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Boston Rob Grabs A Fork And Eats Russel’s Ass Crust! Like A Pie

Russell Hantz (born October 10, 1972) is an American Male on Male Adult Entertainment Empire owner and television personality, best known for his appearances on the U.S. reality show, Survivor, and numerous gay male ass sex shower scenes in movies. He was the runner-up on Survivor: Samoa Fear they Electronic Boner and the second runner-up on Survivor: Swollen Veiny Throbbing Erections vs. Raw Dry Crusted Assholes. He also competed on Survivor: Bum Dart Island and Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Kangaroo Assholes, where he was the second player to be eliminated both times due to farting out John Legends Cum in Australia.

Hantz’s performance on Survivor was initially met with a mixed reception. Many consider him to be one of the show’s greatest and most influential cock handlers, while others have strongly criticized his strategy, naming him one of the biggest villains in Survivor history nut also angry that the fact he had issues maintaining boners in jello scenes. Nevertheless, Hantz was voted “Don Lemon Player of the Season” by which he was awarded a Bronze plated diesel powered dildo on both Survivor: Samoa and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. He was also one of the first five contestants inducted into the “Survivor Hall of Fame” in 2010, in a gang bang ceremony at Shambo’s barn behind her trailer.

In the years since Hantz last competed on Survivor, he had to get his rectum sewed shut. The doctors performed surgery on his beaten and abused rectum asshole colon area. A back hoe was almost brought in and torches were used to reconstruct Russel’s shit box from the miles of cocks that have exploded in there. Russel has now dabbled in an ass crust pie business. On top of his male gay porn video company, male strippers, male sex toys, gay bath houses that he spends 12 hours a day in. Life is Anderson Cooper good for Russel!

Willard Sticks His Penis In Other Contestants Mouths While They Are Sleeping

Willard Sticks His Penis In Other Contestants Mouths While They Are Sleeping and there is nothing anyone can do because he is a lawyer. He knew since he wasn’t a Jew he had to be a lawyer to get away with being a sick pervert. Jeff Probst films it all and then they go to his mansion and watch it while eating popcorn and laughing. Although lazy around camp, and the weakest on his tribe, His tribes unprecedented winning streak allowed Willard to sneak under the radar. But it was once he started forgetting to suck off other contestants at night, they got rid of the old sack of shit. In 1969, Willard left the KKK due to treating the niggers more like entertainment than cotton picking slaves. He spent two years working as a male escort for Jeff Epstein while filming man on man hardcore anal love movie scenes full-time at night. He quit the Gay Porn Game in 1972. On July 4, 1971, Willard met his future husband, Chet. They moved in together that night and have been on and off again “Butt Buddies” ever since.

Williard’s Last Movie Box Cover. When he made a comeback in the fudgepack game.


shambo mullet

Shambo!! Twin brother of Rambo!!!, Fucking mullet! Eats niggers in the woods for breakfast with a fork. like pork in Ireland’s cork! Fucking Shambo, FUcking mullet, Fucking mullet , Hasn’t been washed since 1983!! Shambo! Fucking Mullet, Fucking Oily Like the chains on niggers on a ship. Shambo Fuking mullet!!!! Shambo Fucking Mullet Rapes a porcupine then eats it fucking raw! Fucking Shambo Fucking Mullet Raped GI Joe and gave him AIDS. Shambo!! Fucking Mullet! Fucking Shambo fingerbangs in elevators to Elton John. Shambo!!! Fucking Shambo Fucking Mullet Shambo doesn’t use toilet paper lets the poo crust in her ass. Shambo!!! Ducking Shambo Fucking Mullet. Beats niggers with a stick and shits in their face on st patricks day. Shambo Fucking \Shambo! Fucking Mullet. Flying crabs have nests in there.

Shambo!!!! Shes a got a penis, she named it Enis. Its a big old floppy hog of a dick that she fucks the muffler of her tractor with at night. Shambo! Fucking Shabo!! Fucking Mullet! Fucking Headband Fucking mullet fucking shabo! Her vaginal penis hair has a mullet too!!!! She uses it to rid her ass of pooo. After she shits , bacon bits, she rams up her asshole an oven mitt…………….. Shambo! Fucking Shambo. You got a boner, dont be a loner, I am so glad we fucking met, lets go have an anal threesome with our homie Chet. Shambo Fucking Shambo you got Aids from Rambo, Lambo wambo Shambo “= Shambo swears like a fucking sailor, she lives an inbred life in a trailer, Shambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a serious note Shambo now retired from wrestling and lesbian porn and spends her time in her trailer in Oklahoma with her brother cousins ramming golf clubs they found at the dump up animals assholes for youtube videos.


