 1927 as a place for niggers to rob to get crack money. It was named Kwik-E Mart between 1928 and 1946. The Following is the Countries with the Most Franchises at the start of 2020.

10- Australia 696

The first 7-11 opened in Australia in 1977 in Oakleigh, Victoria. In Australia the 7-11 employees are armed with AK’s to protect the petrol pumps from Abo’s grabbing the fuel to get high.

9- Mexico 1,801

8- Malaysia 2,311

Malaysians have had a strong hate for the 7-11 franchise after 7-11 stopped selling chopsticks and told the rice pickers to fuck off.

7- Philippines 2,593

The first store in the Philippines opened in 1984 in Quezon City it was given to the family of a male order bride I presume.

6- China 2,892

Don’t forget to get your Toquito with a bat, snake, or your pet dog Fluffy inside it. The first store didn’t open until 1992 in China.

5- Taiwan 5,443

The first store opened up in Taiwan in 1979. It is a big joke among the people at 7-11 because for years the Paki who opened it thought he was really in China.

4- United States of America 9,340

7-11 is a free banking service for African Americans to obtain a source of income.

3- South Korea 9,485

Yeah they own stores there too.

2- Thailand 11,299

These things are fucking everywhere in Thailand. Some zipperhead rice picker planed 7-11 seeds. 7-11 came to Bangkok in 1979.

1- Japan 20,904

7-11 has managed to have a stronghold in Japan by not allowing Jews to profit or even enter a store in their country. They are big on cleanliness and Jews are dirtier than rats.

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