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Prostitution in Switzerland is legal and regulated; it has been legal since 1942. Trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal. Licensed brothels, typically with a reception and leading to several studio apartments, are available and fucking awesome👍😎. One estimate puts the number of street sex workers in Zurich at 5000 which my dick thinks that be a tad low. UNAIDS estimate there to be 20000 clean prostitutes in the country. The majority are fucking hot as they are all white. (No nasty nigger ape disease pussy here) In recent years the number of full service sex workers has increased. Many workers operate using newspaper advertisements, mobile phones and secondary rented apartments, some accept credit cards. I called this four eyed flop tit bitch pictured here “Bouncy Barbara” as her name was etched in a bathroom shitter.

July 23rd, 2021

May 30th, 2021

Swiss people are a combination of German, French and Italians. But they won’t admit it.
One-third of Swiss people own guns, in case the European Union or Jews find them. Even though there are so many guns in Switzerland, more people die from alpine horn-related injuries. This is due to the fact only white people can own guns in Switzerland. Smart!
Zurich is known as the home of the Jews, it is very well known for its arrogant people and banks. It is also called “Little Germany” as most people there are German tax evaders.
Like Canada and The Philippines, the Swiss don’t really have their own culture; rather, they steal from other cultures.

Friedrich Heinz Leibacher (July 21, 1944 – September 27, 2001) was a Swiss spree killer who killed 14 members of the Zug canton Parliament, injuring 18 others, before committing suicide. Leibacher had been employed in business, and had several failed marriages to women from the Dominican Republic, of whom one produced a daughter. In 1970 he was convicted of fraud, public obscenity and obscene acts with children, and sentenced to 18 months detention. He served his sentence in a work-training institution. After leaving detention, Leibacher became unemployed. Doctors diagnosed a personality disorder and alcoholism and he received an invalidity pension. In 1998 he was convicted of threatening a bus driver employed by the Zug transport company. Leibacher was upset by his treatment, and wrote frequently to the authorities with letters of complaint. The passage of time did not diminish his grievance as Leibacher began to believe he was the target of a government conspiracy led by Robert Bisig, a Cantonal Minister. He sued Bisig but in September 2001 his actions were dismissed by the court. At 10:30 AM on September 27, 2001 Leibacher entered the Zug Parliament disguised as a police officer and armed with a pistol, a pump-action shotgun, and a rifle. He made his way to the Parliament chamber where he fired more than 90 shots randomly. Politicians and journalists alike were hit, although Robert Bisig escaped unscathed. Finally, Leibacher detonated a small home-made bomb, then shot himself. He left behind a suicide note describing his action as a “Day of rage for the Zug mafia”. <SNIP> LINK

April 26th, 2021

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Erich Hauert (born 1959) is a Swiss serial killer and sex offender. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for three murders, and his case had a significant impact on the treatment of dangerous sexual offenders and their legal provisions in Switzerland. As early as November 1, 1993, Hauert, who was convicted of eleven rapes and two sexually-charged murders, was arrested and later confessed to the crime. DNA analysis also provided further evidence to this. The detainee at the Regensdorf Detention Center had committed the crime while out on parole. Earlier, Hauert had raped and murdered a 26-year-old jogger in Thalwil near Lake Zürich in 1982, and a 72-year-old woman in Kaiseraugst a year later. After he was arrested in June 1983 after an attempted robbery, he was proven guilty, classified as “extremely dangerous” and sentenced to life imprisonment. In all the years he spent in prison Hauert’s sentence had been loosened successively, as he behaved harmlessly and was given a few holiday leaves to no complaints. On October 29, 1993, the Zürich Department of Justice approved another short leave for Hauert, and just a day later, he killed Brumann.<SNIP> LINK

These homies don’t roll with niggers. Racists.

January 11th, 2021

Switzerland 3

Sharon from Switzerland gets online on games and meets men including married ones. She sends nudes and sexting messages so men will send her gifts and pay her and her bills. She tells people she is in a bad marriage and that her husband beats her, which is all lies. She basically prostitutes herself out to men for money and gifts, she don’t care what she has to do. She definitely is a nutcase. She has told so many crazy stories. She will tell that there was no such thing that happened but they are so many text messages and naked pictures of herself that she sent, I have no idea how she can try and lie and say she didn’t do no such thing. This person has a marriage and three children and instead of telling her husband and fixing it, she prowls on men to make herself feel better. What trash! 