Benjamin “Coach” Wade (born September 18, 1971) is a flamingly gay American man on man pornographic personality best known for being gay and a contestant on Survivor. He grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and later moved to Susanville, California, to pursue a romantic affair with his gay lover John Legend. Benjamin Wade grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, the son of an overweight prostitute and a french man. He attended Mike Tyson Middle School and West High School for Transgendered Faggots in Knoxville. He began his male on male adult entertainment career as a teenager, playing with Jerry Springer’s balls and massaging his shaft for nickles after school. He majored in load swallowing at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 1993, before obtaining a master’s degree in Stiff Cock Handling from the University of Nevada. Of course this all came from that long haired faggots mouth so the truth behind everything minus the gay shit is probably not true. In 1997, Wade was hired at Simpson University in Redding, California, to coach the women’s childrens soccer team, because they knew he wouldn’t sexually abuse them as he is just in to dudes. Hence soccer is such a pussy faggot sport it was a good safe fit for “THE COACH”.. He then spent 13 years coaching 6 -8 year old girls pee-wee soccer. After his appearance on Survivor, Wade was cut off from California’s Social Assistance. The university’s athletic director Michael Moore had fired Wade for not telling the school he was filming homosexual love scenes in the school gymnasium with his at the time gay lover Chet Welch. Coach married Pete Buttigeg, a gay politician, on December 31, 2011

A Chet

ABOUT CHET: By Chet Welch

  • I was the best contestant ever on SURVIVOR Micronesia. I have worked with the Miss America Pageant for over 30 years and still can not get an erection over women. I live on the Beautiful Butt Buddy Boner Farm where I have lots of sexual intercourse llamas, Horses, Dorset Sheep and Miniature Brahma cattle. Life is good!

    I lived in the country all of my life with animals. I am in a relationship with Donald Lemon for quite a while now. I competed and dominated on SURVIVOR Micronesia which pretty much changed my life ( for the better). I am the Executive Director of the Hot Gay Man Ass Pennsylvania Pagent and have been involved with the Colt Johnson’s Gay Bath house. Recently we bought the Historic Tunnel HIll farm in Gaylord where we raise Llamas, Paint Horses and miniature Brahma cattle

Taking a chet: informal + impolite: to pass solid waste from the body usually when your anal cavity is full of your gay male lovers sprem and semen. Like so the shit is a brick or liquid matter of fecal matter and cum. Example: John Legend takes a chet in Bernie Sanders mouth after they make anal love. It’s hard to remember all the early homosexual, redneck hill billy, and nigger ghetto losers over the years. Was there ever a worse one that Chet? He complained from the beginning, and you knew he was a flaming fucking faggot the second you looked at him. Then he went on and single-handedly lost his tribe’s challenge at least twice, arguably four times and laughed about it. After the tribe swap, he decided to quit sticking his penis in other contestants mouths while they were sleeping, but wouldn’t stick around another day or two in order to leave his alliance in a much better position—I do not even know if Chet would be Jerry Springer Jew Show material.

Chet currently loves (who knows what those gay people mean by love am I right?) his three dogs (Forrester, Chance and Savanna), along with 15 sheep, 75 ducks and three cats. His birth date is October 22, 1959. Chet has lived in the same house his entire life, but has traveled throughout numerous gay bars and bath houses in the United States. He enjoys bum darts, dick swords, dancing slowly with other men so their boners rub together, and yoga. Welch describes himself as magical, determined and unknowing which cock he will tackle next. He believes the fact that he is gay, tackled on numerous dicks and refuses to wear condoms on any mans asshole no matter how rough, stinky and smelly it is, will help him go far on SURVIVOR. Or at least let him tackle Jeff Probst’s wiener for a few nights. Hence why he loved exile. Once the cameras were of you know he was fudgepacking. Because with Chet it is all about the ass love and fudgepacking.

