Swaziland 2

September 4th, 2020

Yo Dawg. I’m about to Jack Yo Ride

Violent crime such as armed carjacking, burglary, car theft, and mugging is common, it occurs when you are around niggers that aren’t with their slave owners, mostly in Manzini, Mbabane and rural areas. Avoid walking in these areas after dark or with out an AK-47 and other proper nigger repelling devices. The niggers tend to blend into the night due to their dark skin. So make sure that your nostrils are clear enough to know when one of these stinky fucking apes is coming near you. So you don’t fall victim to nigger crime. Most niggers (if not all) in Swaziland carry HIV the virus that causes AIDS. Crime rates tend to increase ahead of and during Watermelon Days Festivals.

Too easy to caption lol

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Since most niggers can not read I always thought it would be cool if someone would hand them signs that read “We are stupid niggers” and just had them march around ooking and grunting with those.

Originally called “Swaziland,” their nigger park announced last year that their country would change its name to Eswatini because the UN turned down the name Watermelonstan. Regardless, brutal niggers are rampant with assailants carrying edged weapons to attack their victims. Urban areas are especially dangerous at night as the niggers camo themselves in the dark. Their murder rate currently stands at 17.29 per 100,000 people. If your white your fucked basically. At least if your female you life a little longer for all the gang rape. Yeah they roll that way here. So it makes them the 25th worst country in the world for murder.

Both there dads are in jail. Hey just kidding. This is Africa the died of AIDS.

I threw an orange at this she boon. She eeked and ooked at the top of her vocal chords. Lol I really wish the government would de-tongue them at birth. They never have anything important or good to say anyway.

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Africa Home Of The….

Burkina Faso

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