November 11th, 2020

Here is a real piece of trash Marla that moved from France to Bern, Switzerland hoping that if she spreads her legs she can get into a medical residency because she’s not smart enough to do it any other way. She started sleeping with my boss who was married and his wife was about to deliver a baby. His wife was 9 months pregnant! and this slore knew and still went to his home to spread her legs. She was also stupid enough to have sex in the office and it was all on camera. Our other boss showed it to us and kicked both of them out. LOL Talk about a real piece of trash. she tells everyone how she goes to church every morning and then she sleeps with married men in their homes! A real slut. but wait she also made him pay her rent for months and begged him to get her into a medical residency. our other boss almost got her in trouble for floozy but then decided he didnt care. stay away, far far away from this slore. her personality is also nasty like her behavior.maybe she should try praying for herself that she doesnt slore everywhere she goes. Marla get fucking help and clean your vaginal area it smells like stale curdled cottage fucking cheese. Bitch!

October 9th, 2020

Her name is Stephanie . She’s been in multiple relationships the past years and will literally drain a man for what he has and off to the next. She will wait until someone else’s relationship is in shambles, to only move in and do her dirty work. Also, there is another young lady she would party with and guess what, this girl caught him messaging Stephanie and screenshot everything to Stephanie’s boyfriend at the time. I honestly don’t know how she hasn’t been beaten yet. It started when she decided to date the ex-husband of a friend of hers. But to top it off, this same guy is also the friend of her ex boyfriend. Talk about messed up. DRDs are involved and she does not disclose that information at all. She cheated on her latest beau with this local, broke comedian. She is known for flaunting her saddlebag a55 and for also only being able to obtain a job as a waitress.

September 23rd, 2020

Switzerland 2

This Junky slore Nicola had an affair with my husband while i was pregnant with our first child. She is an er nurse in Lausanne and he is a security guard. This slore would constantly message my husband and they fell in love and started having sex. She is married and is now pregnant… wonder who the father is. She would steal syringes from work and the 2 of them would shoot heroin and meth together while on shift. He would go pass out in the basement. Nicola the stupid bitch would help patients while strung out on H all scrambling to get her shit done. Most of her patients were just niggers and or pakis but still. What if it was a white patient and she was high. Could be dangerous. Stupid filth bitch.

Lidya does whatever she needs to do to get what she wants, including cheating on her loser husband, sleeping with married men, and using her cock sucking skills to manipulate men. Then she claims that everything she does, she does for her love of getting fucked – even attends church and flaps her pussy lips while there. She is very driven by image – trying to make it seem like everything is perfect in her world. So No Niggers in a thousand mile radius of her. She wants to look good and be safe. So this means she’ is about as 2-faced as they come, (She tells people to donate to Nigger countries but never would waste her money on fucking shit skins) going so far as to being friendly and civilized to the wives of the married men she’s sleeping with. She gets the men who she’s sleeping with to pay her bills and buy her and her kids things.

Switzerland 1


Top Ten Happiest Countries of 2019

The main thing you will notice about all these countries they all have low nigger populations. The lower the nigger population the happier the country is ranked. This can not be a fucking coincidence. Which is sort of shocking the UN ranks these. Unless it is a hint to flood these countries with shit skins so they see this and head to all these.

10- Austria

Tennis Ape Serena Williams refuses to play in Austria as these women chant laughingly at her “Du bist ein hässlicher Affe, bitte lass dich nach abgestandenem Fürz riechen. ” Last time she went and it hurt her monkey feelings

9- Canada

This picture was taken before a Somalian family moved in next door to them. We would take a picture now but they are mysteriously missing. Some friends tried to call the police but the police in Canada can’t speak English anymore.

8- New Zealand

At these parties no one gets stabbed or their wallet stolen as there are no niggers there.

7- Sweden

Sweden use to be the happiest place on Earth but is dropping fast due to all the niggers and muslims moving there and raping women at will. Plus they don’t work and just commit crime all day.

6- Switzerland

When niggers and Muslims enter Switzerland the locals pied piper them into the nearest river to carry the filth to Italy. Hence why the Swiss only use bottled water.

5- The Netherlands

99.9999999% of white people in the Netherlands hate Muslims and Niggers to the core. But that doesn’t stop the UN from flooding this lovely place with them.