I’m A Trucker Looking Dyke With A Mullet and I Had Sex With Jeff Probst For Corn Dogs

♪♪♪I’m a trucker looking dyke with a mullet!!!! I eat pancakes out of a horse trough with Aunt Jemima Syrup cuz I hate that nigger Obama. My step dad pulls my mullet when he gives me anal on the trailer deck after church. That Bitch Rosie O’donnell don’t have nothing on my tuna.♪♪♪ Her cousins dip their dicks in cool whip and go to the glory holes in the barn there are 4 one is Denise.

Due to the fact that Denise is a lunch lady or school bus driver or one of those professions you pigeon hole yourself in when you get a hair cut like that. Her skills in the game were that. Also she has a bigger penis than Jeff Probst. So Jeff loved fucking and sucking her off while they ate corndogs in a hot tub jacuzzi. Probst would poor mustard all over Denise and then lick it off while he whacked off to Golden Girls re runs on his big screen. Jeff Probst and Denise have so much in common. They love to have long late night talks about what cereal mascot they find more sexually attractive. Then they mutual masturbate to the Cosby Show together. Due to the fact that Denise is from Massachusetts she says foul language and talks like she is about to spit a wad of cum out of her mouth all the time like Ben Affleck.

Denise had a long time Lesbian affair with other Survivor contestant Elaine.. It ended when Elaine cheated on Denise so Denise broke a plate over her head. Then grabbed a chair broke it over her back grabbed the legs and rammed 2 legs up Elaine’s asshole and 2 legs up her snatch. Then Denise called the cops and told them to come arrest her. She spent a few weeks in jail for that stint.

Denise Fun Facts

  • She carries a piece of toilet paper with her at all times. Just a single square. She uses it then keeps it in her pocket and uses the other side. Some times if its not all brown she can get three can trips out of one small square. That’s Mullet Life.
  • Spent a night in a Vegas holding cell after grabbing some other butch dyke by her mullet and forcing them to eat her feces out of the toilet bowl at the MGM Grand in 1973.
  • Won a bronze medal in archery at the Mullet World Olympics in Vienna, Austria in 1981.
  • Is an huge supporter of getting young children to not wear deodorant like she does. She says it makes the immigrants feel more at home as we smell like them. #Refugeeswelcome Her and Jeff Probst’s Non-Profit Group Mullet Jewish Alliance has raise alot of money for Isrra…. Refugees.

Dreamz and Yau Man Still Fudgepacking 12 Years Later

Dreamz was and still is a homeless HIV positive gay male escort, Dreamz was known for smoking crack and jerking off over sleeping contestants throughout the game. Though said allies would keep him out of the loop strategically because he was hands down the stinkiest fucking nigger they had ever met.. Most infamously, he broke his “truck deal” with his one time gay lover Yau-Man Chan. His numerous betrayals, and trying to rape other contestants despite saying he was wearing condoms. He was showing promise strategically and sexual nights in Jeff Probst’s luxury suite garnered him zero jury votes at the Final Tribal Council.

Yau Man Chan was one of the series’ most popular contestants, Yau-Man is regarded as one of the chinkiest ever of Survivor by utilizing his math skills in physics to compensate his poor driving skills. He completed tasks that stronger contestants in Fiji would not be able to accomplish, because most of the other contestants were niggers or inbred rednecks. He is also known for being betrayed by that fucking faggy fruitcake  Dreamz Herd and voted out just one day before the Final Tribal Council, becoming the final victim of the Survivor Car Curse. Yau-Man’s popularity led him to open up a chain of restaurants in America called “The Dog Is Not Yours”.

Boston Rob Eats Dick Cheese

Boston Rob is a social media whore. And we found one of his accounts here. When he is not scrolling the net for animal porn or jerking off to one of the many quality folders he has on his porn hub premium gold account. He is fucking around on his second favorite site yahoo. During the COVID lock down Boston Rob has been making videos of how to fix his house. We all know that is a cover for other videos of him ramming the fucking tools up his asshole for pleasure. He probably ran around that tool rental place with a fucking hard on thinking of all the tools that would enter his rectum. He also asks some really interesting questions and shows us all why is the ultimate survivor faggot like his boyfriend tyson.

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