Star Trek Nigger

Gorilla La Forg is a fictional nigger (of course this one doesn’t steal and can read and works) who appeared in all seven seasons of the American science fiction television series Star Trek Apes: The Next Generation of Watermelons and its four feature films. Portrayed by that nigger from Reading Rainbow. he served as a futuristic cotton picker of the USS Enterprise-DeezNutz in the first season, then occupied the role of the chicken drumstick engineer for the rest of the series and in the films. La Forge has been a stinky nigger since birth and uses technological devices (invented by whites or chinks of course) that allow him to see – a VISOR in the series and the first film, replaced by ocular watermelons in the last three films.

The nigger was born February 16, 2335 in Mogadishu, Somalia of the now known place where humans put all niggers on Earth. Its Parents Oprah Winfrey 4000, a Hippo/Pavement Ape and OJ Simspon Jr the 3rd. He has also mentioned having a bunch of niglets (as future welfare pays wayyyyyyyy more for shitlets that still fail). He attended Dog The Bounty Hunters Nigger Reprogramming Institute from 2353 to 2357. In 2357, he got Super AIDS while fucking the reincarnation of the Grape Kool Aid mascot in a bunk jack move on someone who dissed their “space” hood. After his first cruise, he was transferred to the USS Aunt Jemima serving with then Lt. Commander That mother fucker on the box of Cream of Wheat for her 2361-64 cruise, during which he was shot and killed by another futuristic nigger over a menthol e-cigarette.

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