4- Iceland

They moved far away and pray daily that niggers and Muslims never find a way to move there. Iceland is the Ultimate White Flight Destination.

3- Norway

The Nigger and Muslim Plague is slowly creeping like a slow cancer on the citizens of Norway. Destroying their rich culture by sucking their system dry of their laziness and mooching.

2- Denmark

Enough Fucking Said.

1- Finland

Finland is slowly getting darker but the cold weather and the governments anti muslim and nigger views are slowly making Finland Great Again.

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There’s nothing wrong with Switzerland nothing what so ever — not in the least — but the food is normal and nightlife scenes are safe as its mainly white people out and about, especially compared to other European countries. And the cleanliness and tidiness the country is known for can also make it feel very racist towards brown and black people who are famously known for being filthy fucking slobs.

2020-01-12 9:30 pm Tablat, Switzerland

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Armenians are fucked. They aren’t quite pakis but they aren’t white either.Like many people with confusion of their race and or gender Armenians form gangs. The Armenians invented the Armenian Power. Which is like the boy scouts in Armenia with more bum sex. They have a large presence in the Los Angeles Metro area due to all the Armenian immigrants getting turned away from the porno industry. Many Armenians came over to work in porn but had such small dicks that they were useless. So they started gangs to compensate the fact they are poorly endowed.
These gentlemen get so rowdy in moms basement that sometimes the volume on the price is right goes higher upstairs.
Wouldn’t be that the population is all white is it?
Above is a train in Basel, Switzerland. I wonder how the Muslims like that.

Forensic Files Season 2 Episodes 10-13

Episode 10- Sealed With a Kiss

1993- Pocono, Eastern Pennsylvania- Threatening letters began arriving to a first grade teacher Joanne Chambers a married mother of a 10 year old son. Eventually they did not only go to the school where she worked but they also went to her home. Some letters were left for other teachers in mail boxes in the faculty lounge. It seemed as someone had a grudge against Joanne and also seemed to know alot about her. Investigators thought it could of been a fellow employee sending the letters.
  A fellow teacher was charged but it proved the saliva on the envelopes wasn’t her. This is another stupid episode. It just sounds like 2 old bags that just can’t get along.

Episode 11- Postal Mortem

  In 1985 Steve Christiansen a married man with a young family received a nice package one day. Kaboom. This occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Who wanted to send  Christiansen this lovely gift? Apparently he fucked alot of  people around and they thought he scammed them. Christensen was involved with trading Mormon books. I know this is Utah Mormon capital of the world but who even a Mormon would want one of those stupid books?
  Steve’s business partners wife Kathleen Sheets, the wife of Steve Christiansen’s former business partner Gary. The bomb was meant for him as it was addressed to him. Hence never open others mail.
  Mark Hoffman a man who counterfeited these books that lord knows who would want was charged with the bombings. Hoffman was sentenced to 5 years to life for second degree murder and forgery. I am know law expert but isn’t first degree intent? I just sent him the bomb for fun and it accidentally went off?

Episode 12- Micro Clues

  August 4th, 1993- In a small Swiss village a  teenage boy (Dario Chikaleki) fishing did not return home as he was suppose to. His mother reported him missing. Microscopic evidence was located in the water. They found his bicycle and clothing left behind. 2 nights after Dario went missing 2 women were walking along the Switzerland/Germany border one night and seen what appeared to be blood. In a corn field nearby they found the naked body of a young man, it was Dario. He had been sexually mutilated. He had post mordem cuts on his body. He had been mutilated.
   When his body was found there was no sign of a struggle so police believe he was killed somewhere else and dumped there.
  Roland Keebler was arrested in France for a similar crime against a hitchhiker. The diotones in Keelber’s car carpets matched the diatones in Dario’s lungs. How the fuck do you solve this? Is this made up science fiction? Keebler pled guilty to the murder and mutilation due to the mass amounts of evidence. Keebler is a drunk child molesting queer. Fucking kill him.

Episode 13- Deadly Parasites

In the Spring of 1993, an unexplained illness struck the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four-hundred-thousand people developed a serious gastrointestinal illness, 4,000 were hospitalized and, by the time the epidemic was under control, more than 100 people were dead. Health officials suspected it was influenza, but it proved to be more serious and more difficult to identify.

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